Rep. Raskin Admits Dems Found No Crimes To Impeach Trump, Attorneys Freak Out

During Tuesday’s impeachment hearing, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) screwed up and admitted the Democrats’ “process” of impeachment found no crimes to charge President Donald Trump with. In fact, it looks like Raskin was “off-script” as the Democrats’ attorney, Barry Berke, and his associate looked stunned as Raskin proved why Americans know this impeachment is a total farce. But that’s not all he screwed up. You don’t want to miss this.

Rep. Jamie Raskin with Democrat attorney Barry Berke and his associate (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Rep. Jamie Raskin really screwed up when he attempted to describe why the Republicans are rightly claiming there are no crimes charged in the articles of impeachment against President Trump. The Congressman turned into a stuttering mess as he admitted there are no crimes.

“One thing we are hearing is that we didn’t charge crimes,” Raskin said. “And, um, in some, uh, sense that, ah, just duplicates a basic confusion that the people have about what the process is. We are not criminal prosecutors.”

That’s right. This is the first presidential impeachment to not have real-life prosecutors investigating the alleged charges before a party starts impeachment. The Democrats tried that “process” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and they struck out.

“We are members of Congress working to protect the country from committing high crimes and misdemeanors,” Raskin added. “That’s constitutional offenses against the people of the country.”

Right here Raskin is attempting a bait and switch. He is admitting the articles of impeachment aren’t real crimes but rather “constitutional offenses,” which is another made-up term. So, Raskin claims the Democrats are impeaching the president over not real crimes but actions they deem are offenses to the Constitution.

If you’re confused, you are not alone.

This is pure horse puckey being shoveled to the American people. Then, Raskin makes the huge mistake of saying “maybe later” their fake crimes will grow up and become “criminal indictments” — in the future.

“Now, lots of the conduct that we plead in our specific articles alleging abuse of power, they themselves could become part of criminal indictments — later on,” Raskin said. “But it’s curious our colleagues across the aisle were the first ones to say the Department of Justice cannot prosecute the president.”

Here, Raskin is shoveling more horse puckey.

Impeaching the president has nothing to do with what the Department of Justice would or would not do. Impeaching the president is such a serious matter that the Founding Fathers made sure it was “high crimes.”

High crimes remain exactly the same thing as they were in 1778. Not only are they real crimes, but they must also be the most serious of crimes. So serious that the Congress has no choice but to nullify a presidential election.

This is where the Democrat attorneys sitting behind Raskin started to squirm, and for good reason. Raskin proceeded to claim they don’t have to prove anything. 

“We don’t have to prove President Trump committed bribery or honest services fraud, or extortion—all things he really could be prosecuted for later,” Raskin added. “We simply have to allege the course of constitutional criminal conduct he was engaged in.”

What in the hell is “constitutional criminal conduct?” The Founding Fathers did not say impeachment would be a valid step when the president commits “constitutional criminal conduct.” They said “high crimes and misdemeanors,” period.

This entire farce today is just another “Schiff show.” 

House Rules Chairman Jim McGovern began the hearing by slapping 63 million Americans voters in the face when he claimed Americans did not elect Trump in 2016. “I will never—and I mean I will never—be okay if other nations decide our leaders for us. The president of the United States is rolling out the welcome mat for that kind of foreign interference,” said McGovern.

As we previously reported, there have been four investigations including Special Counsel Robert Mueller who tried like hell to find one iota of evidence to link the Trump campaign to Russia, and they could not find it happened at all.

After a scathing IG Report which found President Trump was spied on by the Obama investigation, it goes against reality to continue to claim Trump is not a duly elected president and somehow Russia colluded to get him elected.

The Democrats are falling apart right on live TV. They can’t prove or charge President Trump with one real “high crime or misdemeanor,” so they are left to play word games and make up fake terms to push their impeachment charade to the American people. They see us as stupid Trump supporters who can be duped by their lies.

They think if they say something over and over again, such as Russia colluded, it becomes real. The only real thing with this impeachment “Schiff show” is this is the same movie we have seen since the president got elected, and We the People know you don’t impeach a duly elected president without proving he committed serious crimes.

Not liking the outcome of the 2016 election isn’t a serious crime, and the Democrats have only awakened the silent majority in this country who are now totally incensed. We will make sure President Trump is elected, once again.

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