Mad Maxine FREAKS As CA Trump Supporters VOTE YES, Giving Her A Nasty Surprise

Maxine Waters is reeling from the news that a special vote didn’t go her way last night. After Mad Maxine’s good friend Governor Jerry Brown turned the entire state of California into a “sanctuary state,” there has been a backlash by a growing number of President Donald Trump supporters. That culminated as Trump supporters clashed with the leftist illegal alien groups outside a city council meeting after a nasty surprise had just been delivered. […]


Jim Carrey Launches Sick Attack On Sarah Sanders, Fed-Up Patriots Give Him Nasty Surprise

Liberal actor Jim Carrey crawled out of his hole long enough to brutally attack White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a really sick way. The unstable fifty-six-year-old leftist hates President Donald Trump, and now, he has moved on to harassing the press secretary. Fed-up Americans responded to Carrey’s ghoulish attack of Sanders by slapping him hard with a nasty surprise. Don’t miss this. […]


Drunk Schumer Yells ‘I’m The Sole Power,’ So Trump Sobers Him Up Fast With Nasty Surprise

Chuck Schumer was recently caught off guard at a charity event, where he stumbled to the stage and immediately apologized for his disheveled “attire.” It only went downhill from there as the senator tore up his notes, and in an apparent drunken rage yelled about being the “sole power,” adding, “I’ll stop Donald Trump’s junk on the floor!” Well, “crying” Chucky sobered up real fast after President Trump gave him a nasty surprise. […]