Antifa Thug Attacks 9/11 Widow: ‘Hope Your Husband Rots In Grave,’ Gets Epic Smackdown

A woman was minding her own business while crossing the street in Portland, Oregon when rabid Antifa thugs attacked her. She was targeted by the angry Antifa mob for wearing an NYPD hat. When the woman informed them that she was a 9/11 widow, one thug became incensed and viciously screamed, “I hope your husband rots in the grave.” Well, little did these punks know there were true American patriots there who gave them an epic smackdown. Don’t miss this. […]


Hillary ‘Dog-Whistles’ Angry Mob To Attack Republicans, Trump Makes Her Regret It

Hillary Clinton has now decided to back the angry leftist mob of the Democratic Party. Instead of being a voice of reason against violent displays, the failed presidential candidate just “dog-whistled” the angry leftist mob to ramp up their attacks on Republicans, just like Maxine Waters did. Well, President Donald Trump just made Hillary totally regret her disgraceful statements. Don’t miss this. […]


CNN’s Acosta Orders Trump To ‘Call On Women,’ POTUS Stops Presser & Destroys Him

CNN’s Jim Acosta was in rare form at a press conference with President Donald Trump. Acosta, who is infamous for yelling and screaming at Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the White House pressers, acted like a pompous jerk, ordering the President of the United States to “call on women reporters.” Well, that’s when things went really wrong for the CNN reporter, as the president immediately stopped the press conference and destroyed him. […]


Maxine Brags ‘I Threaten Trump Supporters All The Time,’ Gets Nasty Surprise

Maxine Waters is at it again. During a speech over the weekend, Waters once again openly threatened supporters of President Donald Trump. Not only is this unethical for a member of Congress, this is unacceptable behavior for any human being, much less one who can influence the factions of violent leftists. Waters bragged, in a snarky tone, that she threatens Trump supporters all the time. Well, that’s when she got a real nasty surprise. […]


Patriots Need Our Help, Maxine Just Caught Pulling ‘Dirty Deal’ To Win Re-Election

Maxine Waters is running scared with the November mid-terms just around the corner. In fact, for once in her political career, she is showing signs of cracking up as strong support emerges for her GOP challenger. The California Congresswoman got so desperate, and she was just caught pulling a dirty deal to win re-election. Now, patriots need our help. Here’s what Maxine doesn’t want anyone to know. […]


Democrats Threaten Impeachment, Trump Unleashes Judge Jeanine As New ‘Secret Weapon’

The Democrats are celebrating Paul Manafort’s guilty verdict, as the leftist media screams about impeachment. Now, other associates close to President Donald Trump have fallen prey to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt: Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg and National Enquirer CEO David Pecker. Mueller granted them immunity deals, digging for anything to help get the president impeached. That’s when Trump shocked them all by unleashing Judge Jeanine Pirro as his new “secret weapon.” […]

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MSNBC Professor Slams Mollie Tibbetts As ‘Just Some Iowa Girl,’ Gets Brutal Surprise

Christina Greer is the leftist professor on MSNBC who slammed Mollie Tibbetts, the college co-ed murdered by an illegal immigrant. MSNBC was focusing on their Trump conspiracy theories when an angry Greer dismissively said, “Fox News is talking about a girl in Iowa!” Greer made the statement as a put down for Fox’s coverage since illegal immigrants murdering American citizens isn’t newsworthy to her. Well, she just got a brutal surprise. […]