Trump Busts Up Big Pharma By Slashing Drug Prices, Indicates Life In Danger

President Donald Trump busted up the “Big Pharma” companies by making massive slashes to drug prices. He announced this on Thursday in Ohio. In fact, no other president has dared to go so far to make sure Americans have the lowest prices in the world. Then, he made a very cryptic remark which indicates his life is in danger. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump at the Whirlpool factory in Ohio (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

President Trump spoke to workers at a Whirlpool factory in Clyde, Ohio Thursday to tout his efforts to restore America’s manufacturing base. During the speech, Trump also spoke about working to reform prescription drug pricing by the pharmaceutical industry.

“And speaking of pharmaceuticals, we instituted four moves — rebates, favored nations, and other things — buying from other nations where they have the product — the same exact pill, identical; made in the same factory — for a fraction — just a small fraction of the cost,” the president said.

“We buy from other countries, as opposed to buying through this ridiculous quagmire of political scam that we’ve been going through for many years,” he added.

“And what I’ve done, in terms of favored nations, if — as an example, Germany has a pill for 10 cents and we have a pill for $2. We institute favored nations on the drug company. We get the pill for the same amount as the lowest pill anywhere in the world. Anywhere in the world,” Trump explained.

“And that could drop your price of pharmaceuticals, of drugs — prescription drugs — it could drop your price 50, 60, 70 percent, maybe more than that,” he declared.

Then, he made this cryptic remark which should cause all Americans to wake up. 

“So I have a lot of enemies out there,” Trump said. “This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while. A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I’m doing. But I figure we have one chance to do it, and no other President is going to do what I do.”

Of course, the president of the United States always gets death threats. So, for the president to indicate this “may be the last time” we see him “for a while,” that tells us the Secret Service has gotten threats that go over and beyond the norm.

Big Pharma can’t be happy with what he has done. They can no longer set the prices for the vast majority of drugs. If another nation is selling it for less, they have to do the same.

Americans weighed in on Trump’s cryptic comments. 

“I am sure Big Pharma have it in for you by now. Please keep safe. Not saying they had any involvement here, but it makes me wonder because now we nearly all know what a danger HCQ is – not to us -but to the health of drug sales and profits,” tweeted Flossy Rapta.

“Patriots. We need to pray harder. God bless you Mr. President! I know you’re in the Most Powerful Hands of Almighty God. He shielded you and protect you always. Amen!” tweeted “tchyntia.”

“He’s trying to save this country and people are so blinded by hatred they can’t see it. Or they are haters and would rather see America sold to the devil and are fighting Trump tooth and nail. If this country goes down there’s going to be a lot of suffering,” tweeted “noearthnolife.”

“January 17,2020 Nancy Pelosi on this week said and I quote ‘Trump won’t be President next year one way or another!’ Sound like a threat to you google it ABC this week program,” tweeted Kimberly Sutton.

“(@realDonaldTrump) But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the LORD; their vindication will come from me. I, the LORD, have spoken. Isaiah 54:17 NLT,” tweeted “Kimbrelie.”

“The one world globalists hate him. He stands between them and the coming one world government. Sadly if people knew that what the globalists want would lead to the end of their world. The end of this age…..” tweeted “StillWaters777.”

“Since day one @realDonaldTrump has been fighting against the corrupted establishment on OUR BEHALF!! RT if you agree that he deserves our VOTES!!” tweeted Joseph Hanna.

“Pray for this man. He’s saving the world. He gave it all up to do it for free,” tweeted “Bitter Cnadian.”

For the last three years, we have watched as the Democrats and their very powerful friends have done all they cane to make sure Trump leaves office.

The president has done so much damage to their scams and schemes. For years these swamp rats and their friends used the government to enrich themselves. Private deals were made with politicians. Kickbacks were the norm. They all played the system, and that’s why Trump must go.

Trump saw the American people could not do a thing to stop this as even many Republican politicians and their friends used the system to get rich. Those Republicans became the “Never Trumpers.” The only chance we have to ensure these people don’t get back into power is to make sure Trump is re-elected.

For those who pray, say prayers every day for the president and his campaign and share all this information with your family and friends.

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