Schiff Busted, New Evidence Proves Whistleblower Tried To Remove Trump In 2017

Adam Schiff is demanding more witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. On Wednesday, he took to the Senate podium and regurgitated lie after lie. What he doesn’t want Americans to know is the new evidence that has come to light about his star, the unnamed whistleblower, who started this whole debacle. In fact, the anonymous whistleblower has been trying to remove the president since 2017 — and Adam Schiff allegedly was involved. Don’t miss this.

Adam Schiff, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Barely two weeks after Donald Trump took office, the unnamed whistleblower — whose name was recently linked in a tweet by the president and mentioned by lawmakers as the anonymous “whistleblower” who touched off Trump’s impeachment — was overheard in the White House discussing with another staffer how to remove the newly elected president from office, according to former colleagues.

Sources told RealClearInvestigations the staffer and the whistleblower who he was speaking with were both Obama administration holdovers working in the Trump White House on foreign policy and national security issues.

“Just days after he was sworn in they were already talking about trying to get rid of him,” said a White House colleague who overheard their conversation.

“They weren’t just bent on subverting his agenda,” the former official added. “They were plotting to actually have him removed from office.”

This staffer “left the White House last summer to join House impeachment manager Adam Schiff’s committee, where sources say he offered “guidance” to the whistleblower, who has been officially identified only as an intelligence officer in a complaint against Trump filed under whistleblower laws.

As the Senate impeachment trial starts in earnest on Wednesday, Schiff is hoping Americans forget all about the whistleblower with direct ties to himself. He also is banking on the truth about this staffer never comes out.

This staffer then helped run the impeachment inquiry based on that complaint as a top investigator for congressional Democrats.

“The coordination between the official believed to be the whistleblower and a key Democratic staffer, details of which are disclosed here for the first time, undercuts the narrative that impeachment developed spontaneously out of the ‘patriotism’ of an ‘apolitical civil servant,'” RealClearInvestigations reports. 

This entire impeachment is just one big scheme orchestrated by Adam Schiff. 

The investigators say that details about how the whistleblower consulted with Schiff’s staff and perhaps misled the Inspector General about his interactions with Schiff are contained in the transcript of a closed-door briefing the IG gave to the House Intelligence Committee last October. However, Schiff has sealed the transcript from the public view.

It is the only impeachment witness transcript out of 18 that he has not released.

Schiff has classified the document “Secret,” preventing Republicans who attended the Atkinson briefing from quoting from it. Even impeachment investigators cannot view it outside a highly secured room, known as a “SCIF,” in the basement of the Capitol. Members must first get permission from Schiff, and they are forbidden from bringing phones into the SCIF or from taking notes from the document.

This impeachment was a plot that started back in 2017. 

Back in 2017, just two weeks into Trump’s presidency, the Schiff staffer and the whistleblower were caught talking crap during a meeting called by Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. The “all hands” meeting, held about two weeks into the new administration, was attended by hundreds of NSC employees.

“They were popping off about how they were going to remove Trump from office. No joke,” said one ex-colleague, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive matters.

A military staffer detailed to the NSC, who was seated directly in front of the two Trump-haters, confirmed hearing them talk about toppling Trump during their private conversation, which the source said lasted about one minute. The crowd was preparing to get up to leave the room at the time.

“After Flynn briefed [the staff] about what ‘America first’ foreign policy means, the whistleblower turned to the Schiff staffer and commented, ‘We need to take him out,’” the staffer recalled. “And the staffer replied, ‘Yeah, we need to do everything we can to take out the president.’”

Added the military detailee, who spoke on condition of anonymity: “By ‘taking him out,’ they meant removing him from office by any means necessary. They were triggered by Trump’s and Flynn’s vision for the world.”

“This was the first ‘all hands’ [staff meeting] where they got to see Trump’s national security team, and they were huffing and puffing throughout the briefing any time Flynn said something they didn’t like about ‘America First,'” the military staffer stated.

Americans are livid. It’s time for Adam Schiff to take the stand and expose his scheme to remove the duly elected president. 

“If Democrats want witnesses, the ‘whistleblower’ and his coconspirator Adam Schiff should go first. Whistleblower Was Overheard in ’17 Discussing With Ally How to Remove Trump,” tweeted Arthur Schwartz.

“Holy crap, this one is a revelation. Thought the whistleblower was now irrelevant, but now I want to hear from him (and the honorable Mr. Schiff),” tweeted Mark Avery.

“Days after the inauguration, the whistleblower was overheard discussing with another staffer how to remove POTUS from office,” tweeted “Praying Medic.”


“We can’t let [Trump] enact this foreign policy,” said the whistleblower to the Schiff staffer back in 2017.

Alarmed by their conversation, the military aide immediately reported what he heard to his superiors.

“It was so shocking that they were so blatant and outspoken about their opinion,” he recalled. “They weren’t shouting it, but they didn’t seem to feel the need to hide it.”

The co-workers didn’t think much more about the incident.

“We just thought they were wacky,” the first source said. “Little did we know.”

Two years later, these two Obama holdovers, the whistleblower and the Schiff staffer, started us down this impeachment road. This new evidence would rock the impeachment trial and quickly shut the entire fraudulent trial down.

It’s such a travesty watching Adam Schiff up at that Senate podium. He is a traitor and a villain, who lies to the American people. Americans must demand Schiff and his star witness, the whistleblower, take the stand. Only then, can the truth set our country free.

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