Reiner: ‘Trump’s Defecating On Our Constitution,’ Americans Give Reality Check

Rob Reiner made the mistake of buying into the Democrats narrative that it would be smooth sailing to impeach President Donald Trump. Now, the actor who famously played “Meathead” is really, really angry. “Donald Trump has perverted the office of the Presidency,” Reiner said. “He is defecating on our Constitution. For the love & life of our Country, the time has come to stop f*cking around. Impeach!” Well, that’s when Americans gave him a huge reality check.

Rob Reiner and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Rob Reiner has led the Hollywood crowd’s charge in spreading the bogus Russia collusion theory which is all but dead on arrival now. Reiner with his buddies Robert De Niro and Martin Sheen were churning out all-star videos in order to try and convince Americans that Trump is guilty of collusion.

Most Trump-haters think Rep. Jerry Nadler is holding impeachment hearings in Congress. However, Reiner is informed enough to know what Nadler is doing in his recent hearing with Corey Lewandowski was just another fishing expedition hoping to find some new morsel to hang on the president.

That’s why the man better known as Meathead is seething with anger. 

“Donald Trump has perverted the office of the Presidency. He is defecating on our Constitution,” Rob Reiner said. “For the love & life of our Country, the time has come to stop fucking around. IMPEACH!” tweeted Reiner on Thursday.

Calling for Trump’s impeachment is a daily ritual for the “All in the Family” alum.

Earlier this month, Reiner celebrated the House Judiciary Committee Democrats opening an inquiry into Trump’s finances and his associates.

“The Impeachment process is about to begin. The articles drawn up will be voluminous,” Rob Reiner said, offering no details to explain his claim. “Never in our nation’s history has there been a more lawless President. He has continually lied to the American people & has used the Presidency to line his pockets. GOP, history is watching.”

The House hearings came just after Reiner demanded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “pull the trigger” on impeachment.

“This can no longer just be about 2020. His criminality must be made clear to the American public. Madame Speaker, pull the trigger,” Reiner said.

Well, Americans responded by giving ole Meathead a huge reality check.

“On a scale of 1 to 10. How desperate is Rob sounding? Knowing that impeachment still needs 43 more votes,” tweeted Twitter user “Cog.”

“‘Meathead’ is dumber than snot. Dems regularly ignore and trash the Constitution; its the single biggest impediment to the advancement of the Progressive agenda,” tweeted Roy Parret.

“Isn’t it funny how none of these assholes said a single word while the Illegal Alien Muslim President systematically shredded our laws and constitution,” tweeted Rich Hannigan.

“Meat Head just keeps rolling with the Projecting …… who are the people destroying the Constitution !!!???? Just One Example: Abolishing the Electoral College?” tweeted “LilyVonSchtupp.”

This isn’t anything new for Rob Reiner. Last month, Meathead swallowed a fake news MSNBC report that Russians co-signed a loan for President Donald Trump, jumping to Twitter to decry the “mountain of criminality” in the Trump White House.

“So now we have Russians co-signing Trump’s loans. The mountain of Criminality is overwhelming. Impeachment is just the start. Vote him out. Then indict him. America deserves a President who isn’t a Liar, a Racist, and a Traitor,” Reiner tweeted.

Despite the arm waving and gnashing of teeth, Reiner later looked like a fool after the MSNBC report he cited in his tweet ended up being so loosely sourced that nearly every news agency except MSNBC rushed to debunk the claim.

The report of “Russian billionaire close to Vladimir Putin” co-signing loans for Trump was broadcast by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell who jumped to air Tuesday evening with his accusations. The story had only a single source — something that violates all journalistic standards.

The report blew up after its airing, and by the next morning, it all fell apart and O’Donnell was left apologizing. This is how Reiner rolls. He’s like a kid who has been promised Christmas morning is coming soon, but it never pans out. We all better brace ourselves. This type of behavior and outbursts will only intensify as the 2020 election draws near.

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