Pelosi New Resolution Says America Will ‘Surrender To Iran,’ Gets Rude Awakening

Nancy Pelosi is causing a ruckus on Capitol Hill today as she introduces a new resolution that would imply America is ready to surrender to Iran. The Speaker wrote a letter to her Democrat colleagues in the House on Sunday to reveal a new “War Powers Resolution” that amounts to a pre-emptive surrender to Iran “in ongoing hostilities.” Well, that’s when Nancy and her Democrat cohorts got a rude awakening.

President Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi (YouTube/Screenshots)

The Democrats’ latest fake news narrative to smear President Donald Trump has to do with his decision to go ahead with the kill strike on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. They are pushing the false claim that America is now on the verge of a hot war with Iran and that Trump had no authority to order Soleimani’s death.

The truth is Iran would be extremely ignorant to attempt a hot war with America. It would be a slaughter within the first few minutes. Regardless, we are not anywhere close to a hot war. Trump also has a duty to take out terrorists who are responsible for the deaths of countless Americans.

Yet, we have Nancy Pelosi acting all apocalyptic rushing around claiming America must surrender to Iran before its too late. 

Jesse Kelly, the host of “I’m Right” on Pluto TV, summed it up best: “Not a single Leftist ‘concerned’ about killing Soleimani is actually worried about Iran’s response or the potential for American lives lost. Know how I know that? Cause none of them said a freaking word about American troops getting blown to bits under Obama.”

The Speaker is also claiming Trump’s attack on Soleimani was illegal. 

“Pelosi’s letter begins with the declaration that President Donald Trump’s airstrike last week targeting Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, leader of the terrorist Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IGRC) Quds Force, responsible for the murders of hundreds of Americans and for recent attacks on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, was ‘provocative and disproportionate,’ terms suggesting the attack was illegal under international law and could constitute a war crime,” Breitbart reports.

Pelosi adds that the resolution “reasserts Congress’s long-established oversight responsibilities by mandating that if no further Congressional action is taken, the Administration’s military hostilities with regard to Iran cease within 30 days.”

Harvard Law School professor emeritus (and Democrat) Alan Dershowitz argued in Monday’s Wall Street Journal that the strike was not only lawful but an “easy call”: “The president has the constitutional authority to take military actions, short of declaring war, that he and his advisers deem necessary to protect American citizens. This authority is extremely broad, especially when the actions must, by their nature, be kept secret from the intended target.”

Nonetheless, Pelosi’s letter indicates that the House will declare the president’s action illegal under international law.

The letter further claims that Trump’s action “endangered our service members, diplomats and others by risking a serious escalation of tensions with Iran” — placing the responsibility for violence not on Iran, which recently attacked a U.S. Navy drone; a Saudi oil field; and, via proxies, Americans soldiers and civilians in Iraq; but on the United States, which had restrained itself until the recent assault by an Iranian-backed militia on the embassy.

The letter goes on to describe a new resolution that would “limit the President’s military actions regarding Iran,” essentially signaling a surrender in the potential conflict before the Iranian regime itself had managed to respond.

The only problem is Nancy Pelosi is not the Commander in Chief. Congress is not the Commander in Chief. It’s the president of the United States who sets our foreign policy and directs our military to carry out operations in our national interest, like the kill strike on Soleimani. Ole Nancy doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

The death of Soleimani was not an act of war on Iran. He was killed in Iraq. He was also a known terrorist who killed countless Americans and had been on the CIA “kill list” for years. The Speaker of the House sure as hell does not have the power to surrender before a conflict has even begun. The very idea of it is utterly ridiculous.

Pelosi got a rude awakening regarding her attempt to undermine Trump and surrender to Iran. 

 “When you accuse the President of the United States of using ‘disproportionate’ military force, you are claiming he violated international law. *For eliminating a terrorist actively attacking the U.S.* Party over country for Pelosi,” tweeted Joel Pollack, Editor at Large for Breitbart News.

“Is Democrat Party now run by Iran? Pelosi bribed by terrorist Mullahs? Do Democrats want civil war? It’s here,” tweeted Wayne Allen Root.

“She needs to be removed from Congress for constantly and consistently undermining the Executive Branch…immediately if not sooner!” tweeted Devin Caster.

“Eh Nancy why don’t you just go over there and wash the feet of these murdering assholes. You don’t belong in America,” tweeted “Crazey Tracey.”

“Outrageous, She’s undermining the President, who has the right to do this. What’s next, they want to make Suleimani a Saint? The left is guaranteeing Trump’s re-election,” tweeted Terry Masterson.

“Pelosi is a lily-livered, chicken shyte, gutless wonder, cowardly pimp, & is back in for her annual touch up on her back’s yellow stripe,” tweeted Twitter user “Ducky.”

Pelosi’s letter indicates that the new “War Powers Resolution” will be introduced and voted on this week.

Strangely, she has not yet indicated when she will transfer the articles of impeachment passed by the House on December 18 to the Senate, which she claims is a necessary prerequisite to the Senate holding a trial on the president’s removal from office.

Many conservative analysts claim this is Nancy Pelosi attempting to take the heat off of talk of impeachment which has turned into a real catastrophe for the Democrats. It sure looks like that’s what the Speaker was hoping to accomplish.

President Trump ran on getting America out of foreign wars and to stop America from being the “policeman” of the world. He was also against keeping soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. He pulled our forces out of Syria. So, for the Democrats to claim Trump wants a war with Iran is ludicrous. Pelosi needs to keep her nose out of the Executive Branch, and she definitely has no right to assume the role of the Commander in Chief. The Speaker is learning the hard way, the United States of America doesn’t surrender to anyone.

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