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WATCH: Texas Agent Killed At Mexico Border, So Trump Halts Cabinet Meeting To Unleash Hell

Over the weekend, two brave Border Patrol agents stationed along the porous border between Texas and Mexico were ambushed by a group of illegal immigrants who bashed them in the head with blunt objects. One of the agents, Rogelio Martinez, was killed on the scene, while the other agent was critically injured. Then, on Monday, President Donald Trump halted his Cabinet meeting in order to unleash hell on the suspects who attacked the border patrol agents and those on the left who essentially allowed the assault to take place thanks to their support for open borders. […]

Horrible News For Clinton After Who Just Came Out With Sick Story About ‘Air F*ck One’
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New Bombshell Sex Assault Claims Against Clinton Arise & They’re From AFTER He Left Office

The Clinton family has been embroiled in scandal after scandal, and there are no signs of the corruption coming to an end anytime soon. In fact, just that was proven to be the case after who just came out with a sick story about former President Bill Clinton – and the new bombshell sex assault claims all took place after Slick Willy left the Oval Office. […]

Georgia Thugs Who Beat White Woman, Girl Over Fried Chicken Get Perfect Dose Of Justice
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Georgia Thugs Beat White Woman & Girl Over Fried Chicken, Get Perfect Dose Of Justice

Surveillance camera footage went viral back in June after a pair of thugs beat a woman and her teen daughter over fried chicken. Although they evaded police for a while, the two punks eventually turned themselves in – but things were far from over. As it turns out, they most recently got exactly what they deserved as they were slapped with a perfect dose of justice. […]