Sharpton: LA Cop Shooter Was Plant To Make BLM Look Bad, Gets Rude Awakening

Reverend Al Sharpton is weighing in on the recent shooting of two Los Angeles County deputies who were ambushed and shot in their heads at point-blank range in their patrol vehicle. Sharpton told MSNBC that he “suspects” the shooter, who is still at large, must be a “plant” to make the Black Lives Matter movement “look bad.” Well, that’s when poor Al got a rude awakening. Don’t miss this.

Al Sharpton (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot)

MSNBC’s Morning Joe program was like watching an alternate reality on Monday. Host Joe Scarborough began his segment by asking Al Sharpton for his message to the “25 million peaceful protesters” in response to the remarks by those people who were chanting “they hope that they died.”

Scarborough was bending over backward making the allegation that BLM activists are not really violent, nor do they wish police officers dead.

However, faced with the footage coming “straight outta” Compton and the nearby city of Lynwood following the shooting of two deputies, Scarborough looked like a fool. BLM supporters were caught chanting: “Tell their families. We hope they f*cking die!”

“People immediately after witnessing 2 Compton deputies ambushed both shot in the face: This is what the medieval #BLM & #Antifa #protesters are fighting for? Degenerates who hurt, resist & disrespect cops?” tweeted “Angel West.”

That’s why Al Sharpton had to spin the BLM agitators’ disgusting reaction to the deputies shooting.

Sharpton, the guy who openly called for killing cops in 1992, told Scarborough that the message of the BLM agitators is: “We are not anti-police, and we are certainly not for killing or shooting police.”

He quickly switched gears, making himself and BLM the victims, saying, “We are there saying police should not be wrongfully shooting or killing civilians, particularly in the black community. And for people to try to associate us with murder and ambushing and death, is doing more to hurt the cause.”

Then, Sharpton incredibly attempted to plant the seed that the person who shot the cops at point-blank in the heads could have been a set up to make BLM look bad, saying: “Some I suspect, in my own way of thinking, could be planted in order to hurt us because they are so extreme from our position.”

Well, Fox News contributor Larry Elder, who is also a Los Angeles radio host, gave ole Al Sharpton and his good buddies a rude awakening.

“Thanks #BlackLivesMatter; @BarackObama; @DNC; @CNN; @MSNBC; @TheRevAl; condescending ‘woke’ media; condescending ‘woke’ academia; and condescending ‘woke’ Hollywood for pushing the lie that cops kill blacks just because they’re black. This is the result. Happy?”

But that’s not all. Responding to a caller who accused him of denying police were guilty of “systemic” racism, Elder gave a short dissertation on exactly why he believed what he believed:

Recent years, the police have killed an average of a thousand people each year. This is in a population of 350 million Americans. Some 40 million are black; I’ve heard the number 35, 35, 32, it’s around in there, okay? In the last 60-years, according to the Centers for Disease control, the rate at which people have shot and killed blacks declined 75% percent. Last year, near as we can figure out, there were 25 unarmed black people killed, not just shot and killed, but killed by many other ways. 25. At least as many unarmed whites have been killed by the police as unarmed blacks. Where’s the outcry?

“Of all the people police killed, less than 4% are ‘white cop killing unarmed black person,’” Elder continued. “And again, unarmed person does not necessarily mean ‘not dangerous.'”

In fact, police homicides are going down, not up. 

“Haven’t police homicides continued to decline under Trump? I’m not praising him or necessarily crediting him for this, bc the overall trend in all homicides & violence has been dropping for over 25 years now, but I’m just saying… police homicides are down, including unarmed,” tweeted H.E. Pennypacker.

“Avg # unarmed blacks killed by police per year– 2014-2016: 61 2017-2019: 35. But Orange Man bad y’all. Do they want to roll with Joe ‘Put yall back in chains’ Biden and his ‘racial jungle’ with Kamala ‘laughs about mass incarceration’ Harris? I’m just asking… ” they added.

Al Sharpton and his BLM buddies are selling lies about police homicides. 

African-American men are not being targeted by law enforcement, and the high profile cases like Micheal Brown and Freddie Gray found the cops involved as innocent by bi-racial juries.

One city manager in Lynwood, California celebrated the cop shooting with an Instagram post.

“This [city manager] decided to use his Instagram account to weigh in on the ambush shooting of two deputies … and to more or less endorse it,” Hot Air reported. “Jose Ometeotl used a Malcolm X meme to argue that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and its deputies basically had it coming to them, calling the shooting ‘chickens come home to roost.'”

The same reporter also updated his report on the city manager and got permission from the families of the two deputies to post this graphic pic of the female deputy just moments after she was shot:

Sharpton and his cohorts, like this city manager, are as much to blame for the shootings of these two deputies as the man who pulled the trigger. BLM’s agenda to vilify law enforcement and call for “defunding the police” has whipped up the useful idiots like the shooter in Los Angeles.

Can you imagine being a police officer in Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago today? Knowing that these race-baiters have stirred up these scumbags to see you as the enemy?

The one way we can support our law enforcement officers is to send a message this November. Join the vast majority of police organizations that have endorsed President Donald Trump by casting your vote for his re-election.

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