Nancy Impeachment Stress: Brain Freezes, Facial Spasms, Mumbles Incoherently

Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment stress is ramping up as Adam Schiff’s farce is getting hammered by his own witnesses. With a ton of new botox injections clearly paralyzing her forehead, the Speaker had other issues that have nothing to do with the 79-year-old’s vanity treatments. While attending a recent SEIU event in San Francisco this week, Nancy suffered from brain freezes and facial spasms, and she oddly started mumbling incoherently to herself during her short speech. Don’t miss this.

Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Once again Nancy Pelosi reminds us why she really needs to retire. The House Speaker attended a swearing-in ceremony for the San Francisco SEIU chapter recently, and during her brief remarks, she was confused about the time of day, suffered face spasms, and mumbled incoherently to herself.

“Good morning everyone, is it still morning?” she said, looking at her bare wrist. “No, afternoon,” she continued as a lone person laughed. “Good afternoon, everyone.”

Pelosi suffered a face spasm as she praised the “beautiful diversity” of the union. She was hit with another when she talked about the “fight” against the Republicans.

“The 15 dollar— thank you SEIU for the— the fif— the fight for 15,” she stumbled.

“The silent work that you all do, uh, the uh,” Pelosi said, suffering a brain freeze, “uh, uh, unfairness of some of the challenges that you face,” she finally said, suffering another face spasm as she continued.

Towards the end of her brief remarks, she waved heartily at a member of the audience and then started to mumble to herself incoherently. It was really odd and is something that points to an underlying medical issue.

Pelosi is third in line to the presidency, and some Democrat pundits have speculated she could actually become president if both Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both impeached.

If this was an isolated incident, it might be overlooked. Unfortunately, last May the Speaker’s “issues” got national press after Pelosi accused President Donald Trump of needing “an intervention” during a press conference where Nancy could hardly finish a sentence without her brain freezing.

On May 24, the Speaker of the House was contradicting President Trump and those who witnessed the Infrastructure meeting by saying Trump had a massive temper tantrum and was banging his hands on the desk as he stormed out of their meeting. She questioned Trump’s mental state and well-being.

While the 79-year-old Democrat was accusing Trump of storming out and needing an intervention, she experienced brain freezes and glitches that went viral.

“But the president again stormed out…I think….first…,” Pelosi said as she tapped her hands on the podium. “Pound the table walk out the door.”

“What? Next time have the TV cameras in there while I-I….have my say,” Pelosi said. “That didn’t work for him either,” she said while tapping the podium again. “And now this time another temper tantrum…ah, ah….again,” says the Speaker as she waves her hands trying to think of the right word.

“Pray for the president of United States. I wish his family, or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country,” Pelosi concluded.

The mainstream media went nuts after the president shared the video. “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE” tweeted Trump. This shows additional footage of Pelosi’s brain freezes and glitches.

Hoping to shut down the rumors that Nancy Pelosi, who is third in line to the presidency, was unfit to be holding office, the mainstream media identified a faked slow-down version of Pelosi posted by a few unscrupulous individuals. We would never do that.

In fact, the Washington Post, who is very anti-Trump, hoped by highlighting the fake drunk video they could dispel all the other videos of Nancy Pelosi experiencing brain freezes and glitches as fake. However, they could not prove that. Too many people have witnessed Pelosi first-hand having difficulties.

Was the Speaker having mini-strokes? Mini-strokes are called TIAs or trans-ischemic attacks. It sure looked like oxygen wasn’t reaching all her synapses. Pelosi’s malfunctioning in public is getting beyond a joke. This really looked like a serious problem back on March 14th, 2019:

As the stress of attempting a coup of the duly elected president mounts, Nancy Pelosi is the Democrat leader responsible for making that disastrous decision.

Honest historians and political pundits are in agreement. The House will impeach Trump, however, Americans will learn the truth and this coup will backfire big time leaving Pelosi as the target for the angry radical leftist base. Pelosi may be having senior issues or even something more serious, yet she isn’t stupid. This added stress is the last thing she needs.

It’s time for her family to rally around her and demand she retires before it’s too late. If she thinks the stress is bad now, what will it be like when Trump gets re-elected? We totally disagree with the Speaker on politics, but only Godless individuals would wish her any harm.

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