Napolitano: Democrat Impeachment Inquiry Follows Constitution, Gets Destroyed

Judge Andrew Napolitano is claiming Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Adam Schiff are totally following the Constitution with their so-called “impeachment inquiry.” However, Napolitano omits basic constitutional rights from his argument. He goes on to say President Donald Trump’s Ukraine phone call was a crime. Well, poor Judge Nap didn’t know what hit him as Americans utterly destroyed his claims, and now he looks like a fool. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump and Judge Andrew Napolitano (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

On Wednesday, Fox News Channel’s legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano released his “Judge Napolitano’s Chambers” video, and he said the impeachment inquiry currently underway was following the Constitution.

“Is the impeachment process fair? That is not an easy question to answer. The short answer is—the impeachment process is whatever the House of Representatives decides it should be,” Judge Napolitano said. “That is because of two clauses in the Constitution. One says the House of Representatives shall have sole power to impeach. So only the House of Representatives can conduct an impeachment. The second clause states that the House of Representatives can write its own rules. So the House can write whatever rules it wants.”

Judge Napolitano turned into a Trump-hater after the president refused to put him on the shortlist for the Supreme Court.

“Thank you to brilliant and highly respected attorney Alan Dershowitz for destroying the very dumb legal argument of ‘Judge’ Andrew Napolitano… Ever since Andrew came to my office to ask that I appoint him to the U.S. Supreme Court, and I said NO, he has been very hostile! Also asked for pardon for his friend. A good ‘pal’ of low ratings Shepard Smith,” Trump tweeted last April 27.

Judge Nap wasn’t finished giving his very shady opinion. 

“But under House rules, any one of the House committees—in this case, the Intelligence Committee—can begin to interview witnesses. The witness are interviewed by Democratic members of the committee and Republican members of the committee to decide if these witnesses have evidence of impeachable offenses by the president. Then they have to decide—are the witnesses credible, is the evidence believable, is this a case for impeachment, should we present this to the public? All of that takes time and is traditionally done behind closed doors,” Napolitano said.

What Judge Nap fails to point out is all legal scholars say the Constitution says very little about impeachment. However, after two hundred years and indeed in modern times, the Supreme Court set out guidelines on the impeachment process during the Nixon impeachment back in 1973.

First, the Supreme Court ruled an impeachment investigation happens only in the House Judiciary Committee after a House vote takes place on the floor. Secondly, the Judiciary Committee is then granted subpoena power. Only the House Judiciary Committee. That subpoena power includes the Executive Branch.

No House vote, no Judiciary Committee impeachment investigation, no subpoena power. 

Napolitano also fails to tell you that Nancy Pelosi started her “impeachment inquiry” in Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee, but it went all wrong. Even though Pelosi had not fulfilled the required House vote, Nadler told CNN on August 8 he was starting “a formal impeachment proceeding.”

On September 17, Nadler started his so-called “formal impeachment proceeding” with Corey Lewandowski’s testimony which was televised on live TV. It was an utter disaster. Lewandowski made the Democrats impeachment frenzy look totally uncreditable, and Americans saw it all.

That’s when Pelosi said damn the Constitution and got a man who had no problems lying and doing dirty deeds to head up this sham: Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intel Committee. Now, not only has there been no House vote, but Pelosi is holding this fake impeachment investigation in secret and in the wrong committee. Of course, she and Schiff hold no subpoena power at all.

Americans utterly destroyed Judge Nap’s jaded take on Schiff’s impeachment charade. 

“So the house writes rules to supersede the constitution and it’s constitutional. Makes sense to me. Either that or the judge is still pissed because he got passed up for the Supreme Court,” tweeted “My Info.”

“Of course he would say that, but it isn’t the House of Representatives that is conducting an impeachment inquiry, just Pelosi and Schiff,” tweeted “kms1215.”

“By this logic, the House of Representatives could determine that, if the president wears a blue tie on Mondays, it is an impeachable offense. Seriously, I don’t think that’s what the founders had in mind when they wrote ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,'” tweeted “Dean.”

Constitution Illiterate @JudgeNap believes the authors of the Constitution intended the ‘House’ to mean Radical Democrat-led Committees conducting secret hearings hidden from citizens and Elected Republicans,” tweeted “ConserValidity.”

The Founding Fathers feared what we are witnessing in the Democrat Party today. 

“The genius of the Constitution’s impeachment process is the requirement of a two-thirds conviction vote in the Senate. The Framers feared the specter of Congress impeaching a president out of sheer partisanship. In the past, the House has historically seen it as counterproductive to impeach a president when there is no practical possibility of removal by the Senate,” former U.S. Prosecutor Andy McCarthy writes.

Judge Napolitano exudes hyper-partisan hatred of President Trump and misuses his platform to feed the ignorant trolls of the Democrat Party and their supporters. History won’t remember Judge Nap at all. He’ll fade into obscurity cursing Trump under his breath in his old age.

History will remember Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff for this unconstitutional charade, and like Judge Nap, they too will be cursing President Trump as the man who confounded them at every turn and exposed them as bumbling idiots after they tried to illegally impeach him and failed.

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