Cops & Criminals

BLM Activist Is Arrested for Attempted Murder As Democrats Cower In Silence

Early Wednesday morning, a Black Lives Matter activist was arrested for attempted murder after shooting a man in an SUV at a recent “protest.” Of course, you’ll never see this reported anywhere in the mainstream media as the Democrats cower in silence. In fact, there’s an actual video of the event, but the Democrats are making sure no one sees it. Don’t miss this. […]


Kevin Bacon: Old White Guys Shut Up & Listen To The Left — Gets Brutal Smackdown

Actor Kevin Bacon made headlines recently when he said it’s time for “old white guys to shut up and listen to the Left.” The 61-year-old was referring to the “social justice warriors” like those occupying the six square blocks in Seattle. Well, poor Kevin got a brutal smackdown from a fellow actor, who made it crystal clear “this old white guy will not just shut up and listen to the radical left.” You’ll love this. […]

Political Opinion

Armed Citizens Stand Guard, Give Minneapolis Rioters And Looters Rude Awakening

A group of self-described “heavily armed rednecks” descended on Minneapolis to defend the American citizens who were left to contend with rioters and looters. In fact, one of the armed men told a reporter he was there to “free Americans.” Well, as the armed men stood guard protecting businesses, they gave the degenerate criminals causing mayhem a rude awakening. You’ll love this. […]

Political Opinion

Omar Calls For Sharia Flogging Of Critics, Praises Allah For Americans Suffering

Ilhan Omar appears to be losing it during this coronavirus shutdown. The Minnesota Congresswoman was incensed when a critic accused her of committing adultery. Omar immediately quoted the Quran and called for the Sharia law punishment of flogging the accuser with “80 stripes.” She also praised Allah that Americans are suffering. Well, that’s when her own constituents totally blasted her in ways she won’t soon forget. Don’t miss this. […]