Pelosi Launches Trump Impeachment Inquiry, Rush Makes Clear She’ll Regret It

Nancy Pelosi angered many Americans yesterday by announcing the Democrats in the House are now opening an impeachment inquiry. However, this is a huge risk and a big political stunt. In fact, Rush Limbaugh made it crystal clear Pelosi and the Democrats are really going to regret it. You’ll love this.

Nancy Pelosi and Rush Limbaugh (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

The leftwing Democratic base who are celebrating this impeachment inquiry is devoid of any real facts. First, this is not impeachment hearings. This is just an inquiry. So, why would the Democrats not go ahead with the real deal?

They fail to have enough votes within the Democrat caucus to move forward on actual impeachment.

Secondly, what are the high crimes and misdemeanors that would bring the Democrats to even hold an inquiry? They have nothing. It’s a political stunt. Nancy Pelosi claims President Donald Trump was bribing a foreign power, namely Ukraine to get information on Joe Biden. That sounds just like the Russia collusion case and Hillary Clinton. Well, it should, and we will tell you why.

This brings us to the truth behind this farce. 

After the Mueller investigation turned into a clown show, the Democrats were in a pickle. Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Intel Committee, was hellbent on getting his hands on the grand jury transcripts from the Mueller investigation to pick up where Mueller left off. 

In mid-August, poor Nadler got shot down. Nadler has been stymied because the official House impeachment process has not been followed. A DC district court judge knocked down Nadler’s attempts. Nadler couldn’t follow the official (legal) impeachment process thanks to Democrats like Pelosi who knows impeachment is an idiotic move.

“It does not seem accidental that Chairman Nadler was rebuked by the DC judge in mid-August; and then subsequently Adam Schiff steps forth with a mysterious ‘whistleblower’ report and a fake Trump-Ukraine narrative surfaces,” Conservative Treehouse reports.

The whole Ukraine phone call scandal is bogus and set-up by Shifty Schiff. 

“Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and, of course, Maxine Waters! Can you believe this?” tweeted Trump about the new witch hunt.

Indeed, as many have noted, the Trump-Ukraine narrative and subsequent impeachment discussion have almost identical fingerprints as the Trump-Russia impeachment narrative. This is the same bogus investigation into Trump that started when he was still a candidate. This isn’t about Joe Biden or Ukraine.

“While the Full House vote would be framed around both the Trump-Russia obstruction case and the Trump-Ukraine influence case, it’s almost certain there is no ‘there’ there with the Ukrainian angle for a successful run at impeachment,” CTH adds.

Therefore, the real goal is the House vote itself which will grant Nadler the legal authority to go back to court against the DOJ and demand all of the material gathered by the Weissmann/Mueller anti-Trump team of attorneys and the corrupt partisan team of investigators…. including the grand jury material.

Remember, all of this Mueller material was assembled over two years with the intent to create the illusion of “obstruction.” Access to this material was always what Nadler needed to enhance the optic of obstruction.

Nancy Pelosi has been waiting for enough political momentum in order to advance an “official impeachment inquiry.” She did not have enough material from the bogus Trump-Russia narrative; she needed more. Pelosi now has the work of Shifty Schiff with the Trump-Ukraine narrative to advance the highly political legislative process.

Rush Limbaugh makes clear it’s an extension of the bogus Trump-Russia investigation. 

“We don’t know who the whistleblower is. We don’t know what the whistleblower’s complaint says or alleges. We have not seen the phone call between the president and the Ukrainian president. There’s not a single fact. All there is is one allegation that the media and the Democrats have run with like they ran with Trump-Russia collusion following the Steele dossier. This is almost a repeat process,” Limbaugh declared.

“We had the Steele dossier, and it was circulating for months. The Drive-Bys were desperate to get it into the public domain because of the golden showers story. It was never corroborated. It was never verified. It was never confirmed, but the media and the FBI used it to get FISA spying warrants. There was never a shred of evidence, and the same thing here,” Rush added.

Americans see right through the smoke and mirrors. 

“Just to be clear: Democrats are moving forward (maybe) with impeachment on the basis of a complaint they have not seen, which describes a call for which they have not read a transcript,” tweeted Kimberly Strassel, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

Trump approval rating hits 53% Unhinged DEMS: #ImpeachTrump ! AMERICAN PEOPLE: #Trump2020!” tweeted Ben Garrison, who is the man behind GrrrGraphics Cartoons. 

“Democrats’ decision to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump comes immediately after Joe Biden has started to fall in the polls and is no longer the frontrunner Biden was their best shot to beat Trump All Democrats have left is impeachment,” tweeted Ryan Saavedra.

“NOTHING will galvanize Trump voters like a fraudulent Dem/Media-driven impeachment push. Anger is a powerful motivator. And people are getting really pissed off at the endless, phony, liberal witch hunts,” tweeted Dan Bongino, the Fox News contributor.

This is another set-up. This time by Shifty Schiff and his Democrat cohorts. 

The problem with manufacturing a bogus case is that you can never prove it. Now, they have a whistleblower who never heard this phone call and who is not a real whistleblower but is just another member of the deep state.

Nancy Pelosi knows it’s all a farce built on lies. That is why she has been putting the brakes on the radical faction of Democrats who have been screaming about impeachment for two and a half years.

So, don’t be angry. We know how damn frustrating this entire set up of Trump has become. We all know in the end the truth always comes out. It did with the Russia collusion bogus case, and so too will it with this new faux Trump-Ukraine scandal. In fact, this will backfire big time as all Americans find out the Democrats have been wasting our time and our money, as they try and rob the people of their duly elected president.

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