After Oprah Sabotages Trump On ’60 Minutes,’ President’s Brutal Surprise SHOCKS Her & CBS

Oprah Winfrey popped up on the CBS weekly news show 60 Minutes as a reporter. Yep, Oprah was on 60 Minutes to do some unbiased “political reporting” on President Donald Trump in what CBS and Oprah were hoping would turn into a “sabotage piece” on the president. Well, it did not go as planned for Oprah and CBS after Trump shocked them with a brutal surprise they won’t ever forget. […]


Americans PISSED OFF At Michelle As She Reveals Portrait Has Hidden ‘Trump-Hating Message’

Michelle Obama revealed her official portrait that will be featured at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., but that’s not the only thing she revealed. While most Americans found both of the Obamas portraits really creepy, we are now learning the former first lady made sure there is a very specific message for President Donald Trump in her portrait, and it’s not nice. You’ll be as pissed off as other Americans when you see it. […]


After Obama’s ‘Strange’ Portrait Unveiled, People Horrified As Barack Does 1 Sick Thing

Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were on hand at the Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Museum as their official portraits were unveiled. People were definitely polarized by the non-traditional portraits, and many were upset, saying Michelle Obama’s portrait looked nothing like her, which is true. But, it wasn’t until people started to study all aspects of Barack’s portrait that they became utterly horrified as the former president did one sick thing. […]


After Michelle & Media Use Girl ‘Dressed Up’ Like Her, Former FLOTUS Hit By Nasty Surprise

Michelle Obama and her minions are up to their old tricks, and this time, it involves a young girl in third grade. The child decided to “dress up” like Michelle Obama for a class project, and next thing you know, the former FLOTUS is weighing in and the little girl and her mom are everywhere on TV. Except, something was “off” about the entire media blitz, and that’s when Michelle got hit by a nasty surprise. […]


Trump Exposes McCain’s ‘Dirty Deed’ After He Screws All Americans Like Benedict Arnold

Senator John McCain is at it again, playing the role of Benedict Arnold. We all remember his big “thumbs down” vote, betraying his fellow Americans by joining the slimeballs in the Democratic Party to keep Obamacare going. Now, his hatred for President Donald Trump caused him to screw his fellow countrymen once again, but the President just exposed his “dirty deed” and sent him packing back to Arizona for whatever time he has left. […]