Schiff & Pelosi Get Impeachment Dreams Crushed, New Evidence Revealed

When Nancy Pelosi made the historic decision to go down the path of impeaching President Donald Trump, it meant the Democrats had sealed their fate for the 2020 election. Pelosi made the big mistake of partnering with House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff to be the face of these unprecedented impeachment hearings. Well, they both just got the worst news ever as new evidence reveals their entire impeachment plan is looking doomed.

President Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

When Nancy Pelosi came to the fork in the impeachment path and chose the road of unprecedented secret hearings held by Adam Schiff, she sealed all the Democrats’ fate for the 2020 election.

Either, the American people will be convinced that President Trump committed atrocious crimes that caused the Democrats to have no choice one year before a presidential election to become selfless patriots and impeach him, or the American people will be convinced the Democrats are acting as partisan hacks.

Well, while we put no credence in the vast majority of polls, especially after the 2016 election, one poll by the Associated Press is quite telling. Most polls are skewed by oversampling Democrats. This one is different by sampling equal numbers of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans believe President Donald Trump’s interactions with Ukraine that triggered the impeachment probe amount to something “unethical but not illegal” or “nothing wrong” at all, according to the recent AP/NORC poll.

That means close to 60 percent of Americans believe the Democrats are self-serving partisan hacks as they carry out their impeachment scheme. 

But that’s not all of the bad news for Nancy and Shifty Schiff. Yale, Oxford, and Moody models that predict the presidential election, which is based on the economy, all are reporting this is Trump’s election to lose.

  • Trump wins in the “Pocketbook Model” 351 to 187 electoral votes.
  • Trump wins in the “Stock Market Model” 289 to 249 electoral votes.
  • Trump wins the “Unemployment Model” 332 to 206 electoral votes.

Fox News’ Lou Dobb’s spoke with Charles Payne about Trump being on track to win a by a landslide based on these models:

Of course, everything in politics is fluid and can change overnight. Nancy Pelosi’s only hope is Adam Schiff and the anti-Trump attorneys, who constructed this entire scheme, can dupe the American people into believing the soon to be introduced articles of impeachment have merit.

Insiders are reporting the anti-Trump attorneys who all work for the Lawfare Group have already written the articles of impeachment despite the fact there have been no open hearings. So, how could they see into the future?

Easy. This has never been a legitimate whistleblower case, just like Crossfire Hurricane was never a real counter-intelligence investigation. 

They are both coup attempts constructed by the same deep state rats. Lawfare is at the epicenter of every attempted scandal to bring President Trump and his administration down, like the bogus allegations and scandal of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Lawfare attorneys helped craft Christine Blasey Ford’s statements. They are good buddies with James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper.

“What Media Matters is to corrupt left-wing media, the Lawfare Group is to the corrupt DOJ and FBI,” Conservative Treehouse reports.

Lawfare attorneys Barry Berke and Norm Eisen are Adam Schiff’s right-hand men behind the scenes, and it’s safe to assume they have written the articles of impeachment based on Schiff’s slip-ups. Adam Schiff had a little Freudian slip on Monday as Trump and his supporters started to question the veracity and motivations of witnesses like Lt. Col. Vindman.

“The president continues to target public servants, including those who have served their country in combat, with baseless attacks. Efforts to intimidate or threaten witnesses will further build the case for obstruction, itself an impeachable offense,” Schiff tweeted.

Yesterday, Schiff had another slip-up which tells us the articles of impeachment are already written.

“The heart of this investigation that is the president’s abuse of his office to coerce an ally [Ukraine] who is fighting off, in our national security interests, they are fighting off the Russians in their interests as well, to withhold vital military support to that nation, to withhold the vital meeting with the president of that nation, as leverage to get that nation to engage in the corrupt act of these investigations they president believed would help his re-election campaign,” Schiff said.

Insiders close to the Washington D.C. swamp conclude the articles of impeachment will be (1) abuse of presidential power and (2) obstruction of justice.

Since the Lawfare attorneys are using the Russia hoax model, the initial allegation of “abuse of power” is similar to the allegation “Trump colluded with the Russians.” Both premises are and were absurd.

The charge will be Trump abused the power of the presidency to “coerce” Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky by withholding aid to Ukraine to help the Russians and get an investigation into Joe Biden. However, there is overwhelming evidence Trump aided Ukraine by reversing Barack Obama’s refusal to do so.

In December 2017, the Trump administration announced that the United States would send the lethal aid to Ukraine that Poroshenko requested and Obama and Biden refused — the sale of $47 million worth of Javelin antitank missiles.

This “abuse of power” charge is similar to the bogus allegation “Trump colluded with Russia,” and it serves the same purpose for the Lawfare Group. It gets them to their main charge which is obstruction of justice. You all remember in the Mueller investigation the obstruction of justice charge was the pivotal accusation.

That’s why Schiff is being such a drama queen about these witnesses who were rightly ordered by the Trump administration to not show up.

“Just like the false accusations within the Trump-Russia collusion/conspiracy narrative, the end goal of the Mueller team was actually ‘obstruction.’ Indeed, after quickly discovering there was nothing to the ‘collusion/conspiracy’, the Weissmann/Mueller team spent the majority of their time and effort trying to construct an obstruction of justice charge,” CTH adds.

Now we see the same process developing within Schiff’s phony Ukraine quid-pro-quo investigation. There’s no validity to the originating premise, so the investigative effort shifts toward building an “obstruction” impeachment charge.

In both examples, any action taken by President Trump to defend himself against false charges is re-framed as evidence of obstruction. Behind the scenes, Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, and Lawfare attorneys Barry Berke and Norm Eisen are working diligently through the courts to gain access to the Mueller grand jury testimony.

Why? The Special Counsel grand jury proceedings were 100 percent about questioning witnesses to frame an obstruction of justice case against President Trump. Mueller’s pit bull Andrew Weissmann spent most of his time shaping grand jury witnesses toward that objective.

“Almost anything an innocent person does to defend themselves against false accusations can be made to look like obstruction. Especially if the highest executive in the country is the one who stands falsely accused. This approach has Lawfare written all over it,” CTH concludes.

Let’s be clear. President Trump did not and is not obstructing justice. Even famed liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz says Trump has every right under Article Two of the Constitution to instruct those in his administration to not comply with Schiff’s hearings. It comes down to Executive Privilege, and any communication with the president is confidential.

If Schiff doesn’t like it he needs to go before the Supreme Court. It is not that Trump has something to hide. It’s what any smart attorney would advise Trump to do. You don’t roll over and make it easy for the Democrats to carry out their charade. In fact, Schiff is bald-faced lying when he tells us Trump is obstructing justice.

Trump is following the Constitution, while Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and their Lawfare mongrels attempt another coup. We have all seen this movie before, and it doesn’t end well for the Democrats and their anti-Trump buddies who refused to accept that 63 million Americans voted to elect Trump to drain their swamp and get rid of them once and for all.

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