Obama Launching New Initiative To Affect Districts & Voting For 2020 Election

Barack Obama is back at playing politics and inserting himself in the 2020 election in a major way. After reportedly buying his new mega-mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, the former president must have had a few extra million leftover to launch a new initiative which will affect districts across the United States. He’s hoping it will impact voting in the 2020 election. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Moore: We Need ‘Street Fighter’ Michelle To ‘Crush’ Trump, Patriots Crush Him

Michael Moore is getting very anxious about the Democratic candidates who are vying for the nomination to run against President Donald Trump. The leftwing activist doesn’t see a “winner” who could go toe-to-toe with Trump. That’s why he desperately made a play to get Michelle Obama to run, claiming she is the only true “street fighter” who can “crush” Trump. Well, that’s when patriots crushed him. You’ll love this. […]


Why Discuss Melania When Michelle Is So Incredible? Says Vogue Editor — Regrets It

Anna Wintour, who is the editor of Vogue Magazine and is also the person “The Devil Wears Prada” book was based on, decided to disrespect First Lady Melania Trump and her fashion choices. When a reporter asked Wintour about Melania’s iconic look, the real-life “devil who wears Prada” said she’d rather discuss Michelle Obama who is so incredible. Well, Anna Wintour was quickly made to regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Michelle Blasts Trump: Diversity & Refugees Make America Great, Doesn’t End Well

Michelle Obama weighed in on the firestorm surrounding President Donald Trump and Rep. Ilhan Omar over the weekend. The former first lady claimed what makes America great is diversity and refugees and “there’s a place for us all.” That’s when Americans stepped in and made sure this didn’t end well for the former first lady. You”ll love this. […]


Maxine Tells ‘SOB’ Trump: ‘We Don’t Take Sh*t from Nobody’ — Gets Blasted

Maxine Waters is so unhinged now, she is cursing up a storm at public events. This past week, the 80-year-old Democrat called President Donald Trump an “SOB” and then yelled, “We don’t take sh*t from nobody!” Waters was at the Essence Fest along with Michelle Obama. Well, this didn’t end well for the Congresswoman obsessed with impeachment. You’ll love this. […]


Michelle Rents Lavish $23 Million Dollar Mansion In LA — Starting Her New Career

Michelle Obama was trying to remind Americans she’s just a middle-class girl while she rented out a lavish $23 million dollar Hollywood Hills home called “The Shark House.” In fact, the former first lady was scoping out a permanent move to L.A. and will be buying in that exclusive neighboorhood. Michelle’s big reason to re-locate? It all has to do with her new career to “train a million Baracks and Michelles.” […]


Michelle: ‘We Didn’t Make White House About Our Needs’ Unlike Trump, Gets Blasted

Michelle Obama leveled attacks at President Donald Trump while being interviewed by CBS’ Gayle King. “When you are the Commander-in-Chief and the leader of the free world, the job is not about you. It’s not about your feelings, your hurt feelings, your emotions,” Obama said. “And that was something I was so proud of Barack. We didn’t make the White House about our emotional needs.” Well, immediately Michelle got blasted. You’ll love this. […]


Cher’s Unhinged: Trump’s A ‘Disease’ That Must Be ‘Crushed’ — Instantly Regrets It

Cher is making headlines after having a meltdown over President Donald Trump’s probable re-election in 2020. The iconic pop star claimed in an unhinged rant Trump’s “the enemy, a disease, and must be crushed.” But that’s not all. It was so bizarre that she instantly was made to regret it by her own fans. Don’t miss this. […]