Streisand Claims GOP Men Are Punishing Pregnant Women, MLK’s Niece Torches Her

Barbra Streisand was outraged over new abortion laws. “Male Republican lawmakers would support free abortions for everyone if they had to go through pregnancy,” she said. Well, Dr. Alveda King torched the leftists and said new abortion laws are “not to punish women but to give the baby civil rights.” MLK’s niece was just getting warmed up as she blasted the haters from Hollywood. You’ll love this.

Dr. Alveda King and Barbra Streisand (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Gail Oskin/Getty Images)

The Hollywood crowd is ranting and raving over new abortion laws. Left-wing pop icon Barbra Streisand chimed in on the brewing abortion debate, hypothesizing that male Republican lawmakers would support free abortions for everyone if they had to go through pregnancy.

“If these male GOP elected officials could get pregnant, there would be free abortion nationwide,” Barbra Streisand said, her tweet accompanied by a New York Times opinion piece declaring the recent tightening of abortion laws in states such as Georgia and Alabama as a “war on women.”

Streisand has long been a Democratic Party stalwart and abortions rights advocate. The Oscar-winner’s claim was later endorsed by far-left New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who suggested that male pregnancy would lead to an increase in Planned Parenthood facilities.

And that brings us to Dr. Alvada King who gave all the Hollywood leftists a lesson in critical thinking on abortion.

Dr. Alveda King, director of Priests for Life’s Civil Rights for the Unborn project and the niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., told Breitbart News that the recently passed pro-life laws in states like Georgia and Alabama seek to grant “civil rights” to babies in the womb and protect women, not punish them.

“America is right to be concerned,” King said of the abortion debate around the nation, but she argued that the pro-life laws in states like Alabama and George “won’t hurt” Republicans in 2020.

“Now, people are saying, ‘They’re going to put women in jail.’ Absolutely not,” King said. “But doctors who insist on continuing to abort little people in the womb will have to answer because the doctors themselves medically know that that is a person. That is a human being. Ultrasound shows that to all of us, now, and science has caught up with us.”

King said, “In most instances, mothers have been either coerced — sometimes even [in the case of] rape or incest — and are forced into abortions, or at least confused and under stress and pressure. So we know we want to protect the baby and the mother.”

Alabama’s new abortion law “is not to punish women,” stated King, “but it is to stop and give the baby civil rights. So women won’t be hauled off to jail.”

King reflected on her own experiences with abortion in describing the pro-life movement’s commitment to protecting children and not punishing mothers.

“I had abortions years ago,” said King, “and I said, ‘If you really start jumping on the women, you’ll probably want to come after me, but the Lord has forgiven me.’ We’re not going on a headhunt for women with the law in Alabama.”

King affirmed that these pro-life laws are aimed at “making sure women and babies are protected.” But they are also about justice, she said.

“It’s a push for justice, not a rush for justice because it’s been a long path from 1973 until now,” she said, referring to the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision on abortion.

“It’s a push for justice [and] a call for justice, not just for babies in the womb, but the mothers have been deceived, as well. I know I was deceived,” said King. “Now it’s causing the courts to have to reexamine some very bad laws.”

“Many people in Hollywood are not shouting out the abortions they’re glad they had. For the ones who are, I would even dare to suggest that they have suppressed that pain so deeply that they don’t know it’s there.”

Alveda responded to Hollywood actress Minka Kelly and others like Streisand who claimed that having an abortion was a “merciful act” because having the baby would be too much of a struggle for them at that time.

“If death is a solution to a life of struggle, then why didn’t Ms. Kelly and her boyfriend kill themselves?” she asked. “Not that I’m saying anybody should commit suicide, but I mean, why didn’t you carry it all the way?”

King added, “None of us is going to be able to deal with a life of struggle. … So no, it had nothing to do with them being concerned about that baby living a life of struggle.”

King remarked, “It’s a shame that 25 white men had to pass a law proving that they care about the preservation of black life, because those who cry ‘racism’ in America won’t fight for life in the womb. So where’s the real racism?”

“Too much damage has been done to our people here in America, and that’s from the womb to the tomb,” she said. “Social security — the reason it’s at risk is because there are not enough people because many of them have been either aborted or put into jail and not working.”

King concluded, “Two wrongs do not make a right. The death of the baby will not heal the wounds of the mother. We want to say there are two patients, here. There are two victims, here: the mother and the baby. The baby is a person, as well, an innocent person. … It’s two human beings.”

Dr. Alveda King is causing a firestorm within the Hollywood crowd with this interview. She’s a powerful figure and makes one hell of an argument for pro-life totally annihilating every misconception these wackos like Barbra Streisand say they stand for.

Alveda King turns so-called abortion rights into a civil rights issue and shatters the Hollywood leftists argument that they are on high moral ground. The simple truth Ms. King proves is abortion is murder, and it’s hurting every part of our nation.

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