Bidens Took $1.8 Billion Dollars To Wage Secret Ukraine ‘Proxy War’

A new report called the “missing piece to the Ukraine scandal” has uncovered what appears to be the rest of the story of why the deep state was so hot to frame President Donald Trump with the Ukraine hoax. The report shows how Joe Biden lobbied for $1.8 billion taxpayer dollars to be delivered to PrivatBank in Ukraine which was owned by the CEO of Burisma. It appears the money was used to wage a secret “proxy” war that Barack Obama sanctioned. Don’t miss this. […]


VIDEO: Leftist Threatens To ‘Slash Trump’s Throat & Every Republican’ – Regrets It

The Democrats and their cohorts want Americans to believe it’s supporters of President Donald Trump who are out of control and violent. They claim Trump supports are dangerous “white nationalists” who are akin to Nazis. Well, the truth is there is a real danger from those on the left like this crazed man who was caught on video by “Students for Trump.” He was threatening to “slash Trump’s throat and every Republican.” He was made to regret it. Don’t miss this. […]


Tlaib Caught Promoting Dangerous ‘Blood Libel Against Jews’ – Refuses To Apologize

Rep. Rashida Tlaib was caught promoting a blatant lie that stirred up hatred and violence toward Jews. Tlaib claimed that an 8-year-old Palestinian girl was kidnapped and killed by Israeli settlers after disappearing. That type of false claim is synonymous with a “blood libel” which is a way to persecute Jews. Now that she is caught, Tlaib is refusing to apologize, and that’s why she is getting torched by Americans and Jews. Don’t miss this. […]


Charlie Daniels: Trump Attorneys ‘Tore All The Flooring Out From Under Schiff’

Charlie Daniels sounded off on the impeachment trial in the Senate, and he has an awful lot to say that the Democrats are not going to like. The country legend watched the defense put on by the president’s attorneys on Saturday. “The defense team tore all the flooring out from under Schiff, Nadler, and company yesterday. This should be over,” he said. But that’s not all. Charlie went on to teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget. […]


Sanders Campaign: ‘Nazified’ Trump Voters Will Be Sent To ‘Gulags,’ Regret It

Undercover video coming out of the Bernie Sanders campaign is causing quite a ruckus. Sanders, who makes no bones about his Communist past and his love of the old Soviet-style of government, has employed a campaign organizer who thinks the same. In fact, that organizer said “Nazified Trump voters must be re-educated,” and then he added, “in Soviet-style gulags.” Immediately, Trump supporters made Sanders and his campaign totally regret it. Don’t miss this. […]

Social Issues

Meghan Quits ‘Senior’ Royal Family But Wants All The Benefits, Queen Gives Reality Check

Meghan Markle, the D-list actress who married Prince Harry in 2018, has convinced her spouse to make an unexpected move. According to Meghan, she was so “exhausted” by all her work as a “senior member” of the Royal Family at the end of 2019, the duo took a six weeks break. Now, Meghan and Harry have announced they will be abandoning their duties, but they still want all the benefits. Queen Elizabeth is giving them a reality check. […]


Lopez ‘Sorry’ For Accepting Bounty To Assassinate Trump – ‘Too Little Too Late’

George Lopez, the comedian and rabid hater of President Donald Trump, indicated to Iranian authorities that he would be happy to accept the job of assassinating the president. In fact, Lopez is now “apologizing” for claiming he would kill the president for a mere $40 million dollars after Iran placed an $80 million dollar bounty on Trump’s head. Well, poor George just found out it’s too little, too late. Don’t miss this. […]


Linda Ronstadt: Trump’s Hitler & Mexicans Are The New Jews, Gets Reality Check

Linda Ronstadt, the 1970s diva of rock n’ roll, made the ridiculous allegation that President Donald Trump is the “new Adolf Hitler and the Mexicans are the new Jews in 2020.” Ronstadt is the ex-girlfriend of former California Governor Jerry Brown. Her wild accusations against Trump went too far, and she got a huge reality check. You don’t want to miss this. […]