Pelosi: ‘Voters Are Not Going to Decide’ Impeachment Issue, Gets Reality Check

Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke at her weekly press briefing yesterday and said the American people are “not going to decide” if President Donald Trump should be impeached. This is completely contrary to how impeachment is run in our country. Impeachment is a “political process,” and as such, it is solely the will of the American people that is the number one defining factor. Immediately, poor Nancy got a huge reality check. You’ll love this. […]


Omar Supports Bill That Bans Saying ‘Illegal Alien’, Trump Enacts Better Policies

Rep. Ilhan Omar claimed today she is “doing the work the people sent her to do,” and now she is co-sponsoring a new bill which would prohibit using the term “illegal alien.” Yes, that is what she is wasting her time and your taxpayer dollars on— it also goes against our First Amendment rights. Well, President Donald Trump just taught Omar a big lesson about what the American people want. You’ll love this. […]


Rose O’Donnell: File “Articles Of Impeachment” Against Trump — Made To Regret It

Rosie O’Donnell believes it’s time to file “articles of impeachment” against President Donald Trump in order to get him out of office, never mind the fact that he hasn’t committed any impeachable offenses. No sooner had O’Donnell embarked on this absurd tangent, however, then she was made to regret it by those with much more common sense. […]


Supreme Court Just Sided With Trump In Shock Ruling — Obama Must Be Livid 

For two terms, Barack Obama did everything in his power to destroy our country. He crippled our military and took us back to pre World War II capabilities, while at the same time making us the laughing stock of the world with the changes he implemented. Now, the Supreme court has just issued a ruling that will no doubt send this traitor and all of his minions into a collective rage. […]


Ocasio-Cortez Claims Jesus Was A ‘Refugee’ Born In Manger, She Gets Destroyed

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out her holiday greetings on Christmas morning, and she made it political. The former bartender rejoiced that the Christ-child was born a refugee in a manger. She also claimed Mary and Joseph were refugee parents. But that’s not all. The Democratic darling wouldn’t back down when corrected, and that’s when she got utterly destroyed. You’ll love this. […]

Social Issues

1 Year After ‘Inclusive’ Decision To Allow Girls, The Boy Scouts Are Finished

The Boy Scouts of America was once one of the greatest and well-respected organizations in the country. But thanks to a slew of progressive policies instated systematically over the past several years, the group now appears to be on its last leg. Just over one year ago, they began accepting girls into their ranks. Now, they’re finished. […]