Obamas Netflix Deal Gets ‘Exposed’ After Trump Calls For Investigation

President Donald Trump called for an immediate investigation by the House Judiciary Committee into Barack and Michelle Obama’s Netflix deal. But that’s not all. Trump called the deal “ridiculous” and also said their multimillion-dollar book deal should also be investigated. Well, Trump just caused the former first couple a lot of grief exposing some of their dirty deals. You’ll love this.

Michelle Obama, President Donald Trump, and Barack Obama (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshots)

President Donald Trump has blasted Barack and Michelle Obama’s partnership with Netflix, calling the production deal “ridiculous” and suggesting an investigation be launched by the House Judiciary Committee.

In a series of tweets Monday, President Trump accused the House Judiciary Committee of looking into his business deals because the Mueller report failed to produce evidence of Russia collusion and obstruction of justice.

“I have a better idea. Look at the Obama Book Deal or the ridiculous Netflix deal,” Trump fired back.

Trump may be trolling the Obamas with those tweets, but like all things he does, the president is doing it for a very good reason. The Obamas have become multi-millionaires. They have achieved that status solely on Barack being the President of the United States.

Trump shed more light on the Obamas’ “issues” during his speech last night in New Mexico. He brought up how the Democrats are now trying to get rid of him using the “emoluments clause.”

The problem is that it’s the Obamas who enriched themselves in office, not Trump. 

“They started with Russia, Russia, Russia, that turned out to be a fraud — that turned out to be a big fraud,” Trump told the New Mexico rally crowd. “Then they went to race. I’ll tell ya, I am the least racist person in the room — then they went to recession — there is going to be a recession. Oh, please let there be a recession because we have a better chance of defeating him.”

“Now they are bringing up this thing called ’emoluments,'” Trump declared. “No one knows what emoluments even means. It’s that ridiculous. But they say I am ‘enriching’ myself being president — if someone like a sheik stays at one of my hotels for $439 dollars a night. Let me tell you. I am losing billions as president. I can’t do things in business I would have done if I lost.”

In fact, Barack Obama signed a book deal while he was president. “President Barack Obama signed a $500,000 book deal five days before he entered the White House, his Senate financial disclosure report has revealed,” The Telegraph reported back in 2009.

Then, it was reported that the 2009 book deal was just a precursor to his $65 million dollar deal. “Obama agreed in early January 2009 to deliver the new book after he leaves office,” NBC reported in 2009.

So, Barack Obama was quietly enriching himself as president. It was one of the first things he did when he got into office in January 2009. We aren’t even covering all the gifts Barack and Michelle got while in office. The Washington Post reported in 2009 alone they received $335,000 dollars worth of gifts.

The Netflix deal is troublesome as it should be categorized as a Political Action Committee or PAC. The Obamas are solely focused on continuing to feed propaganda to the American people through their Netflix documentaries. How can they get away with categorizing it as entertainment?

“The former first couple is close with Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos, who has been a major donor. Sarandos’ wife served as ambassador to the Bahamas in the Obama administration,” Breitbart reports. Talk about nepotism.

But, hey, don’t tell the Democrats. They are trying like hell to make this emoluments charges stick on Trump, and Americans are livid. 

HELL YEAH! Investigate both of these Men, their questionable past & Millions they’ve made off Taxpayers… Hint, start with #IranPalletsOfCash, #UraniumOne, Etc! List is Long! #TruthMatters,” tweeted Twitter user “Lori.”

“Time to investigate ObamaFlix!” tweeted Mark Grant.

Notice how the Democrats demand ‘Equality of Justice’ except when it includes investigating them. Without Hypocrite standards, they’d have no standards at all!!” tweeted Twitter user “John D.”

The truth is this emoluments clause was written by the Founding Fathers who were worried about the president being elevated to a king. 

“No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Truft under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State,” Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution.

You can see just how desperate the Democrats have become to get rid of President Trump. Right now they have two cases charging Trump with violating the emoluments clause.

Presidents have received gifts, and no one really cared. However, if the Democrats are claiming Trump used the office of president to enrich himself, then they better be ready to start an immediate investigation into Barack and Michelle and drag them in and put them under oath.

Once again, President Trump highlights the utter hypocrisy of his enemies in the Democrat Party and their cohorts in the mainstream media. If anyone was treated like a king and enriched himself in office, it was Barack Obama, not President Trump.

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