Sneaky Muslim Businessman’s New Plans For Ground Zero Will Piss You Off

A Muslim businessman, who tried to build a mosque at Ground Zero, has new plans that will cause outrage across the country. Don’t count on the mainstream media to report it, since leftists will love this new anti-American idea. This sneaky guy’s sick goal will have Muslims flocking in to pay homage to Islam. He’s just hoping you won’t find out until it’s too late, but it’s our job to make sure he doesn’t get away with it. […]

World News

Real Life ‘Hurt Locker’ Disabled Veteran Just Made History You Won’t Believe

In a heroic moment, U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Charlie Linville was blown up by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while serving in Afghanistan. Charlie is a real-life “Hurt Locker” guy, and he diffused as many as 40 bombs daily, set by Muslim extremists to blow up Americans. Now, Charlie is making Americans proud again, and you’ll never forget this brave man who just made history. […]

Cops & Criminals

Teen Murders Girlfriend’s Parents, Shocking Twist In Monstrous Case Emerges

Darlene Savage Nevil was eager to start her new life in Garland, Texas, after finding love online, marrying Alan Nevil, and moving from Ohio. She moved her 8-year-old daughter Holly with her, but little did she know, the child was a sociopath and manipulative murderer. Darlene and Alan were shot to death in 2010, but it’s what’s happening now that’s has the town in fear, after a shocking new twist in this monstrous murder case emerged. […]

Cops & Criminals

Murderer’s ‘Special Treatment’ May Cause Transgenders To Commit Crimes

Jeffrey Norsworthy took a .22 caliber MK1 semi-automatic rifle out of his car in a parking lot and fired three rounds at the genitals of Franklin Gordon Liefer Jr. This was in 1987, and Liefer died six weeks later from his injuries. Now, Jeffrey wants to become Michelle, a transgender woman, and you’ll be completely sickened by what is going on that will likely encourage other identity confused people to go out and commit crimes. […]


Obama To Spend $21 MILLION For Jobs & Education, But You Aren’t Getting Any

The Obama administration is at it again, funding another wasteful government program with our tax money. Barack Obama is eager to spend $21 million on jobs and education, but don’t think for a second that the hard-working Americans, who provide the funds, will see a penny of it. His latest handout is bound to piss people off, and it proves the tyrant’s goals for his final months in office. […]


Muslim Teen’s Death Blamed On ‘Trump Fear,’ Media Hides Shocking Truth

A Seattle Muslim teenager was beaten and thrown off a building to his death, and immediately the mainstream media labeled it a hate crime. The press and Muslim community blamed it on Islamophobia, directly relating it to Donald Trump. Now, the shocking events of what really happened to the teen are coming out, and those far leftist liars are suppressing it, hoping you’ll never know the truth. […]

Cops & Criminals

Muslim Thugs Sexually Assault Girl, But They’ll Never Forget Her Sweet Revenge

A seventeen-year-old German girl was out having a good time on New Year’s Eve, when a gang of Muslim thugs started sexually assaulting her. All over Germany that night, gangs of Muslim thugs attacked German women, and her attackers were let go by authorities. Recently, fate allowed her a huge moment of sweet revenge, and you’ll be cheering when you hear how she took matters into her own hands. […]