House Intel Proves Trump Right Again, But Wiretapping Wasn’t All Obama Did

March 22, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

After weeks of speculation, with the liberal press excoriating President Donald Trump, he has finally been vindicated. Devin Nunes, the GOP Chair of the Senate hearings, has announced that Trump was under surveillance, proving Trump right again. However, that wasn’t the only bomb that he dropped. Nunes announced something else Barack Obama did that’s quite shocking, and this is information you need to know. […]


SEE IT: Hot, Young Freshman Congresswoman CATCHES Comey Breaking Rules

March 21, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Conservative media is going gaga over Elise Stefanik, the hot, young congresswoman who singlehandedly caught FBI Director James Comey breaking the rules. The freshman GOP representative from New York did her homework on Comey before she took him on at the Senate hearings. He got tongue-tied, thinking Elise is just a pretty face, but she cornered him, and it’s so damning that the mainstream media refuses to cover it. […]

Fed-Up Roseanne Barr Slaps Whining Liberals HARD With Brutal Announcement

Fed-Up Roseanne Barr Slaps Whining Liberals HARD With Brutal Announcement

March 21, 2017 Robert Rich

Although Hollywood is known to be a haven for Democrats, not every celebrity agrees with the progressive movement. Proving just that most recently was Rosanne Barr who decided to slap the collective left with quite the announcement after listening to one too many whining liberals complain about President Donald Trump – and it was downright brutal. […]


WATCH: Gowdy Sets Off NUKE During Trump Hearing, Comey Left Visibly SHAKEN

March 20, 2017 Jodi

If there’s one person who’s definitely not happy about the leaks of classified information coming out of the White House, it’s no-nonsense South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy. FBI Director James Comey was recently grilled by the Congressman as he testified before the House Intelligence Committee, and Comey was left visibly shaken after Gowdy dropped a nuke that he clearly was not expecting. […]


Obama SPIED On Trump For Years, NSA Documents Prove Comey Wrong

March 20, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Barack Obama’s preference for spying on Americans is widely known, and that includes Donald Trump when he was a civilian. No matter what FBI Director James Comey is trying to sell on Capitol Hill at the heavily partisan Senate hearings, most Americans don’t trust him. With leaks coming out of the intelligence community daily, it’s important to look at the NSA documents that prove somebody in Washington, D. C. isn’t telling the truth. […]


FBI Is STILL Protecting Hillary & Obama, Expected To Undermine Trump Today

March 20, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

FBI Director James Comey is at it once again, desperately trying to cover for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s crimes. Comey is willing to completely undermine President Donald Trump to protect Obama and Hillary. Apparently, facts and evidence no longer matter to the FBI, which is now nothing more than a political mouthpiece designed to shield leftists from being held accountable for their crimes. […]


PROOF Comey BLACKMAILED By Hillary, Let Her ‘OFF THE HOOK’ Over FBI Wiretap

March 7, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Blackmail is one of the best tools to control people, and Hillary Clinton is a master at it. With James Comey turning on President Donald Trump by rejecting his wiretap claim, one has to wonder why did Comey, with overwhelming evidence, let Hillary hoof the hook? Now, there is credible evidence that Hillary knew about the wiretaps and was blackmailing James Comey. This will blow your mind. […]


EXPOSED: The REAL Reason Comey Didn’t Indict Hillary Over Her Email Scandal

March 7, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

With new revelations about the Obamagate wiretapping scandal surfacing, it’s safe to say that we are far from reaching the bottom of the daisy chain of Democrat deception. In terms of corruption, though, this goes right to the top, and Hillary Clinton’s role will likely be exposed soon too, along with all her scandals that the FBI tried desperately to hide and the real reason James Comey refused to indict her. […]

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