Nadler: If Trump Acquitted, 2020 Election Won’t Be Fair – Gets Rude Awakening

Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, shocked Americans when he said if Trump is acquitted on charges of impeachment he doesn’t think the 2020 election will be fair. He added, “That is part of what gives us urgency to proceed with this impeachment.” Basically, they know they can’t beat Trump in 2020, and for the Democrats, that’s “not fair.” That’s when poor Jerry got a rude awakening. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Rep. Jerry Nadler (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Jerry Nadler admitted this impeachment charade isn’t about justice. It’s a purely political move since the Democrats know they have zero chance to beat Trump in 2020. 

On Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s Meet the Press, House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said if President Donald Trump was acquitted in an impeachment Senate trial, he does not know if the 2020 presidential election will be a fair election.

Host Chuck Todd asked, “Let me ask this, if he is acquitted, do you think we’ll have a fair election in 2020?”

Nadler said, “I don’t know. The president, based on his past performs performance will do everything he can to make it not a fair election, and that is part of what gives us urgency to proceed with this impeachment.”

But that’s not all. Nadler, who is holding another bogus impeachment hearing this morning, lied to Americans when he said he wasn’t sure if the Democrats would move forward on writing articles of impeachment this week. It’s widely known in Washington D.C. the Democrats are working “against the clock” to get this done before Christmas, and Adam Schiff and his minions are working on the articles at this time.

On Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s State of the Union, House Judiciary Committee chairman Nadler said it was “possible” the House of Representatives would vote on articles of impeachment this week.

Dana Bash asked, “Is it possible that you are going to vote on articles of impeachment this coming week?”

Nadler replied, “It is possible. I don’t know.

He added, “My goal is to do this as expeditiously and fairly as possible, depending on how long it takes.”

Well, Americans gave poor Jerry a rude awakening by calling him out as a brazen liar.

“Nadler admits impeachment a desperate ploy to avoid getting blown out by Trump at the ballot box,” tweeted Bryan Fischer.

@JerryNadler– What the Dems are doing is insuring an unfair outcome. Let the US Citizens vote to settle this. The House is doing is certainly abusing power,” tweeted “Jimbo.”

“He got elected in 2016, how in the HELL would 2020 not be fair, he’s survived all of your DEMONCRATIC bullshit already, Russia gate, Ukraine quid pro Quo,” tweeted Jeffery2116.

“He’s 100% correct. It won’t be a fair election. The Democrats WILL try to steal this election too!” tweeted Matt Ferris.

“Waaa, Waaa, Waaa. Our President will get acquitted because he did nothing wrong…..your party will lose the election because you did everything wrong. Do the crime, do the time! HAHAHAHAHA!” tweeted Patti J. Smith.

“Democrats plan to no longer represent the people but to go full time impeachment for the next 5 years,” tweeted Steven Dietrich.

“With less than 12 months until Election Day, Democrats are desperate to impeach and remove President Trump as the Trump Economy shatters records and lifts minority Americans to record jobs numbers,” tweeted Mark Grant.

The Democrats know they will lose in 2020. Nalder admits this impeachment sham is part of their 2020 campaign hoping to at least sway some Americans to think Trump is a big bad man. The only problem is the economy is fabulous, thanks to President Trump.

Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs at the U.S. Treasury Department Monica Crowley told Breitbart that President Trump’s “economic freedom agenda” has sparked the highly successful economic growth that has now led to the lowest unemployment rate in half a century.

This past week, the administration announced that unemployment has fallen to 3.5 percent—the lowest since 1969—after a November jobs surge of 266,000 jobs created last month, numbers that blew away expectations.

“Boom! These jobs numbers are absolutely incredible and breathtaking in the number of jobs being created and as you point out the historically low unemployment rate across the board,” Crowley said.

What it shows is President Trump’s economic freedom agenda is working, literally working, as a record number of Americans are in the workforce and unemployment is at a 50-year low. Unemployment among key groups—African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and women—are at or near all-time lows. The jobs being created, unlike previous years under previous presidents, many of these jobs are career-track jobs. When the opponents of the president claim these aren’t real jobs, or they’re temporary jobs or they’re go-nowhere jobs, that is fundamentally untrue. What we saw in the November jobs report is 266,000 jobs created smashing every expectation that we saw, and the previous two jobs numbers from October and September—those jobs numbers were revised up.

The Democrats can’t talk about the booming economy. So, instead, they are dragging this country through a bogus impeachment as a last-ditch effort to get votes in 2020. They assume Americans are stupid people. And what they are going to find out is Americans are very savvy and know Trump has made American great again.

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