Omar Blasts Trump For Causing Death Of 9-Month-Old Boy, Truth Comes Out

Ilhan Omar appears to be obsessed with trashing President Donald Trump when she should be doing her job. This morning, the Minnesota Congresswoman was caught blasting Trump for causing the death of a nine-month-old baby boy. “Let that sink,” she said. Well, that’s when Ilhan got fact-checked about the dire situation and the truth came out, proving she’s just a liar. Her response will make you sick. Don’t miss this.

Ilhan Omar and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Ilhan Omar has no business lying about the President of the United States. Omar is like many leftists. They learn to play dirty by those radicals who shape their mindset about politics. It’s straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

So, when she saw a New York Times hit piece titled: “Medicaid Covers a Million Fewer Children. Baby Elijah Was One of Them,” the Somali refugee couldn’t help herself. She immediately saw a way to make Trump look like a real dirtbag.

“A nine month old died as a direct result of Trump’s cuts to Medicaid and CHIP. He is one of a million children to lose healthcare. Let that sink in,” Omar tweeted.

This type of publicity is something that could really do damage with independent voters in swing states. Right away, most Trump supporters would see this tweet and know that if Ilhan Omar said it, then it’s probably untrue despite the link to the article.

However, presidential elections are won in those swing states by the voters who sometimes vote for the Democrat candidate, and in other elections vote for the Republican. For example, Hillary Clinton lost those “Blue Dog” Democrats in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

These are the blue-collar workers, who are looking at the economy and healthcare as their number one priority. They don’t care about social justice warrior issues like climate change or transgender rights. So, Ilhan Omar knew exactly what she was doing. Then, the truth came out.

“The Tuesday NYT article Omar linked to made no mention of the child’s death. It discussed Elijah’s visit to a Texas hospital in September and his mother’s distress over her child’s lack of Medicaid coverage,” Daily Caller reports.

Omar replied to her tweet with a correction over two hours later: “almost died*.” You see what she did here. Instead of doing the right thing, and deleting the tweet, she left the bogus tweet alone. Omar just added a response to it, that no one will see unless they click directly on her original tweet.

“I went to the ER thinking he had insurance,” Kristin Johnson, the mother of the boy told NYT. “If the receptionist had not seen him turning blue, she might have just said, ‘He’s not covered, so we can’t see him today.’ I do think about that.”

“Two of Elijah’s older siblings lost Medicaid coverage two years ago for reasons Ms. Johnson never understood, and she got so stymied trying to prove their eligibility that she gave up,” NYT adds.

The Trump administration has not “explicitly tried to limit” Medicaid coverage for children, NYT noted. Medicaid is one of those government agencies that proves if we go to “universal healthcare” it will be a disaster.

So, not only did the boy not die, but the Trump administration has nothing to do with whatever issue this mom has with Medicaid coverage. Ilhan Omar gets her anti-Trump message out there, without one leftist outlet calling her out for her blatant smear on Trump.

Americans who found out about Omar’s tweet made sure she knows she isn’t fooling them at all. 

“BUSTED You *almost got away with your lie in your original tweet… Don’t know squat squad! You didn’t even read the article…ignorant dope!” tweeted Penni Basse.

“You didn’t correct the part about the family’s loss of coverage being a paperwork issue, NOT the result of cuts. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus,” tweeted Twitter user “Red is my Color.”

“That doesn’t cut it. He wasn’t covered because his mom messed up the paperwork. It had nothing to do with cuts or Trump. Stop lying,” tweeted Twitter user “Jen DinNJ.”

“Minor error there. Kind of like accidentally marrying your brother,” tweeted “DC guy on LI.”

Ilhan Omar is getting backlash from many in the Somali community who saw last week’s article in the Daily Mail. Omar needs their support if she is going to retain her seat in that Minneapolis district.

The funny thing is the Somali community has been watching the coverage about Omar allegedly marrying her brother, and now this affair with her married political consultant, Tim Mynett. What the Somali community freaked out about was what Tim Mynett was caught carrying into their D.C. love nest.

According to Scott Johnson, who broke the Omar story almost two years ago, “Mynett clearly carrying a six-pack of Stella Artois beer — haram (forbidden) in Islam — apparently for a debauched evening of illicit sex and liquor,” caused the Somali community to abandon Omar.

Well, it’s looking rather bleak for the Minnesota Congresswoman, and if she continues to pull stunts like this, even those who support her now may decide she’s gone too far.

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