Trump Calls Deep State’s Bluff, Drops Mother of All Bombshells On Barack & Michelle

President Donald Trump understands the “art of the deal.” In politics, timing is everything. Trump will do things no other president has ever done before because he is faced with a group of high-level Washington, DC, insiders called the “Deep State” who are out to destroy him. Well, my fellow patriots, our president just called their bluff, dropping the mother of all bombshells right on Barack and Michelle Obama’s heads. You’ll love this. […]


Anti-Trump Actress: ‘If Melania Likes My Show I’ll Cancel It,’ FLOTUS Shuts Her Up

Anti-Trump actress Issa Rae, who calls Michelle Obama one of her best buddies, mocked First Lady Melania Trump with a shocking ultimatum. Issa’s HBO show “Insecure” just got raving reviews from Michelle Obama, which caused the Trump-hating actress to say, “Michelle said it’s her favorite show so if Melania said that to me, I would be like, ‘Well, I guess it’s canceled.'” That’s when Melania shut Issa Rae up. You’ll love this. […]


Michelle’s Furious, Bolts To Spain Alone After Trump Drops ‘Nasty Surprise’ On Her

Michelle Obama left her husband in the dust after President Donald Trump dropped a nasty surprise right on her, and now she is furious. In fact, we might not have known about the former first lady’s quick exit to Spain if it wasn’t for the huge scandal that it’s creating as her strange absence is noticed. Now, Michelle’s having to high-tail it back to the United States due to one tragic event. Don’t miss this. […]


Michelle’s Furious, Barack Caught At ‘Secret Location’ Offering $150K In Hush Money

With the mainstream media solely consumed with their fairytale narrative that President Donald Trump is about to be impeached over a $130,000 dollar payment by Trump’s attorney to porn star Stormy Daniels, the Democrats are hellbent on hiding what Barack Obama did. Michelle Obama is likely furious as her husband was caught in a “secret location” offering $150,000 dollars to someone. This will blow your mind. […]


Melania Just Made 1 Announcement, NY Times Op-Ed Names Her ‘Greatest FLOTUS Ever!’

Melania Trump is causing a New York Times writer to name her the “greatest first lady ever.” Melania just made a major announcement that convinced them that she is someone they can no longer ignore. In fact, they say when the history books are written, what she is doing now will go down as legendary. Now, the Trump-haters are freaking out, accusing the Times of going too far. […]


After Melania’s Outfit Causes Trump-Haters To Go Nuts, She Tells Them ‘Go Pound Sand’

First Lady Melania Trump rocked it wearing a green turtle-neck sweater with white skinny jeans, and the haters of the Trump family went bonkers. Ex-CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien went berzerk over one thing about the first lady’s outfit getting praised which caused other Trump-hating journalists to join in. Well, Melania Trump is sick and tired of these hypocrites, and she blew them away and told them all to go pound sand. […]