Benghazi Survivor Fed Up With Butt Hurt Celebs, Dares Them To Do 1 Thing

Benghazi Survivor Fed Up With Liberal Celebs, Dares Them To Do 1 Thing

January 19, 2017 Alisha Rich

President-elect Donald Trump will be our next Commander-in-Chief in less than a day. Unfortunately, for a large and entitled group of Hollywood celebrities, this reality has done nothing but make their skin crawl. However, when a Benghazi survivor heard their whiny complaints, the former Army Ranger dared the angry A-listers to do one simple thing, and they’re not going to like it. […]


Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show To BASH Trump, This Will Piss You Off

January 18, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

The Super Bowl is coming up, and this year, the halftime show will be starring Lady Gaga. Hoping to keep politics out after Beyonce’s tragic performance last year, reporters are asking if the National Football League will be stepping in to curb any anti-Trump speech or performance. However, Lady Gaga was given the green light to bash Donald Trump, and when you see what is in store, it will piss you off. […]


Famous ‘Wild Child’ Liberal Entertainer SHOCKS Fans By Converting To Islam

January 17, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

One famous entertainer, well-known for the Hollywood party scene, is blowing minds after reliable sources and her own social media concur, she is converting to Islam. The rumor mill is aghast with tracking down just how could this happen, with all the paparazzi going wild for any tidbit of information. We’ve got all the juicy details of this mind blowing conversion from wild child party girl to hijab-wearing Muslima. […]


Everyone Is Freaking Out Over What’s Missing From Starlet’s Instagram Snap

January 16, 2017 Jodi

A photograph of model Kendall Jenner, snapped at the Golden Globes on January 8, still has everyone talking. In the cheeky pic, Jenner poses beside her sister Kylie and their gal pal Hailey Baldwin, daughter of famed actor Stephen Baldwin. All three girls look gorgeous as they show off their million dollar smiles and designer gowns, but you can’t help but notice that there seems to be something major missing from the photo. […]


Trump Rescued Jennifer Hudson After Family’s Murder, She Has SICK Payback

January 16, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Donald Trump’s act of kindness toward Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson is relatively unknown. In October of 2008, Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew were all victims of a heinous murder in Chicago. Trump silently stepped in, helping Hudson in a very real way, but now that he is facing the biggest day of his life, the inauguration, the famous black singer is repaying him in a way that will piss you off. […]


Tough Country Star Toby Keith Refuses To Apologize For 1 Thing You’ll LOVE

January 15, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

With so many celebrities against Donald Trump, there are a few who wish to stand on the right side of history. One of those is Toby Keith, a well-known country singer who is not going to apologize for one thing he intends to do. The “Made In America” song Keith is famous for says it all, and you’re going to love what he is doing for our president-elect and all Americans, as liberal nutjobs line up to curse him. […]


Liberals ATTACK Nicole Kidman For Trump Comments, Forcing ‘Clarification’

January 15, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

Famous actress Nicole Kidman recently made some accurate statements about Donald Trump that sent liberals into a fiery rage. Because of their bullying, she has been forced to clarify her comments and make her statements seem less offensive to the sensitive liberal snowflakes in this country, and you’ll be disgusted by the “tolerant” left’s bullying behavior. […]

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