Alec Claims Russia Killed Epstein: ‘They’re in Charge of Everything,’ Gets Smackdown

Alec Baldwin is pushing the conspiracy theory that serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was murdered on the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “They’re in charge of everything,” said the leftwing actor. Baldwin believes President Donald Trump is just a puppet of Putin, which would make the Russian president the most powerful man alive. Well, that’s when fed-up Americans gave poor Alec a real smackdown he won’t forget. You’ll love this. […]


Moore: We Need ‘Street Fighter’ Michelle To ‘Crush’ Trump, Patriots Crush Him

Michael Moore is getting very anxious about the Democratic candidates who are vying for the nomination to run against President Donald Trump. The leftwing activist doesn’t see a “winner” who could go toe-to-toe with Trump. That’s why he desperately made a play to get Michelle Obama to run, claiming she is the only true “street fighter” who can “crush” Trump. Well, that’s when patriots crushed him. You’ll love this. […]


Lock Him Up: Nancy Tells Democrats She Wants Trump ‘In Prison,’ Regrets It

Nancy Pelosi was at a Democratic caucus meeting Tuesday night, and all the stress has finally gotten to the 79-year-old Speaker. Speaking of the president, Pelosi went on a rant telling her cohorts: “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison.” Well, that is causing quite a stir across the country, and that’s why the California Democrat was quickly made to regret her words. Don’t miss this. […]


Mueller Misleads Americans & Lays Groundwork For Impeachment, Then Gets Destroyed

Robert Mueller broke his silence on the Special Counsel investigation today as he addressed the nation from the Department of Justice. The 74-year-old former FBI Director mislead the American people on one key point and hinted that the president obstructed justice. Mueller then laid the groundwork for Trump’s impeachment. However, he totally got destroyed within minutes. Don’t miss this. […]


Joy: Trump and All the Republicans ‘Should Be Thrown Into Jail’ — Gets Destroyed

Joy Behar once again made a complete fool of herself by weighing in on political matters she has no clue about. As the Democrats in the House continue to try and subpoena Trump officials to re-testify after they have given hundreds of hours of testimony to Robert Mueller, Behar thinks the president and all Republicans “should be thrown in jail,” for no good reason. Well, immediately she got destroyed. You’ll love this. […]


Comey Told Staff Brennan Insisted On Pushing ‘Pee’ Dossier, Trump Destroys Them

James Comey, the disgraced former FBI Director, is turning on his deep state pals now that their entire spying operation on President Donald Trump is under investigation. Comey turned on former CIA Director John Brennan by leaking classified “electronic communications” showing it was Brennan who insisted pushing the bogus “pee” dossier to frame Trump. Well, the president just dropped a bombshell that will destroy them both. You’ll love this. […]