Gun Rights

David Hogg Caught In Election Fraud Scheme, Goes Into Utter Meltdown Mode

David Hogg, the self-professed anti-gun genius, has been caught red-handed promoting an election fraud scheme. Recently, Hogg announced that he would be taking a “gap year” putting off college “to work on the midterm elections and help educate new voters.” Well, it seems that educating new voters includes showing them how to engage in election fraud. Now, Hogg’s in a public meltdown as he sees his fame and glory get flushed down the drain. […]


Grammy Singer Releases Anti-Trump Video With Sick ‘Pink Pants’, Gets Nasty Surprise

If you thought the pink “p*ssy hats” were taking it too far, that’s nothing compared to Grammy-nominated singer Janelle Monae’s new video, which features “p*ssy pants.” The anti-Trump song “Pynk” is described by her promoters as a “brash celebration of creation, self-love, and sexuality,” while the truth is it’s so disgusting with its sick references to President Donald Trump that patriots just gave the singer a nasty surprise. […]


Michelle & Meghan Fuming, Queen Denies Wedding Invite & Makes ‘Barack Joke’

Meghan Markle’s big dream royal wedding is being dashed by the Queen who put her foot down. Princess Pushy really wanted the Obamas invited, and some royal watchers thought Meghan would whine and get her way. Well, it’s official, Michelle is fuming over not being invited to the royal wedding, and making it worse, the Queen was just caught on a hot mic making a joke about Barack. […]


Trump Tells Shocking Truth After Raid On His Attorney Tied To Mueller’s ‘Dirty Secret’

Americans were outraged and shocked when dirty cop Robert Mueller went too far and arranged an early morning raid on the president’s attorney, Michael Cohen. This is in stark contrast to the treatment Hillary Clinton got while she was under investigation for actual crimes. Mueller’s motivated by a dirty secret, and the president shocked him by exposing the truth. […]


Crazed Topless Actress Who Worked On ‘Cosby Show’ Gives Bill A ‘Nasty Surprise’

Bill Cosby showed up for the start of his re-trial in his sexual assault case, and right away, it turned into utter mayhem. As the disgraced Hollywood celebrity approached the courthouse, a crazed topless woman, who was an actress on “The Cosby Show,” jumped the barricade and ran towards him. Cosby froze while cops tried to intervene as the topless actress gave Bill a nasty surprise. Don’t miss this. […]


Kimmel Trashes Melania’s Accent, Hannity Blasts Jimmy So Hard He Freaks On Live TV

Jimmy Kimmel has reached a new low on his show, trashing First Lady Melania Trump’s accent while she was reading a children’s book at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Sean Hannity blasted Kimmel for this demeaning act, saying, “A** clown, she speaks five languages, how many do you speak?” Well, Kimmel couldn’t let it go, becoming so completely unhinged at Hannity on live TV that even hardcore leftists are speechless. […]


Comey Framed Lisa Page To Take The Fall, Scorned Lover Just Screwed Them All

Former FBI Director James Comey secretly framed Lisa Page to take the fall for his crimes and those of the deep state rats, who illegally spied on President Donald Trump while plotting to get him impeached. Now, she is a woman scorned. Mistress Lisa Page found out that her FBI lover Peter Strzok and his fired boss Andrew McCabe used her as their “fall guy” with Comey, and she just screwed them all with evidence that they thought she had deleted. […]