SNL Comedian & BLM Supporters Mock 9/11 Anniversary, They Get Rude Awakening

Black Lives Matter supporters and their Antifa cohorts are using the 9/11 anniversary to mock those Americans who lost their lives 19-years ago. Pointing to a Netflix special starring Saturday Night Live’s Micheal Che, they claim it’s ridiculous to say “never forget 9/11,” the same way they are “offended” by those who say “All Lives Matter.” BLM activists also claim: “9/11 is sad but let’s remember that #AllBuildingsMatter.” Well, that’s when they got a rude awakening from patriotic Americans. Don’t miss this.

Twin Towers on 9/11, SNL’s Micheal Che (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

If the Black Lives Matter and Antifa loving youth of the United States has proven anything in 2020, it is that there is nothing sacred to them.

They denigrate the police, the military, and the very nation they live in. On Friday, September 11, the anniversary of the worst terror attack in the history of our nation, they took it a step further.

That is the day these miscreants, these dregs of society chose to take to Twitter and trend the hashtag #AllBuildingsMatter.

Judging by some of the videos shared from this group of heartless miscreants, it appears the saying comes from a Netflix comedy special done by “Saturday Night Live” star Michael Che.

“They don’t tell you black lives don’t matter,” Che said in his 2016 special. “That’s not what they say — that’s not the argument.

“They hit you with that slick sh–. Like, well, ‘All lives matter.’ Really, semantics? That would be like if your wife came up to you and was like ‘Do you love me?’ And you’re like, ‘Baby, I love everybody, what are you talking about?’

“Why do black people always have to get over sh– so quickly?” he said. “Every time we bring some sh– up. Slavery. ‘Oh, that was 400 years ago.’

“Segregation. ‘You guys got Black History Month out of it. We gave you February.’ Police shooting. ‘That was two weeks — come on, still?’ 9/11. ‘Oh, never forget,’” he said before getting to his 9/11 quip.

“That’s why this September, I’m getting a t-shirt that says, ‘All buildings matter.’ I’m gonna see how that works,” he said.

Apparently, some useful idiots, who were either not born when the attacks happened or are too young to remember, took his advice. Others, who are blinded by the Marxist BLM agenda, thought that this #AllBulidingsMatter hashtag proved their agenda is just and that those who say “never forget 9/11” are racists.

Well, they were in for a rude awakening. 

“#AllBuildingsMatter but we should get over murder, torture, rape. And still we should suffer in silence being targeted today?” tweeted Leonard Pope.

“That may be the dumbest take yet,” responded Tom Katt. “So because of slavery, nothing else is of significance? Even when virtually every race was impacted by 9/11? Your inability to think logically should prevent you from posting on social media in the future. Time to take the keys away.”

“Maybe if the Twin Towers just followed the Planes orders, it wouldn’t be a problem. #AllBuildingsMatter,” tweeted “Flight’s Burner.”

“The planes hit in the morning — 8:46 and 9:03 am ET,” responded Bianca Vannesa H. “People, of all ethnicities (not all American, either), died on their way to work that morning … children died visiting the towers. You must not have been born yet if you can’t wrap your mind around this tragedy.”

“us: black lives matter people with half a brain cell: yeah but ALL LiVeS mAtTeR us: us: ok us: lol then i guess #AllBuildingsMatter them: HoW dArE yOu ThAt iS sO diSrEsPeCtFuL,” tweeted “Casey.”

“Because it’s literally not the same thing. BLM cherry picks which ‘black lives’ they care about to push a narrative, hence the phrases ALL LIVES MATTER,” responded Tamon the Titan. “9/11 is explicitly dedicated to the memory of those we lost on a tragic incident.”

“9/11 is sad but let’s remember that #AllBuildingsMatter,” tweeted Twitter user “Marie.”

“9/11 is a memorial for the dead not the buildings,” responded Khaos By Design. “[P]eople aren’t mourning the towers they’re mourning the people who were crushed, burned or fallen to their deaths, show some respect.”

“Maybe if the buildings moved out the way or I dunno ‘complied’ they’d still be there #AllBuildingsMatter,” tweeted “@lovelyyimanii.”

“You should feel ashamed of yourself. Sickening behavior by mostly young people today. People too young to really remember 9/11,” replied Salvador Cardona.

Even the left-leaning Newsweek had to report on this pathetic hashtag.  They were quick to highlight a tweet by a BLM activist as a way to justify those mocking 9/11.

“Twitter users are using the hashtag #AllBuildingsMatter on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to make a point about the obtuseness or insensitivity of responding to the Black Lives Matter movement with the phrase ‘All Lives Matter,” Newsweek reports. 

Twitter user Zackary explained his reasoning behind the phrase: “#AllBuildingsMatter isn’t about downplaying the tragedy of 9/11, it’s an illustration of how ‘All Lives Matter’ downplays the severity of police brutality. It’s not stooping to their level, it’s showing them their own idiocy in terms even they can understand.”

“If all buildings matter, then why is BLM burning, looting, and murdering people who live in them? What a joke, they can’t even see they are being used by global elitists, and say things like– ‘i can’t breathe’ while restricting their breath with masks. Crazy folk. Brainwashed,” replied Twitter user “Grimbles.”

Mocking a national tragedy like 9/11 is one of the stupidest strategies we have seen in a long time. It just proves these radical leftwing activists are all about further dividing the country at the expense of 3,000 Americans who lost their lives due to an ideology that wants to destroy our nation.

Nothing is sacred.

These are Joe Biden’s supporters, and we bet his campaign will refuse to denounce the #AllBuildingsMatter hashtag. They actually share common ground with those who flew the planes into the Twin Towers.

The Democrats and their Manchurian candidate have vowed to “transform” America into a socialist “utopia.” Like the terrorists who attacked America on 9/11, Black Lives Matter and their Antifa cohorts have burned and looted American cities while tearing down our national monuments.

That’s why they mock the 9/11 anniversary. They celebrate the destruction of our great nation and are trying to complete what those terrorists started 19-years ago. Well, bring it on. They are in for a huge reality check come Election Day.

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