Obama Gets Utterly Destroyed At Florida Rally When Ivanka Trump Shows Up

Barack Obama traveled to the battleground state of Florida to support the Biden campaign on Tuesday. The former president is touted as the biggest draw for the Democratic Party, and the Biden campaign badly needs to win Florida in the upcoming election. It went all wrong for poor Barack when Ivanka Trump also went to Florida. You’ll love this.

Barack Obama, Ivanka Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Barack Obama is indeed the biggest and most loved politician in the Democratic Party. Barack was hesitant to endorse Joe Biden during the primaries. In fact, the former president waited until Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race to endorse his vice-president.

Insiders say Barack and Michelle Obama do not see Joe Biden as their choice. They see him as a screw-up and dismissed Biden as “eccentric and a practitioner of an old, outmoded style of politics.”

“You could certainly see technocratic eye-rolling at times,” said Jen Psaki, Obama’s former White House communications director.

“Younger White House aides frequently mocked Biden’s gaffes and lack of discipline in comparison to the almost clerical Obama. They would chortle at how Biden, like an elderly uncle at Thanksgiving, would launch into extended monologues that everyone had heard before,” Politico reports. 

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former deputy national security adviser, wrote in his memoir that “in the Situation Room, Biden could be something of an unguided missile.”

Obama would allegedly “roll his eyes” at Joe Biden during important national security meetings. In my opinion, Barack Obama is only campaigning for Joe Biden out of loyalty to the Democratic Party and his own hatred of President Donald Trump.

Obama was in Orlando on Tuesday, which is a huge metropolis with a population of 2.5 million residents. He should have been on target to draw at least the numbers seen by President Trump. At the same time, Ivanka Trump held a rally in Florida, too.

Ivanka Trump was campaigning in Sarasota, a much smaller area with a population of only 433,000. However, poor Barack got his big ego bruised when he got trounced by Ivanka.

“Despite the difference in population, a massive crowd shows up to see Ivanka Trump (in a small market), and only about 100 people showed up to see former President Obama (in a major market). That is quite a contrast,” Conservative Treehouse reports. 

Obama’s numbers at his Saturday Florida rally were slightly higher. According to local publication Sun-Sentinel, Obama’s rally was attended by about 400 people and 280 cars. Trump rallies draw anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000 voters depending on the venue size. He averages from 10-15,000.

However, on Tuesday Obama was going head to head with Ivanka. Trump’s surrogate, his daughter Ivanka, drew far more than Obama. If this was a battle of political rock stars, poor Barry got destroyed by a Trump surrogate.

“Biden says they aren’t having large rallies because of the Virus… do you see social distancing with Obama’s crowd? Nope! … & how many people showed up to see Obama in Florida? Truth is they aren’t having rallies like Trump because voters aren’t showing up!!” tweeted Melissa Ann Murray along with a video showing the crowd:

Trump weighed in knowing all major networks were carrying Obama’s remarks live. 

“Now @FoxNews is playing Obama’s no crowd, fake speech for Biden, a man he could barely endorse because he couldn’t believe he won. Also, I PREPAID many Millions of Dollars in Taxes,” the president tweeted.

In contrast, Ivanka Trump drew a huge crowd on Tuesday that was much larger than Obama’s. 

Pam Bondi, the former attorney general of Florida, captured a video of the long line waiting for Ivanka’s rally. “MASSIVE line for Ivanka’s event in Sarasota!!!!!!” Bondi tweeted:

“The Bloom is Off The Ruse – Ivanka Trump Draws Larger Crowd Than President Obama in Florida…” tweeted The Last Refuge with a picture of the crowd:

“The First Daughter of the United States, Ivanka Trump, had more people show up to see her speak than former President of the United States, Barack Obama, did today in Florida. Trump has Florida in the bag,” tweeted Courtney Holland.

This was not missed by Barack Obama. On social media, Obama vs. Ivanka crowd size was trending. Trump supporters were happily laughing at the upset Biden supporters who were trying to make excuses for their beloved former president.

In 2016, the mainstream media told us “crowd size” doesn’t matter when it comes to Election Day. They were proven wrong. Now, we have their superstar Barack Obama having a problem with his crowd size and losing the battle to a Trump surrogate. It may be just anecdotal evidence, but to those who support a Trump re-election, it means everything when we know the pollsters are in the bag for the Biden campaign.

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