Shocking Video: Minority Children Disrupt Trump Rally As Parents Cheer

Children were captured in a disturbing video, as they took part in a protest, verbally attacking Donald Trump supporters at a rally. What makes it so shocking is that these children are well-organized, and their language is obviously something they are hearing daily. The display, coming from kids as parents cheer them on, shows the sickness we face as a nation, and it’s likely to have the opposite effect they had hoped for. […]


See Glenn Beck’s Meltdown & Hear Why Longtime Friend Blames ‘Cultish Cruz’

Warning signs that something is very amiss with Glenn Beck continue, as he recently had another meltdown. In the fake Oval Office of his Texas studio, he tried to explain why his company was firing 40 employees, while confessing that he dropped a large sum of money on Ted Cruz’s campaign. Then, things became bizarre as the cameras caught it all. Now, a longtime friend says she can’t watch him anymore and “cultish Cruz” is to blame. […]


Former Arizona Governor Raging Mad As Cruz Camp Steals More Delegates

Yesterday, Arizona elected its delegates to the national convention in July. Right away, the news coming out of the convention is like what we heard from Colorado and Missouri. Donald Trump supporters, like Former Governor Jan Brewer, are crying foul because of the results. Brewer is raging mad about the tactics the GOP is using to combat a Trump victory, and it’s something we should all know about. […]


Political Correctness Bites Hillary On The Ass, One Word Makes Left CRAZY

Social justice warriors are gunning for Hillary Clinton, after she said one word that they took as racist. The far left is on fire all over social media, outraged over a silly word. Hillary might not live this down, as it brings up other major problems that her campaign would rather not address. You’ll be delighted to see Hillary be forced to apologize, after she stumbled big time during a interview. […]


SEE IT: Protesters Have Sick Plans For America, Use Breasts Instead Of Brains

The mainstream media coverage of the California protesters was in overdrive over the weekend, starting on Friday at the California GOP Convention. These protesters are really thugs, many bought and paid for, yet they want you to believe that these are actual grassroots campaigns. The cabal behind these thugs has an evil agenda to destroy America. The topless women along with kids waving Mexican flags are all part of the same cabal, and you’ll be shocked at what else these haters are planning for America. […]


SEE IT: Trump Double Downs On Terrorism in CA, Thugs Get Rude Awakening

Donald Trump addressed a packed house of over 28,500 supporters yesterday in Costa Mesa, California. Outside, leftists thugs destroyed police cars and tried to incite a riot, but inside, the atmosphere was like a rock concert as supporters cheered for over two hours. However, one moment in particular gave the thugs outside a rude awakening, as they heard Trump tell the crowd a story. […]

World News

[VIDEO] Sharia Courts Springing Up, Activists Give Muslims Dire Warning

Western nations are experiencing many problems with Muslim migrants, including secret Sharia courts springing up all over. However, one group isn’t taking it sitting down. Instead, they sought them out to let them know there’s only one law of the land, and it’s not Sharia. Sick and tired of leftists allowing Islamic culture to take over, these activists confronted the weasels in hiding and gave them a dire warning. […]


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Hillary Has Her Campaign Feeling Deep Regret

US Weekly hit the news stands with a cutesy article titled The 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me, planted by Hillary Clinton’s handlers in hopes that voters would read it and think, “Ah, isn’t she just so amazing.” Instead, Americans are making their own list that shows what people really think of Hillary, and it’s safe to say her campaign is deeply regretting their feeble attempt to fool the American people with their weak propaganda piece. […]