Schiff’s Destroyed After Telling Trump Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Ass On Way Out

Adam Schiff threatened the president during an interview yesterday. Schiff claimed the White House “was stonewalling” their subpoenas to produce documents and to have officials testify. He also believes the courts are on his side. “When we go to court, we win,” Schiff declared. He added that the courts will tell Trump: “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” Well, poor Shifty Schiff has no idea what he is talking about and got utterly destroyed. You’ll love this.

Rep. Adam Schiff and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff has gotten his tiny ego inflated by his new role as head Gestapo in carrying out this impeachment farce. He is now claiming he “puts the country before his party’s needs” as if he should be canonized as America’s newest saint.

Going directly to his buddies over at the New York Times yesterday, Schiff was feeling rather giddy about his closed-door sessions where he is hoping to railroad the president without anyone seeing. Schiff discussed how it was going so far.

“A lot will depend on how successful they are at stonewalling,” Shifty Schiff said. “So far, there have been real breaks, significant breaks in the White House firewall. It was their intention to prevent us from interviewing any witness. They are failing at that.”

“As we have seen over the last nine months when we go to court, we win. And the courts have not only been signing with the Congress,” Schiff declared. “They have been making short shrift of the Trump administration arguments. The opinions against the Trump administration thus far — and we won another victory in the court of appeals — have been the jurisprudential equivalent of don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.”

As most of you know, this is utter bullcrap coming from the same man who told Americans for over two years that he had definitive proof and was 100 percent certain Trump colluded with the Russians and would be found guilty of crimes.

That’s why on social media you can see memes like this one posted by “the Last Refuge 2” which say “Bull,” along with a picture of Schiff:

Adam Schiff is spreading more of his bull “manure” with his flippant statements. 

In fact, it has been going rather badly for poor Schiff. First, his whistleblower folds and refuses to testify at all. Instead, the so-called whistleblower’s attorneys tell Schiff their client will just submit more letters. There’s no way their client will ever testify to anything in public or private.

So, Schiff pretends he doesn’t need the main witness since he has the actual transcript of Trump’s phone call to allegedly prove crimes, which is rather rich considering Schiff was caught fabricating the actual transcript before Congress. Secondly, Schiff was caught colluding with the whistleblower before they ever filed the complaint, then he was caught lying about that.

But forget all that. Schiff is going to win this subpoena war in the courts, right?

Wrong. “The House acts by voting. It has never voted to conduct an inquiry into whether President Trump should be impeached. Consequently, there is no House impeachment inquiry. There is a partisan exhibition of synchronized dyspepsia,” said former U.S. Prosecutor Andy McCarthy.

He added: “This [impeachment farce] includes strident letters from a cabal of committee chairs, all Democrats, falsely claiming that a refusal by Trump-administration officials to comply with their demands for information and testimony ‘shall constitute evidence of obstruction of the House’s impeachment inquiry.'”

“It is nonsense. Even when a formal House committee proceeding is underway, such that the obstruction statute could clearly apply, there is no legal presumption that the recipient’s refusal to comply with a subpoena is evidence of obstruction,” McCarthy concluded.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said yesterday House Democrats will not hold a vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Trump anytime soon which means Shifty Schiff is in charge of an unofficial farce.

To be sure, Chairman Adam Schiff is head of the House Intel Committee. He can decide what his committee will investigate and what they will not.

But he does not have the power to impeach on his own. Nor does he have the power to subpoena the Executive Branch on his own. 

In the end, Rep. Adam Schiff is just one member, a representative elected biannually by one district somewhere in California. But like each of those other members, his vote counts as just one — in a body that generally requires 218 votes to get the important things done.

He is the House Intel Chairman. He is not the House. He isn’t even the head of the right committee to hold impeachment hearings, which is the Judiciary. He does not have the authority to call for the president’s removal. He can argue for it, like the other members. He can vote on it, like the other members. But he cannot do it by himself. Only the House, acting as an institution, can do that.

And until they do that, Shifty Schiff is spouting pure bull “manure,” and when he makes self-aggrandized statements about the president’s backside, you bet there will be a reckoning. President Trump is a gracious good man, but don’t get on his bad side.

Adam Schiff is cementing his legacy as the bumbling idiot who lied and then lied some more. Schiff will fall into utter disgrace as President Trump thanks him for proving how the swamp tried to undo 63 million American votes by hook and by crook, which spurred his landslide re-election in 2020.

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