Pro-Trump Congressman Gives BLM A Nasty Surprise After They Block Traffic In St. Louis

GOP Congressman Aaron Bernstine is causing the liberal mainstream media to freak out, calling him a “white nationalist” after he blasted Black Lives Matter thugs as they rioted in St. Louis, Missouri. The BLM losers were out en masse after a former St. Louis policeman was acquitted in the shooting of a black man who was threatening his life. As they started to block traffic, the conservative Christian congressman gave them a nasty surprise. You’ll love it. […]

Cops & Criminals

Dolly Parton Shocks Fraudsters With Nasty Surprise After They Target Her In Sick Scheme

Dolly Parton is reeling after learning that she was the target of a sick scheme by fraudsters who she caught red-handed. The country singer is best known as one of the most giving entertainers in the business, but that didn’t stop these disgusting individuals from taking advantage of her big heart. However, Dolly is a fighter, and you’ll love how she shocked those fraudsters with a nasty surprise they never saw coming. […]


Crooked Hillary Tells Big Lies About Ivanka’s Private Actions, First Daughter Gets Revenge

Hillary Clinton isn’t really newsworthy on her own, but when she starts lying about Ivanka Trump, you can bet that Donald Trump supporters are going to take notice. That’s exactly what happened in one of Crooked Hillary’s recent interviews when she turned her ire on Ivanka, telling big lies about the first daughter’s private actions. Now, Ivanka is getting revenge on the former Secretary of State. […]


ESPN’s Jemele Hill Called Trump A ‘White Supremacist,’ POTUS Drops Brutal Surprise

ESPN host Jemele Hill became the new darling of the liberal losers after she decided to use her social media platform to call President Donald Trump a “white supremacist.” Hill loves the Obamas, and she’s one of the true believers of the Black Lives Matter idiots. Americans are outraged that she has not been fired over her racist comments. Trump is too, so he just dropped a brutal surprise on her that she will never forget. […]


Melania Just Did 1 Thing For Florida Hurricane Victims That Michelle Obama Refused To Do

Melania Trump continues to be attacked by Michelle Obama fans who scrutinize the FLOTUS for wearing high heels, so what just happened in Florida won’t be making the mainstream news anytime soon. Melania accompanied the president to visit the Florida hurricane victims as the liberal media scoffed at her, once again. Those losers don’t want you to know about the one thing she did for the Florida hurricane victims that Michelle refused to do. […]


Fed-Up Rocker Gene Simmons Drops Nasty Surprise On Hillary & Trump-Haters, You’ll Love It

KISS rocker Gene Simmons is fed-up with the political climate of hate in America. The Israeli-American was on Fox & Friends, telling the hosts about his mother who survived Adolf Hitler’s concentration camp when the topic of the president came up. Simmons usually keeps his political views to himself but seemed overcome with emotion as he dropped a nasty surprise on Hillary Clinton and all Trump-haters. You’re going to love it. […]


After ‘Secret Server’ Found, DWS Melts Down Over ‘Intimate Relationship’ With Muslim Spy

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is completely melting down after a secret server was just discovered, set-up by her Muslim IT guy who was arrested by Capitol Hill Police. Irwan Awan routed data from the Florida congresswoman to this secret server in what is shaping up to be the biggest scandal that the mainstream media refuses to cover. Wasserman Schultz’s schizophrenic behavior, protecting Awan, shocked the police, and you’ll be shocked too by just how close she really is to Irwan Awan. […]


After Gushing Over ‘Michelle Obama Inspired’ New Song, Kelly Clarkson Gets Hammered

Kelly Clarkson, the pop star who got her start on American Idol, just revealed that her inspiration for her new song was Michelle Obama. Clarkson immediately got hammered with bad news after gushing about her devotion to the former first lady. The new song’s lyrics are something Clarkson said that she took directly from one of Michelle’s speeches, but it’s backfiring on the popular singer who is now wishing that she never opened her mouth. […]


As Antifa Vows Violence At ‘Free Speech Week,’ Navy SEAL Team Sends Them Personal Message

Antifa has been busy planning violence for the “Free Speech Week” on the University of California Berkeley campus. Conservative writer and commentator Ben Shapiro is scheduled to speak at Berkeley on September 14th, followed by Milo Yiannopoulos and Steve Bannon. The Antifa thugs are off the hook, vowing to shut down the Donald Trump supporters. Now, one Navy SEAL team is sending a personal message for the violent bullies ready to rumble, and you don’t want to miss it. […]


911 Called At Book Signing After Trump Fan Blasts Hillary & Huma With A Nasty Surprise

Hillary Clinton and her closest aide Huma Abedin were one hour late getting to the book signing for the former Secretary of State’s take on the presidential election of 2016, called “What Happened.” However, one smart Donald Trump fan’s video captured the nasty surprise she dropped on both Hillary and Huma as the event exploded into mayhem at a New York City book store, and 911 was called. You don’t want to miss this. […]