Dad Blasted By Anti-Gun Trump-Haters As He Found Daughter Dead, Just Got Sweet Revenge

Andrew Pollack was wearing a “Trump 2020” t-shirt, driving around in his truck, and searching for his daughter Meadow right after the shooting at the Florida high school last week. Someone snapped a pic of Pollack, and the Trump-haters lambasted him in the press and on social media as he searched in vain. Meadow had been shot nine times and was dead. Well, Mr. Pollack was just at the White House, where he got sweet revenge on those haters. […]


Michelle Uses Black Panther Movie To Race-Bait, Fed-Up Americans Give Her Brutal Surprise

Michelle Obama was causing racial division in America again, and this time, it was over the movie Black Panther. In case you missed the debut, it’s a Marvel’s superhero picture, and yes, the superhero is black. Michelle decided to use Black Panther in a ridiculous race-baiting move, and fed-up Americans who are sick of her shenanigans gave the former FLOTUS a brutal surprise. […]


After Oprah Sabotages Trump On ’60 Minutes,’ President’s Brutal Surprise SHOCKS Her & CBS

Oprah Winfrey popped up on the CBS weekly news show 60 Minutes as a reporter. Yep, Oprah was on 60 Minutes to do some unbiased “political reporting” on President Donald Trump in what CBS and Oprah were hoping would turn into a “sabotage piece” on the president. Well, it did not go as planned for Oprah and CBS after Trump shocked them with a brutal surprise they won’t ever forget. […]