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Hillary’s IT Guy Warned That His Life Is In Danger, Only ONE Way To Stay Alive

Hillary Clinton’s former IT guy might be a “dead man walking.” After it was exposed that Paul Combetta sought IT help for a very “BIG VIP” needing to destroy her emails between 2014-2015, he’s being warned that his life is in danger. Now, the House Oversight Committee just announced that they want Combetta to come clean, but Hillary wants him silenced for good, and there’s only one way he can stay alive. […]


SMOKING GUN: Hillary Faces Prison Time After Lies To FBI Just Got EXPOSED

Evidence against Hillary Clinton was just found by a journalist, who spent hours looking for an exchange with a Hillary employee about her email server. FBI Director James Comey said he could not indict Hillary because he could not “prove intent,” or that she knowingly deleted emails. Now, the smoking gun has been found as hardcore evidence has been uncovered that could finally put Hillary in prison. […]


Michelle’s Not Leaving White House, Hillary’s Giving Her Scary New Role

Michelle Obama wants to continue some of the work she has done as First Lady after her husband leaves office. She has been working really hard to dupe Americans into voting for Hillary Clinton, making the disturbing claim that “only Hillary can save our kids.” Now, information has been leaked about Michelle’s possible new role in the White House if Hillary wins, and you’ll be sick to learn what they have in mind. […]

U.S. News

McDonald’s New Policy: Fire Americans & Hire Illegals, Only 1 Way To Stop It

McDonald’s is hoping you will never find out how they are screwing American workers. Just like other large corporations in the United States, McDonald’s is treating US citizens as expendable, hiring foreigners and even illegal aliens, but it doesn’t end there. Other businesses are affected, also taking jobs away from citizens, but they can be stopped, and there is only one way to do it. […]


While Overly Medicated, Hillary Has Shocking Statement On NY Bombing

Appearing and acting overly medicated, Hillary Clinton answered questions from her press corp on the New York bombing while on board her campaign plane this morning. With her speech and movements seemingly affected, her answers proved something is not right with her mind. When asked a general question, she had a shocking mental lapse and made a big mistake that the liberal press refuses to call her on. […]

Cops & Criminals

Muslim Asked 1 Question Before Stabbing 8 At Mall, Cop Gave EPIC Answer

A Muslim in a security guard uniform started screaming “Allah” while wielding a meat cleaver and stabbing eight people at Macy’s at Crossroads Mall in Minnesota last night. Witnesses say the Muslim terrorist was asking one question before stabbing the shoppers, and an off-duty cop took immediate action after hearing the screams and answered the Muslim’s question in an epic way. […]


Actress Thinks Schools Should Teach Teens ONE Sex Act To Lower STD Rates

Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley, who is starring in the new Oliver Stone film Snowden, thinks she has figured out how to drop the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies. Shockingly, Woodley claims schools should be teaching teens, especially girls, one certain sex act to fix these issues, and the idiotic actress even wants to write a book about her bright idea. […]