Judge Cites Trump Conspiracy Theory As Evidence, Gives Roger Stone 40 Months

Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered Roger Stone to serve 40 months in prison on Thursday. Jackson was appointed by Barack Obama, sided with Hillary Clinton against the parents of Benghazi victims, and ruled against the Catholic Church in an Obamacare case. After sentencing Stone, the leftwing judge then cited a debunked Trump conspiracy theory as evidence for the unprecedented sentence. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Lead Juror In Roger Stone Case Alleged Plant, Tied To Donna Brazile & DNC

Donna Brazile, the Fox News contributor and former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, is on the record wishing Roger Stone ill-will. “Go to f*ckin’ jail. Go to jail, go to hell. I hope he roasts in hell!” Brazile exclaimed. Now, Tomeka Hart, the lead juror in Stone’s case, has been caught with ties to Donna Brazil and the DNC. Stone’s legal team is demanding a mistrial. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Brazile: ‘Roger Stone Go To F*cking Jail — Roast in Hell,’ Trump Makes Her Pay

Donna Brazile, the Fox News contributor, went on a profane tirade over the utterly unjust Mueller team’s prosecution of Roger Stone. “Go to f*ckin’ jail. Go to jail, go to hell. I hope he roasts in hell!” Brazile exclaimed. Stone, like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, was brought up on bogus charges and has been given an excessive prison sentence. Well, poor Donna didn’t know what hit her as the president made her pay. You’ll love this. […]


Meryl Streep Calls Trump ‘Dictator Who Stole Election,’ President Gives Her Nasty Surprise

After Meryl Streep infamously bashed President Donald Trump at last year Golden Globes, she is now coming out with a new movie called “The Post,” a movie based on true events about The Washington Post in 1971. Streep is making the rounds, insisting that Trump is a “dictator” stopping a “free press” and stating that he stole the election from Hillary Clinton, but that’s when things got ugly. The president gave her a “nasty surprise,” making her look like a fool. […]

Social Issues

After Chelsea Promotes American Girls Adopting ‘Sharia Law’ Custom, Gets ‘Nasty Surprise’

Chelsea Clinton is at it again, making a darn fool out of herself as she tries to become the next Clinton to gain political office. Chelsea has been on a year-long “promotional tour,” hoping to gain a following that would launch her into some type of position of power, but so far, it’s been a nightmare. Well, it just got worse as she cheered a restrictive Sharia law custom, promoting it for American girls. […]


CNN Asks Liberal Viewers Their Feelings On The Democratic Party, Instantly Regrets It

CNN has had the hardest time staying afloat between their “fake news” reputation and their embarrassing mishaps. Growing more and more desperate for views, it seems that the network will do just about anything to get a spike in ratings, and this week was no different. After asking their own liberal viewers about their feelings on the Democratic Party, to say the news network was instantly made to regret it would be putting it mildly. […]


Brazile Bombshell: ‘I Fear For My Life’ After Outing Hillary’s ‘Secret Role’ In Murder

Donna Brazile, the former Democratic National Committee Chairman, just dropped a bombshell about the former failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Brazile, who confessed to slipping Hillary the debate questions, admits to “shutting her blinds so snipers could not see her,” after she learned of an unsolved murder, implicating Clinton’s “secret role.” Brazile said she “fears for her life,” and she knew the best way to stay alive was to go public. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Hillary Loses It As ‘Close Friend’ Turns On Her, Revealing The ‘Sick Secret’ They Shared

Hillary Clinton’s various crimes are causing her former friends and allies to turn on her. In a shocking report, one of her closest friends is revealing their shared “sick secret,” which they tried to hide for months. This longtime friend worked closely with the Clinton campaign, and it seems that she is coming clean after months of speculation. Hillary is “losing it,” according to insiders. […]