Whoopi: Pelosi’s Ice Cream Made By ‘Small Business’ – Americans Owe Her Apology

Whoopi Goldberg is lecturing Americans about the scathing ad President Donald Trump dropped on Tuesday which captures Nancy Pelosi showing off her $24,000 dollar sub-zero fridges filled with $12 dollar a pint ice cream. Goldberg claimed Americans owe the Speaker “an apology” because “the ice cream [Pelosi’s] talking about actually comes from a small business.” Well, poor Whoopi didn’t know what hit her as Americans utterly destroyed her. You’ll love this.

Whoopi Goldberg, Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Whoopi Goldberg and her crew are totally out of touch with the American people. On Tuesday they got torched for claiming Americans aren’t really upset with Nancy Pelosi’s “ice cream” debacle. A little later on the same broadcast, Goldberg doubled down by telling Americans their anger was not warranted since Nancy’s ice cream is made by a “small business.”

Meghan McCain did not agree with them and was trounced on The View Tuesday morning for suggesting President Donald Trump’s latest campaign ad of Nancy Pelosi acting like Marie Antionette was a “kill shot” and “devastating.”

That caused Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar to seethe with anger. How dare Meghan McCain point out the obvious misstep by the queen of the Democratic Party, who President Trump dubbed “Nancy Antoinette” in his scathing ad:

Whoopi totally agreed when Sunny Hostin called the ad “fake and manufactured outrage.”

“Well, the James Corden interview with Nancy Pelosi was like a week ago,” Hostin said with sarcasm. “That’s just manufactured, you know fake Fox News outrage and Republican outrage, you know. They are talking about ‘but her freezer, but her freezer’…I’m really worried about the bodies being put into freezers in New York…that’s what I’m worried about!”

That brings us to Goldberg digging herself in deeper. 

Whoopi began by airing the Trump attack ad, which showed part of an interview Pelosi did for “The Late Late Show” with James Corden alongside her comments about stalling Republican efforts to pass a boost to the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

So, I want to point out that the ice cream she’s talking about actually comes from a small business,” Goldberg began with an air of arrogance. “I know that because I send this ice cream out to people, and she is one of the people that is fighting to make sure that small businesses are able to get the testing they need and the stuff that they need.”

Goldberg then turned to Behar, adding, “So Joy, you kind of feel like she’s being scapegoated here? People owe her an apology?”

“Of course. But I love that you just said that that’s a small business. That’s perfect,” Behar said, joining Goldberg in defending Pelosi. “You know, the Democrats are, in fact, fighting for more funding for hospitals as well as relief for small businesses for minorities and veterans, okay? That’s what the Democrats are fighting for, so this is just another distraction.”

Americans utterly destroyed Whoopi Goldberg and her take on Nancy Pelosi’s ice cream on social media. 

“At 12$ a pint. While people can not feed their families and Pelosi holds up the money they need to survive. Whoopie is as initialed as Pelosi is. With plenty of money in the bank, there is no worry,” tweeted “D Taylor.”

“Insinuating it was just about the ice cream shows that Whoopie is just as tone-deaf as Pelosi,” tweeted “@CR_HIATT.”

“It’s not the ice cream Whoopi. It’s her smearing it all in our face while people are going without! Standing in long lines to get food and watching their life savings dwindle to nothing,” tweeted “Keep Looking Up.”

“Still a $25000 freezer and $12/pint ice cream while Americans are forced out of work while she holds up relief bills to cram them full of pork spending on leftwing projects,” tweeted Twitter user “Damien.”

“But it’s ok to flaunt delicious luxury food over media for all the hurting people can see? [I don’t care] where she got the darn ice cream!!” tweeted Sandy Cee.

@WhoopiGoldberg would defend #WickedWitch of the West if it meant she hated Trump! That’s all that matters! Check your privilege it was not as much about the ice cream but more showing off her stocked beautiful refrigerator while in her city people are starving in tents ok,” tweeted Elizabeth Carver.

We know Whoopi and her crew are all-in on pumping false Trump narratives and defending the Democrats at any cost. However, what really flabbergasted us was the extent of their utter arrogance.

Whoopi proves without any doubt she is blind to the suffering of the American people. These segments trying to shame Americans and defend the queen of the Democrats are so cringe-worthy we are shocked at the sheer ignorance by not only Goldberg but also the producers of The View who thought airing these segments was a good idea.

This is the type of thing that shows just how tone-deaf the Democrats and their supporters have become. It is also a preview to the election in November when Whoopi and her crew will be in total shock and disbelief when Americans re-elect President Trump for another four years. We don’t recommend The View to anyone, but it may be worth a watch the day after the coming presidential election.

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