‘Nasty Surprise’ Pops Up On Hollywood Walk Of Fame Overnight, Trump-Haters Livid

The West Hollywood City Council unanimously approved a resolution requesting that LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles City Council, and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce permanently remove President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The vote made national headlines, with Trump’s opponents cheering the move. However, a “nasty surprise” just popped up on the Walk of Fame overnight, leaving those same Trump-hating liberals livid. […]


24 Hours After Tampa Bay Trump Rally, Democrats Freak Over ‘Controversial’ Pics

President Donald Trump was in Tampa Bay, Florida, this week for a rally in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis. But, twenty-four hours later, after the president had already returned to the White House, some “controversial” pictures began circulating on social media. Now, Democrats are freaking out, as the photographs reveal what they so badly hoped would stay a secret. […]


Democrat Senator Says ‘Illegals Aren’t Criminals,’ ICE Agent’s Response Freaks Her Out

Senator Mazie Hirano (D-HI) thought she would school Matthew T. Albence, Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) at ICE, about illegal aliens. Hirano proves you don’t have to have brains to be elected by the Democrats. She told Albence that illegal aliens aren’t breaking the law and that they aren’t criminals just because “the president says so.” Well, Mr. Albence was shocked, but he was not as freaked out as Hirano got after his brilliant response. […]


Maxine Yells ‘Take To Streets Screaming For Trump’s Head,’ Gets Nasty Surprise At Door

Maxine Waters’ psychotic breakdown started Sunday when she delivered a bizarre church sermon of hate and lies with calls to violence against President Donald Trump. She followed that up with an interview on CNBC Wednesday night where she demanded, “Americans should be out in the streets screaming for Trump’s head.” Not only did President Trump react to Whacky Waters’ calls to violence against him, Maxine got a nasty surprise at her front door. Don’t miss this. […]