Texas AG SCOTUS Lawsuit Update: Americans In Red States Can Help Us Right Now

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appeared on the “Louder with Crowder” podcast and gave an important update on the Supreme Court lawsuit. Paxton was on his way to meet President Donald Trump in the Oval Office and asked Americans living in red states to help him do one thing. Don’t miss this.

Steven Crowder, Texas AG Ken Paxton (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

AG Ken Paxton gave an important update on the SCOTUS lawsuit on Thursday morning. Host Steven Crowder questioned Paxton about the 17 states that had filed amicus briefs with the court and asked him to explain how that differs from “intervening” in the lawsuit.

“These 17 states that have filed amicus briefs, or ‘friends of the court.’ Some people think that means they have officially joined in. How’s that different from intervening?” Crowder asked.

“So, with intervening, you’re actually a party. You’re standing beside us saying ‘hey this was a wrong done to our citizens in our state,'” Paxon explained. “An amicus is a friend of the court brief, providing guidance to the court on issues that those states think will be relevant to the court.”

“The amicus are favorable to us but it’s not like intervening saying ‘I’m in this fight, I’m totally getting in’ where amicus are very helpful..not quite the same but certainly useful,” Paxton said.

“Right, how could it not be strategic for them to intervene?” Crowder asked. “What should be the tipping point for someone saying I support it I’m a friend of the court versus really having skin in the game?”

“Because a lot of Americans out there feel like they’ve been gaslit, they’re taking crazy pills, and you have the brass pair to step up. Americans want to see other states officially step up and sign on that dotted line, we hear ya,” Crowder added.

“I’m with ya. I’d love to have them,” Paxton replied. “All 18 states intervening… if they wanted to go with us. We want them in. We’ll take ’em. We’re encouraging them to join us and stand on the front lines with us, when we’re in front of the US Supreme Court, be there present, be a party, and be a part of the fight.”

Crowder then acknowledged that Paxton has hinted that several of these red states are going to take the next step and officially “intervene” in the lawsuit, and that’s what he would be discussing with President Trump.

He also tried to get the Texas AG to give him an exclusive and divulge some of those states’ names, but Paxton just laughed and said we would all have to wait until “5 to 10 of those states” officially file sometime today.

Paxton did encourage any American living in a red state to call their attorney general and demand they officially “intervene” and join the Texas lawsuit. 

Also, call your representative and tell them as an American citizen you demand they sign on to this lawsuit on your behalf. Our elected officials are supposed to be representing the will of the people. Officially intervening in the Texas lawsuit is one of the clear cut ways they can do the will of the people they represent.

The Texas attorney general also emphasized why the president was calling this lawsuit: “the big one.”

Texas had the authority to approach the Supreme Court directly because Article III provides that it is the court of “first impression” on subjects where it has original jurisdiction, such as disputes between two or more states.

So, right off the bat, Texas could go directly to the Supreme Court without wasting time in lower courts. Still, the highest court in the land had no obligation to hear the case.

The other big reason the Texas lawsuit is so brilliant is that they are not asking the court to look at fraud or order states to “overturn” the election for Trump. However, the remedy they seek would give those states’ legislatures the right to chose their own electors.

It just so happens that these state legislatures all have GOP majorities.

The Supreme Court can deny hearing this case. However, if other states officially intervene and join Texas, it would be very difficult for SCOTUS to deny hearing this case that is affecting so many American citizens. So, stay tuned, and if you live in a red state, make sure you make your voice known. Let us all pray that good triumphs over evil in the end.

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