Soros Funded Institute Gets Governors To Release Violent Felons, Jail Non-Compliant Americans

Democrat governors are releasing dangerous felons from their jails and prisons to make way for new arrests of law-abiding Americans who they deem are not following their draconian COVID-19 measures. There is a new program that will deny your civil liberties and another will see your utilities shut off for non-compliance. Meanwhile, middle-class Americans are already being arrested. Don’t miss this.

George Soros, Picture of a man arrested for representational purposes only (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

George Soros heavily funds the Brennan Center for Justice which has issued a letter to all governors in America urging them to use executive action to “release as many people as possible from incarceration” due to coronavirus fears “provided they do not pose serious public safety threats.”

California already began fast-tracking the release of about 3,500 inmates serving sentences for nonviolent crimes and who are also due to be paroled within 60 days.

The New York Post reported that thousands of state and federal inmates are using coronavirus fears to push for early release, with their attorneys citing underlying health conditions.

“Everyone from killers, drug traffickers and gang members to mobsters, fraudsters and accused rapists are making a bid to get out of the clink,” the New York Post reported.

A popular Catholic priest, Father Issac Relyea, is warning on YouTube this isn’t about trying to keep the felons from getting the coronavirus. He says they are making room for people like him who are refusing to stop bringing his parishioners the sacraments like Last Rites.

Meanwhile, Democrat-run states are starting to arrest regular citizens. 

Los Angeles County released 1,700 inmates at the end of March, many of them dangerous felons, and will be further decreasing their prison population by at least 10 percent, said Sheriff Alex Villanueva according to CBS News.

So far, no one in the county’s jail system has tested positive for COVID-19, Sheriff Villanueva added. L.A. County’s Men’s Central Jail is considered one of the largest jails in the world.

Beginning April 10th and extending until the directive is lifted, covering your face is mandatory in the California Directorate. First, any citizen refusing to comply will be denied services. Next, you are fined for failing to comply. Then comes the arrests.

A Los Angles resident who was alone while paddleboarding on the Pacific Ocean near Malibu was arrested.  A surfer in Manhattan Beach was also jailed, according to the Los Angeles Times. He too was not around any other people.

“If you see a violation of the order, please report it,” said San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox at the Thursday news briefing.

This reeks of a communist-run state. So, throughout California, they are urging their citizens to report people who are just outside minding their own business. If you can’t prove you are going to an “essential business,” you will be subject to arrest.

Bill Gates is another huge globalist.

“Bill Gates recently stated on Reddit that ‘digital certificates’ will be used to identify who received the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. And these certificates will also be used to identify who can conduct business or not,” Vigilant Citizen reports. 

Gates’ vision extends further. “Vaccinations are the perfect opportunity to introduce a digital ID that would store the medical history of each individual. This identity would also be used to grant access to basic rights and services,” he said.

Father Issac Relyea is also warning those who aren’t questioning how our rights are being taken away are like those during World War II. The Nazis conditioned Germans to report on each other for disobeying the party.

“They are emptying the prisons to put people like you and me there,” Fr. Relyea said. “And people who have committed grave crimes are being let out. This is all part of the deep state and globalist agenda.”

Tucker Carlson examined the coronavirus pandemic Tuesday, asking why the models of the pandemic appear to have overestimated the scale of the outbreak and when Americans will be “allowed” to discuss when they can move forward with their lives.

“Our healthcare system hasn’t collapsed. That was the key concern, except in a handful of places,” Carlson added. “Really, it hasn’t come very close. Patients are not dying alone in the hallways of emergency rooms, with physicians too overwhelmed to treat them. That was the concern. It happens in other countries. It’s not happening here. Thank God for that.”

Does this sinister agenda seem far-fetched? Possibly. However, what is not far-fetched is what is going on in these Democrat-run states. What is not far-fetched are the predictions by “the experts” never panned out. Democrats like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Dr. Anthony Fauci are saying we will never go back to “normal.”

This should at least make all Americans pause to contemplate what would America look like right now if we had a Democrat president. Scary, right? That’s why we must tread lightly as we conduct our personal business in the near future and make damn sure President Donald Trump gets re-elected. Our country is at risk in ways most of us can’t even imagine.

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