Anti-Trump “Conservative” Goes After POTUS — Patriots Make Her Regret It

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This week, President Donald Trump announced major changes to our military’s role in the Middle East. Soon afterward, Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced his resignation. Anti-Trump conservative writer for the Washington Post is sounding the alarm, demanding Congress take action. But more than a few patriots had something to say to her.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin attacked President Donald Trump over his removal of troops in Syria. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

There have been mixed responses among Americans over the news that Trump is pulling our troops out of Syria. Honestly, this is something he promised to do since the campaign. America has troops all over the world. We are spending billions securing other nations. Meanwhile, the United States struggles to secure its own border.

President Trump has made it clear he’s an America First leader. That means bringing our troops back home, instead of leaving them in futile conflicts forever. It’s also clear he wants to cut back spending on military campaigns that are no longer necessary.

But naturally, liberals are ticked off. Anything Trump does gives them a reason to complain. When Barack Obama pulled troops out of Iraq, they praised him as a savior, even though it led to the formation of ISIS. Now, with ISIS all but defeated, Trump wants to bring our troops home.

Democrats are angry. It’s as if they are total hypocrites.

Soon after Trump made this announcement, Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced his resignation. Were the two events related? Perhaps. We don’t know for sure. But anti-Trump critics have decided they are and they are making demands of Congress.

The Washington Post’s “conservative” blogger Jennifer Rubin thinks that it’s time for Congress to get more aggressive in light of this week’s news:

Jennifer Rubin is the Washington Post’s “token” conservative writer. But she has done nothing but march along with the left’s dishonest narrative about Trump since day one. Her latest article makes no sense at all.

It takes an act of Congress to declare war. The president can only authorize limited military action. Our laws already prevent him from have “unilateral” control over conflict. What is Rubin talking about?

It’s also strange that she’s saying this after Trump announces a withdrawal of troops. President Trump wants to bring thousands of American soldiers home. He wants to reunite them with their families and communities. He’s not launching first strikes, Rubin.

It seems like Trump critics are upset that he’s ending the conflict, rather than starting it. Uh… what?

People online were quick to point out Rubin’s stupidity.

There are people who are somewhat confused, considering the controversy is mostly over Trump’s apparent plans to bring U.S. personnel home instead of launching new operations. [Source: Twitchy]

So, liberals and Trump critics now want America obligated to unending wars in the Middle East? Remember way back in 2003, when Democrats were upset we went to war with Iraq? Or how happy they were when Obama brought back troops from Iraq in 2007? Why are they suddenly upset Trump is ending our obligations and bringing back our troops from Syria?

Is it because they want America so spread thin around the world, we can’t focus on domestic issues? Is it because, today, Democrats are putting foreign interests ahead of the needs of American citizens? Or is it because Democrats (and fake conservatives like Rubin) hate Trump so much, they attack everything he does, including actions that nobody would normally disagree with?

I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

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