Kamala Throws Islamic Torture Victims Under The Bus While Protecting ‘Special Criminals’

Kamala Harris is getting a real thrashing by conservatives after she threw victims of torture under the bus while protecting her “special criminals.” Her hypocrisy is on full display, showing just what a lowlife she truly is, and it’s coming back to haunt her. You’ll love how Ms. Harris is put in her place by real patriots who aren’t fooled by her sick liberal ideology. […]


Ann Coulter Gives Delta Attendant A Nasty Surprise After She’s Thrown Out Of Her Seat

Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter was treated unfairly by Delta Airlines over the weekend, and after a campaign by Coulter to find out what happened, it was revealed to all come down to liberal hatred. Coulter, who is a frequent flyer and 6′ feet tall, booked an extra leg room seat. However, she was approached by a Delta attendant who rudely took away her ticket. Now, that attendant just got a nasty surprise that she won’t soon forget. […]


Obama’s So Scared Of Trey Gowdy He Just Made Susan Rice Do The Unthinkable For Him

Barack Obama is feeling the heat from Trey Gowdy and the House Intel Committee’s investigation into his administration’s alleged criminal activity, unmasking President Donald Trump’s campaign officials. Obama’s been acting like a guilty man, sending all materials that relate to those actions to his unbuilt library, where they are “sealed” for five years. Now, as Susan Rice gets ready to testify before Trey Gowdy, Obama just made her do the unthinkable for him in an act of utter desperation. […]


Former Obama Adviser Gets Bad News After Alluding To ‘Slaughtering Trump & His Supporters’

Former Barack Obama Adviser Neera Tanden, who also worked for Hillary Clinton, is in a lot of hot water after she made references to slaughtering President Donald Trump and his supporters in cold blood. She called for a mascot for the “resist” movement, and the mascot leaves no doubt to her disgusting intentions. However, Tanden is getting bad news now that Trump supporters are aware of her sick intentions, and it serves her well. […]


Liberals Scurrying To Safe Spaces After Caitlyn Jenner’s Latest Bombshell Announcement

Caitlyn Jenner has confirmed that she’s ready to make another change, and no one saw Jenner’s bombshell announcement coming. However, reports have now confirmed that her latest transformation is freaking out the liberal loons. It’s quite an extraordinary move even for Jenner, who made millions in reality TV. Now that her E! reality show is canceled, Jenner needs a new gig, and the far leftist snowflakes are crying foul. […]


Malia & Sasha Flown To Secret Location As Gowdy Confirms Obama’s ‘Worst Nightmare’ Is Here

Rumors are flying after Malia and Sasha Obama were flown to a secret “desert location” this weekend. This marks the first time Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters have been sent alone to a destination, but with what the former president just learned is coming for him this week from Trey Gowdy, it makes sense. Barack’s about to face his “worst nightmare,” and he wants his daughters away from the limelight in case Gowdy’s heat starts to burn. […]


Kamala Harris Gets Brutal Surprise After Evil Cabal Sneaks Her Away & Crowns Her ‘Queen’

Kamala Harris has made quite a name for herself as a snarky loudmouth grandstander, and now, she’s been caught sneaking off to be crowned the new queen of a well-known evil cabal. Insiders have spilled the beans about a private invitation-only event that just happened in the wealthy Hamptons area, where the evil cabal secretly met to discuss their sick plans to take out President Donald Trump. Luckily, Harris got a brutal surprise that may destroy their sick plans for good. […]

Cops & Criminals

Clinton “Suicide” Victim Found Dead In Florida Hotel, Police Shocked By What He Was Doing

Bill and Hillary Clinton are infamous for all the mysterious deaths that surround their political careers, and with reports from Florida of the alleged suicide of Klaus Eberwein coming out over the weekend, it seems we have one more. Police are shocked after learning Eberwein’s visit to Florida had to do with the Clintons, and his family says he feared for his life. What isn’t a mystery is where Mr. Eberwein was going, and it sure is convenient for Bill and Hill that he never made it to his final destination. […]


Trump Gets Revenge After Catching Obama & Lynch Committing Felonies With ‘Russian Hottie’

Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch are in hot water, and there’s no way out this time. Shocking reports confirm that Obama had Lynch let Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian hottie who met with Donald Trump Jr., into the United States, even though she was denied a visa, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Obama and Lynch allegedly committed multiple felonies using Veselnitskaya in a “honey pot” scheme, and now, President Donald Trump is getting sweet revenge. […]


Crazy Rosie Gets Brutal Surprise After Caught Stalking WH Adviser Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Crazy Rosie O’Donnell has completely lost her mind. She is so obsessed with Russia, and she says Rachel Maddow’s fake news reports on President Donald Trump are all fact-based truth. So, after weeks of listening to Maddow’s daily dose of lies, Rosie had an epic meltdown and was caught stalking and threatening White House Adviser Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Rosie is now facing the consequences which include a brutal surprise she’ll never forget. […]