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Liberal Loser Sheriff Israel BUSTED! ‘Dirty Secret’ Tying Him To School Shooter Just FOUND

Hillary Clinton-supporting Sheriff Scott Israel has been hoping no one would find out about his dirty secret that proves he and the 19-year-old shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were well acquainted. Most people have come to know Israel as a weasel, working with CNN and the anti-gun, anti-Trump crowd. Now, he has been busted big time. His dirty secret is out, and it places those deaths right at his feet. […]


Anti-Gun Media Darling David Hogg MISSING From CNN Town Hall, His Mom Tells Shocking TRUTH

David Hogg, the new media darling for the anti-gun, anti-Trump crowd was strangely missing from CNN’s town hall shout-fest Wednesday night. Hogg had been vocal about attending the town hall after openly rejecting President Donald Trump’s “listening session,” saying on live TV that he was committed to bringing change and that was going to happen only at CNN’s town hall, but he never showed up. It seems Hogg has mysteriously disappeared, and his mom just told the shocking truth. […]


Anti-Trump David Hogg Tells President ‘F U’ After Oprah & George Clooney Back His NEW SCAM

David Hogg is the seventeen-year-old student who skyrocketed to fame after the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida, last Friday. After much speculation about his role in the aftermath of the shooting, one thing is clear: Hogg is a puppet for the gun confiscation lobbyists. He is also virulently anti-Trump, telling the president “f*ck you” after George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey just volunteered to back his latest scam. You won’t believe this. […]