Napolitano Claims Trump ‘Can Be Indicted,’ Bongino Utterly Destroys Him

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What happened to Judge Andrew Napolitano? The Fox News legal analyst has been spewing conspiracy theories for weeks, claiming President Donald Trump can be indicted. Well, Dan Bongino just utterly destroyed him. You’ll love this. 

Judge Andrew Napolitano (left), Dan Bongino (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshots)

Judge Napolitano has turned into a raving conspiracy theorist. Over the last few months, the once popular judge has gone from a highly praised legal mind to spewing the same talking points as the Trump-hating media. 

The Hill reports, “Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano said the American public ‘learned’ on Wednesday that federal prosecutors have evidence President Trump committed a crime.”

“Career prosecutors here in New York have evidence that the President of the United States committed a felony by ordering and paying Michael Cohen to break the law,” Napolitano alleged while speaking on Fox News.

“How do we know that? They told that to the federal judge. Under the rules, they can’t tell that to the federal judge unless they actually have that hardcore evidence,” explained the judge. “Under the rules, they can’t tell that to the federal judge unless they intend to do something with that evidence.”

Napolitano said he believed prosecutors could press ahead with an indictment. “My view is that he can be indicted, but cannot be prosecuted until leaving office because the disruption to the government of the prosecution would be far more than the Constitution tolerates,” he said.

We must remember, however, that it was the FBI who obtained FISA warrants on an unverified dirty dossier, which they vowed before a judge was real evidence. Napolitano either has no clue about this case or he is getting his info straight from the rats on team Mueller. 

And, Dan Bongino thinks so too. The former Secret Service agent and retired New York Police Officer thinks Judge Napolitano is “smoking crack” if he thinks this “Micheal Cohen debacle will come to anything at all.” 

“The Mueller team or somebody in the swamp [is] leaking stories to frighten the Trump team into submission. To get somebody, anybody to come forward with a key piece of information to indicate any criminality whatsoever. Mueller is in desperation time,” said the former Secret Service agent. 

“Mueller is crapping his pants. He knows he has nothing close to Russian collusion on Trump. You don’t have to be Matlock to understand the Mueller investigation is dead in the water. All they got is ‘process crimes’ instead of seeking out the truth,” he added.

“All they got on Cohen is process crimes, fibs, and taxi cab confessions, personal income tax violations… they got nothing on Trump. I can’t believe how many formerly sane people are getting suckered by this,” said Bongino, directing his remarks at Napolitano and others. “Mueller farmed the case out to Southern District months ago, and now that all of his witnesses have collapsed, Flynn, Manafort, Corsi, let’s hurry up and get [Cohen] back into court to plead guilty on to false statements.” 

Bongino goes on to explain this is all a ruse to make Cohen’s past statements that there was “no Russian collusion” appear to now be lies. Why? Because Mueller’s case rests on proving Russian collusion. Yet, Cohen is an admitted liar. It’s crazy. 

“This is the scam of the century, this investigation,” Bongino said, according to the Daily Caller. “It reminds me of — remember the bridge to nowhere? The tax-funded bridge to nowhere? This is the investigation to nowhere. It’s a taxpayer-funded disaster. They will find nothing in it. It’s a mess. It’s a train wreck,” he continued. 

Dan Bongino has been expertly covering the Mueller investigation since day one. He has written a best-selling book on the subject called “Spygate.” He worked inside Washington, D.C., and he knows all the players.

“At best they came up with a campaign finance violation. That’s the best you’ve got after $20 million?” Bongino concluded. Yep, that’s all Mueller’s got. 

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