Pelosi Calls For ‘Riots Across Country’ After Trump Shocked Her With Nasty Surprise

Nancy Pelosi has gone completely nuts. The aging House Minority Leader is leading the Democrats over the cliff with her irrational behavior and rhetoric. We’ve seen Pelosi have brain fades and “senior moments,” but she is now so unhinged, she’s calling for rioting across the country. It all started when President Donald Trump shocked her with a real nasty surprise. You’ll love this. […]


Joy Screams Trump Supporters ‘Drank Cult Kool-Aid,’ Audience Gives Smackdown

Joy Behar is one hot mess. The obnoxious comedian accidentally stabbed herself with a knife so badly that she ended up having to be hospitalized. But it’s clear the doctors didn’t address her true problem: Trump Derangement Syndrome. Behar’s back on “The View,” screaming that supporters of President Donald Trump are “in a cult, and drank the Kool-Aid.” Well, big-mouth Behar was shocked as the fed-up audience gave her a proper smackdown. […]


Hogg Faces Backlash As He Screams About ‘New Cause’ That Gives Women ‘No Choice’

David Hogg is branching out as his anti-gun campaign is getting old, and he isn’t receiving more TV interviews. Being the crafty little propagandist, the 18-year-old scammer has turned his attention to a “new cause” that he hopes will thrust him back into the limelight. Except, his new cause puts girls and women in harm’s way, and he is getting his butt kicked in a huge backlash. […]


Pelosi Panics As Americans Give Her Hell At Town Hall, Causes Major ‘Brain Fade’

CNN and the Democratic Party are freaking out as new polls show there is no “blue wave” happening for the mid-term elections. Hoping to gain ground, they colluded to give Nancy Pelosi an entire hour-long town hall event with their Democratic tool Chris Cuomo hosting. Things went wrong as Americans gave Pelosi hell, causing her to have a major brain fade on live TV. […]


Trump Cancels NOKO Summit After Pulling ‘Fast One’ On Kim, Making Him Lose His Mind

President Donald Trump is handling North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un like a petulant child who thinks he can do whatever he wants. Before canceling the summit, Trump played Kim like a fiddle and pulled a “fast one” behind the scenes. The leftist media doesn’t want you to know that Trump’s actions left little Rocket Man dazed and confused, with people in North Korea saying he’s losing his mind. […]