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SEE IT: Brutally Honest MEME About BLM Thug Protesters May Get St. Louis Cop Fired

In St. Louis, Missouri, the BLM crowd is demanding that a 16-year veteran police officer is fired after he recently responded to a protester’s Facebook comment with a brutally honest meme. Now, an investigation is underway to determine if the officer is guilty of some kind of misconduct. However, once you see the meme, you’ll likely agree that the BLM crowd is just trying to play the victim card as usual. […]

Rapist Takes Victim To Abortion Clinic, Has Sicker Plan When They Won't Do What He Wants
Cops & Criminals

Rapist Takes Victim To Abortion Clinic, Has Sicker Plan When They Won’t Do What He Wants

A Utah man was in for a bit more than he bargained after walking into an abortion clinic with one thing in mind. Come to find out, the twisted pervert was a child rapist who brought his victim in for an abortion – but he’d enact an even sicker plan to keep his secret safe when employees wouldn’t do what he wanted. Now, he’s getting exactly what he deserves after having his depravity fully exposed. […]

Cops & Criminals

Loud Mouth Brat Prints Disgusting Message On Cop’s Receipt, Instantly Made To Regret It

A California police officer was working his shift as normal when it came time to eat, and he decided on the pizza chain Pieology Pizzeria, which is known for their instant personal pizzas. What he didn’t know was that one entitled employee was going to take notice of his uniform and leave him a nasty surprise printed on his receipt. Now, the brat is getting her deserved karma while a picture of the receipt goes viral. […]