Pelosi Blames Trump & Waves ‘White Flag’ As US Troops Under Fire, Gets Torched

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As our troops were under fire, Nancy Pelosi indicated to the world that America was ready to “surrender” and blamed President Donald Trump for Iran’s missile attack of military bases in Iraq. Yet, she and her Democrat cohorts call the president the dangerous one. Well, that’s when she got utterly torched in ways she won’t forget. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi (YouTube/Screenshots)

By all sober accounts, Iran’s missile attack last night was another win for President Trump. In fact, Iran purposefully missed direct hits on U.S. troops, but strangely hit a Ukraine 737 Airliner, Flight 752 from Tehran to Ukraine killing 177 passengers including 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, and three Britons.

Initial reports are claiming “technical issues” with Iran’s missiles. However, the Iranian regime is refusing to turn over the black box. Either they are utterly inept at firing weaponry, or Iran had some evil reason to shoot it down. Regardless, last night, all Iran achieved was killing their own citizens along with foreigners from Canada and the United Kingdom.

Which brings us to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her dangerous and un-American rhetoric.

“Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blamed President Donald Trump for Iranian missile launches against U.S. bases in Iraq on Tuesday evening, and suggested that America was unwilling and unable to fight back,” Breitbart reports.

In a tweet posted Tuesday evening, just minutes after news reports that over a dozen missiles fired from Iran had hit bases where U.S. troops are housed, and before military officials had assessed the battle damage, Pelosi accused the Trump administration of “needless provocations” and declared that America “cannot afford war” with Iran:

What the Speaker doesn’t want you to know is what she was doing on the very night all insiders in Washington D.C. knew Iran was about to retaliate.

Pelosi was caught partying at a D.C. nightclub.

So much for taking her job seriously, or for being really concerned about American troops. Apparently, Pelosi was “closely monitoring” the attacks by Iran on Iraqi military bases as she partied it up at Danny Meyer’s Maialino Mare opening in Navy Yard.

Nancy Pelosi publically waves the “white flag” indicating America is weak and ready to surrender. 

Pelosi’s tweet continued the theme she expounded in a letter Sunday to Democratic colleagues, in which she said Trump’s successful airstrike last week on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, who was responsible for hundreds of American deaths and recent attacks on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, was “provocative and disproportionate.”

She also announced legislation designed to limit the Trump administration’s ability to respond militarily to whatever retaliatory action Iran would take. Not only is this extremely dangerous to our troops abroad, but it also goes against presenting a united front to the world which could cause them to be targeted.

Americans torched Nancy Pelosi for shamefully putting politics over our national security. 

Disgraceful! @SpeakerPelosi is a Liar and is politicizing #IranvsUSA! Here is #NervousNancy at Danny Meyer’s Maialino Mare opening in Navy Yard,” tweeted “Scott Adams Show.” 

Needless provocations by the Administration’? @realDonaldTrump was restraint many times after numerous attacks. Who’s side are you on?” tweeted “Nedster.”

What provoked all the other attacks? There were rocket attacks on US Iraqi bases in December, November, August, June, May,” tweeted “Steph,” who added articles showing Iran has attacked our bases in Iraq multiple times. 

“The Democratic Party now openly side with enemies who are killing Americans, killing our allies, killing civilians, actively pursuing assassination of our president and has vowed to attack the continental United States. Disgusting bunch,” tweeted “Lisa.”

Iranian citizens are also so grateful. The Democrats and their media cohorts are lying to Americans as they glorify Soleimani and claim the president is running around hoping to start World War III.

This tweet showing an Iranian citizen named “Erica” is going viral. “My friend Erica is a longtime Iranian activist. A video she made about Soleimani and what’s happening inside Iran is going viral on FB. Watch,” tweeted David Reaboi:

Nancy Pelosi claims Trump’s dangerous and must be removed. 

Pelosi’s aim appears to be to portray the president as a national security risk, too dangerous to leave in office, as she pursues his impeachment and removal. She is also arguing for an alternative policy — one that effectively surrenders to Iran. She and her party appear to believe that losing a war to Iran is an acceptable cost if Trump can be deposed.

This is so sad. Usually, when America has been attacked in the past, both parties put politics aside. Not this time. The Democrats are an utter disgrace and are driven solely on their hatred of Trump. If Pelosi and the Democrats were in charge, Iran would be free to kill Americans at will.

They are the dangerous ones. President Trump had no choice after Iran pushed him into a corner with multiple attacks in the last few months. The final straw came when they attacked our embassy and murdered an American citizen. Thankfully, Trump warned Iran by drawing a “red line” and has effectively outsmarted Iran by waging a brilliant campaign against its evil regime.

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