‘Nervous Nancy’ Plots To End Impeachment Without Vote, Rush Destroys Her

Nancy Pelosi is facing a catastrophic crisis for the Democrat Party, and it could end her career in disgrace. That is the word from Rush Limbaugh, who claimed, “Nervous Nancy wants a way out of this impeachment vote. How could she do it? Here’s what I think she could do.” That’s when Limbaugh spilled the beans and utterly destroyed Pelosi and her secret plot. You’ll love this.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rush Limbaugh (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Nancy Pelosi must be livid at Adam Schiff behind closed doors. Pelosi allowed Jerry Nadler to attempt the first public “impeachment inquiry” hearing in his Judiciary Committee on September 17, as a test to see if the impeachment path would be beneficial for the Democrats. That hearing bombed as Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, destroyed Nadler and his Judiciary Committee.

At that point, Pelosi had her proof that the impeachment path was not a smart idea for the Democrat Party, especially going into an election year. However, the radical base egged on by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her squad of misfits demanded that Adam Schiff would be the one to really make Americans believe President Donald Trump must be impeached.

Adam Schiff swore he had ironclad evidence to impeach President Trump this time. Thus, Pelosi reluctantly agreed to go down the impeachment path with Adam Schiff as the man in charge of the entire show.

It couldn’t have turned out worse for the Democrat Party. After two weeks of Schiff’s show trials, Americans overwhelmingly rejected impeachment. 

Rush Limbaugh addressed Pelosi’s predicament. “Okay. Here we go. Washington Post Reporter: ‘We’re Hearing Behind the Scenes House Dems Are Getting Cold Feet on Impeachment.’ Politico: ‘Vulnerable Democrats Spooked by GOP Impeachment Ad Onslaught — Democrats want the party to step up its defense.’ There are lots of examples today, not in polling data. The polling data is ancillary, but it may be causing the cold feet. There are lots of stories of actual Democrats telling liberal Drive-By Media that they are very worried about this,” Limbaugh said.

Rush said “Nervous Nancy” will lie to Americans as a way out of taking a formal impeachment vote in the House to move forward. 

“Here’s how she could do it, folks. She could go on TV, call a press conference and tell a bunch of lies about how successful the hearings were,” Limbaugh stated. “That we’ve got all of this evidence of bribery and extortion and praise to the hilt all of the civil servant left-wing liberal Democrat witnesses, extol their virtues to no end, praise them to the hilt, praise them by name, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman — O say can you see — Fiona Hill, Bill Taylor, George Kent, name ’em. Yovanovitch,” Rush said.

And then say that even if she were to get every Democrat in the House voting, the problem is that the process then goes to the Senate where the corrupt Republicans are in charge, where the Republican Party is going to not listen. This is Pelosi speaking, I’m making up the words, but this would be her message. The Republican Party will openly defy the wishes and will of the American people as represented in the vote to impeach in the House of Representatives.

Limbaugh went on to explain how Nancy will blame the GOP claiming the Senate trial would be a farce.

“And in the trial, the Republicans will be able to call witnesses who will be able to distort and confuse and get away with it because the partisan Republicans who will do anything to protect Trump will be running the trial. And she can continue to set it up as whatever happens in the Senate will be illegitimate because of Republican partisanship, and then present that as the greatest problem facing America. Republican partisanship, Republican defense of Donald Trump. The Republicans’ refusal to stand up for the Constitution,” Rush declared.

“And then she says, ladies and gentlemen, the last thing we want, the last thing this country needs, the last thing this country can put up with and tolerate is this president being acquitted. That would be an outrage to the Constitution. That would be an outrage to the American people. I simply will not participate in a process that ends with this president, who is as guilty as any president has ever been, I will not be part of a process that finds him not guilty. I simply cannot do that to America,” Limbaugh concluded.

Rush claimed, in the end, this won’t be a win for Pelosi.

In fact, poor “Nervous Nancy” has no way to come out of this without a complete disaster on her hands. It could end her Speakership, if not end her entire career in disgrace. She still could take the vote, if Pelosi is not successful in appeasing the radical base.

“Now, would something like that fly with her wacko base?” Rush asked. “That’s a tough call. ‘Cause her wacko base, they want Trump in jail. They want him shot at dawn. They want the absolute worst that they could imagine happening.”

The Democrats and their comrades on CNN and MSNBC will not admit this has become a crisis inside the Democrat Party. Nope, they are still running around claiming there is “overwhelming proof” and this is “bigger than Watergate.”

They know if their radical base finds out Nancy is about to betray them and not take the impeachment vote, they will have a mutiny on their hands during an election year. AOC and her squad of misfits would tear the Democrat Party apart and the outcome would be one of the biggest disasters for Democrats. The GOP would likely take back the House and add seats to the Senate. Trump will sail to re-election.

That’s why it’s so important the Democrats find out Pelosi is seriously thinking about not impeaching President Trump. The best thing we can do is share this information. Let them know their impeachment dreams are over.

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