Clint Eastwood Upsets Democrats, Blasts Fake News & Deep State In New Video

Clint Eastwood is really upsetting the leftist media and their Democrat cohorts with his new movie trailer for “Richard Jewell” which tells the true-life story of the 1996 Atlanta bombing. Eastwood takes aim at “fake news” and a certain type of FBI investigator which brings to mind the deep state rats President Trump has had to deal with. This has ticked off those who want to see Trump gone. You’ll love this. […]

Cops & Criminals

Tlaib: Blacks Should Only Work On Facial Recognition, Police Chief Torches Her

Rep. Rashida Tllaib, who represents a district in Michigan, is in hot water after she said that only blacks should work as Detroit police’s facial recognition analysts because “non-African-Americans think African-Americans all look the same.” Basically, Tlaib is a blatant racist. She actually believes white employees are unable to use facial recognition fairly and properly. Well, that’s when poor Rashida got torched by James Craig, the African-American police chief of Detriot. […]


AOC Ignores NYPD Officer Killed In Her District, Americans Give Reality Check

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is ignoring New York Police Officer Brian Mulkeen, who was tragically killed in the line of duty in her district. Instead, AOC is really busy spreading wild accusations about President Donald Trump. Well, fed-up Americans blasted the 29-year-old former bartender and gave her a big reality check about her duties as a Congresswoman. Don’t miss this. […]


Schiff: Trump’s Covering Up Allegedly Treasonous Call, Rush Destroys Him

Rep. Adam Schiff is blasting President Donald Trump after a new “whistleblower” in the Intelligence Community made a formal complaint that the president was caught “making an unspecified promise to a foreign leader” during a recent phone call. Schiff claims the Inspector General says it’s “urgent and credible,” and he’s fired up so “the American people can learn the truth about this cover-up.” The Democrats once again aren’t telling the truth, and that’s why Rush Limbaugh destroyed them. […]


Milano: ‘I Have Two Guns in My Household for Self-Defense’ – Cruz Destroys Her

Leftwing activist Alyssa Milano claims “Donald Trump is a white supremacist, and red [MAGA] hats are the new white hood.” So, when she sat down with Senator Ted Cruz hoping to win a gun debate and convince Americans we should surrender our Second Amendment rights, Milano exposed her own hypocrisy by admitting she has two guns for “self-defense.” Well, Cruz just humiliated her. You’ll love this. […]


Omar Celebrates Court Ruling Against Use Of Terror Watch Lists, Regrets It

Rep. Ilhan Omar is celebrating a recent court ruling where a judge found terror watch lists to be unconstitutional. These are the same watch lists the FBI depends upon to make sure we live and travel safely. “This is tremendous,” declared the Muslim Congresswoman. This a very dangerous ruling, and that’s why patriotic Americans instantly made Omar regret it. You’ll love this. […]