Pelosi Names Schiff ‘Lead Impeachment Manager,’ Charlie Daniels Crushes Him

Nancy Pelosi, who was utterly incoherent during Wednesday’s press conference, announced that the Democrats have named Adam Schiff to be the lead impeachment manager to prosecute their so-called case against President Donald Trump in the Senate. Schiff will be going up against “real attorneys” like Jay Sekulow and Pat Cicilline. But that’s not all. Country icon Charlie Daniels completely crushed poor Adam Schiff. You’ll love this.

Adam Schiff, Charlie Daniels (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

As we previously reported, Nancy Pelosi was a total mess Wednesday morning as she rambled on incoherently on live TV. What we can ascertain from the Speaker’s bizarre remarks is that the Democrats are going with Adam Schiff to be their lead impeachment manager for the Senate trial.

Pelosi slurred her words telling Americans this was “very serious” and Schiff was the best “litigator” for the job. 

Schiff made false statements right off the bat. “Mitch McConnell has taken to say that the Senate should only consider the closed record that comes from the House, ah, as if what the Senate is-is not a trial but an appeal from a trial,” Schiff stated.

This is Shifty Schiff scared to death to bring the case he himself brought out of the House into the Senate. He knows he has no case. So, Schiff wants to “add evidence” after the fact. Regardless that the so-called evidence Schiff is trying to bring in is bogus, there is also the fact that no one made the Democrats rush their case. At this point, the case is closed. It goes to the Senate as is and no one is allowed to add anything.

Schiff is such a fraudster and liar even country legend Charlie Daniels sounded off reminding people he is an utter disgrace.  

“Adam Schiff you are a disgrace to the office your constituents elected you to. The streets of your district overflow with garbage, drugs, human waste, and disease while you pursue myths and lies trying to make mountains out of molehills. Just another sold-out swamp prostitute,” tweeted Daniels.

That’s not all. Daniels also weighed in on just how ridiculous the Democrats sounded with their veiled threats Wednesday morning. 

“What I got from why Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler said about the impeachment they announced this morning is that if the Senate don’t do everything they want the Senate is participating in a cover-up. This threesome would be funny if they weren’t so disgusting,” the country singer tweeted.

Charlie hit the nail on the head. Once again, Pelosi and her partners in crime, Schiff and Nadler, are twisting the facts. Their time to build a case is over. No one told them to rush their bogus hearings, nor did they have any time limit.

Now, faced with the reality that their case is so weak, they are trying to backtrack and add more and more “evidence.” The problem is they never really had any evidence in the first place. There are no crimes, and the Democrats failed to charge the president with any real crime in the articles of impeachment.

Daniels blasted Schiff and his shenanigans back in November. 

“Congressman Adam Schiff has done something most unique, he has become judge, jury, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, appellate court, and even an unwitting witness in his headlong, tunnel vision rush to remove a duly elected president,” Daniels wrote. “His charges constantly change, he first claimed to have iron-clad proof of President Trump colluding with the Russians.”

Then when all the air came out of the Mueller balloon his mantra became “obstruction of justice,” then when all else failed he produced a whistleblower, well not really a “whistleblower” but a government employee who hates Trump, who heard, well not really heard but got second it handed that the president had asked the president of Ukraine to do him a favor in return for an arms deal.

Daniels then proved Schiff and his cohorts are duping Americans for their own gain.

“It is less than a year from an election that would let the voice of the people determine whether or not President Trump has done something worthy of being thrown out of office, so why the
desperation?” Daniels said.

“Well, I think just about anybody with enough gray matter to point a finger can figure that one out,” the 83-year-old singer adds. “Well, rave on, Mr. Schiff, do your worst, it will only make your failure even more bitter, and if I may use the words of Mr. Shakespeare to sum up, you are, ‘a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. Sound and fury signifying nothing.”’

It’s Americans like Charlie Daniels who have lived through so much and are so wise and who really have the knack to cut through the all Democrats’ lies. Too bad there are not more young people who value what their elders say. Daniels has so much wisdom to depart, and Americans would do well to listen.

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