Cops & Criminals

Ignorant BLM-Types Use 8 Disturbing Words To Protest Plans To Reduce Crime

Most reasonable citizens would embrace a reduction in crime in their neighborhoods, but not those emboldened by the Black Lives Matter movement. Instead, one town is encountering strong resistance to a proposal that would help reduce rising crime, with the BLM-types use 8 words to describe the policy as they vehemently protest against it, proving what we’ve suspected about those with the BLM mindset all along. […]

Health & Science

Obama BOLDLY Gives Americans The Finger In Weekly Address & Twitter Erupts

One of Barack Obama’s final Weekly Addresses before leaving the White House set the Twitterverse on fire as angry users lashed out at his blatant lies and attempts to discredit Republicans who want to make improvements for the American people. Obama gave us all the finger once again, but just how fed-up most are with his failed policies became quickly evident, and you don’t want to miss how he was put in his place. […]


Sex-Ed Teacher Subjects Class To FILTH With 3 Words To Describe Trump’s Win

Olga Perez Stable Cox teaches sex education in California, but recently, she exposed her class to a new level of filth when she decided to make Donald Trump’s victory the topic of discussion. Using just 3 words to describe Trump’s win, the video that was secretly recorded and recently posted to YouTube, captured her vile rant, and it is quickly gaining attention, leaving many downright pissed off. […]


Leftist Radicals Attack Memorial, Put In Their Place By Unexpected Response

Leftist radicals are at it again, this time attacking a war memorial that’s stood in Bladensburg, Maryland for more than 90 years. Although it reminds many passersby of the ultimate sacrifice local soldiers made in World War I, a far-left radical group didn’t see it that way, so they did what they do best – went on the attack. Unfortunately for them, they just got a response that perfectly puts them in their place. […]

Cops & Criminals

Surrounded By Cops, Black Man Utters 4 Words As Onlooker Whips Out Phone

It was a day like any other for New Yorkers in Grand Central, including a black man who was rummaging through trash as passersby turned their backs. However, when the vagrant became surrounded by cops, he wasn’t so easy to ignore. After uttering 4 words to the police officers, one onlooker whipped out his phone, capturing it all, and quickly made the social media world aware of what went down. […]

U.S. News

Just In Time For Christmas: Blacks Make Whites Pay The Price, LITERALLY

While demands for reparations are, unfortunately, nothing new, a group of liberal black activists have a new way to make whites pay the price — literally. Just in time for Christmas, if the left’s safety pins didn’t already have you fuming, they will now, after being used to pin a “fee” on whites, while making other demands as well, and since it’s all based on skin color, it’s as racist as it gets. […]


What Parents Of Teen Raped & Murdered By Refugee Did At Her Funeral Is SICK

As Barack Obama continues to attempt to flood the US with as many Muslims refugees as he can, news of Maria Ladenburger’s rape and murder has rocked the world. A daughter of a senior EU official, Maria was violated and killed at the hands of a Muslim migrant refugee. Unfortunately, perhaps more shocking than her death is what her own parents decided to do at her funeral. […]


Atheist Billboards Pop Up With ONE Demand For Christians This Christmas

Atheist billboards are popping up in Louisiana, Colorado, and Georgia, displaying a holiday message that includes one demand that American Atheists have for Christians this Christmas. Two of their billboards garnered attention in the Shreveport, Louisiana area, thanks to the disgusting demand Atheists want to make for a holiday that they don’t even believe in, as they admittedly attempt to start trouble. […]