NBA & MLB Players Support BLM, Take A Knee – Hershel Walker Makes Them Regret It

Hershel Walker rose to fame as a college athlete winning the Heisman Trophy. He is also a good friend of President Donald Trump. However, Walker isn’t on board with the Black Lives Matter movement. In fact, Walker was utterly flabbergasted as he watched players of the NBA and MLB honor the race-baiting BLM organization, and he was moved to make them regret it. You’ll love this. […]


NBA & MLB Find Out The Hard Way ‘Taking A Knee’ Must Stop… Or It’s Game Over

The National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball had an eye-opening weekend after they launched their seasons. Week two turned out to be a disaster in more ways than one after players continue to “take a knee” and support Black Lives Matter. In fact, kneeling during the national anthem along with all of the BLM nonsense must stop or it’s game over. You’ll love this. […]

Political Opinion

As Obama Attacks Trump At Lewis Funeral, POTUS Cleans Up Barack’s Big Mistake

Barack Obama used his eulogy at the funeral of John Lewis to go on a political diatribe, attacking President Donald Trump and the federal agents sent to quell the violence at so-called peaceful protests. He also pushed mail-in voting. Meanwhile, the president was cleaning up one of Barack’s biggest mistakes and making him look like a fool. You’ll love this. […]

Cops & Criminals

Actor Tyler Perry Tells CNN: ‘I Think We Need More Police’ – Leftists Freak Out

The anti-Trumpers along with the “woke crowd” all tune to Anderson Cooper’s CNN show knowing they will get a nightly dose of far-leftist drivel. However, that did not happen Wednesday night. Actor and director Tyler Perry told Cooper not only is he not for “defunding the police,” but he is for hiring more police officers. Well, that’s when they all freaked out. You’ll love this. […]

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Rep. Jordan Shows Video Of Antifa Violence At Barr Hearing, Nadler Loses It

Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is holding a hearing Tuesday to look into Attorney General William Barr’s actions of sending in federal agents to quell the violence in Portland and Seattle. Nadler is also attempting to show that Barr is in cahoots with doing President Donald Trump’s bidding. Well, Nadler lost it after Rep. Jim Jordan showed a video that proved Antifa was not “peaceful” but completely out of control. You’ll love this. […]

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Californians Fight Back Against Gavin Newsom’s New Lockdown, Democrats Go Nuts

Californians living in Orange County aren’t accepting the state going back to another lockdown. In fact, those living in Huntington Beach, California, also called “Surf City USA,” took the fight right to Gov. Gavin Newsom by voting to reopen their school district. But that’s not all they are doing which is causing the Democrats to go nuts. You’ll love this. […]