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SEE IT: Pro-Trump Preacher Drops Massive Truth Bomb On Blacks Supporting Democrats

Bevelyn Beatty went viral a few days ago when she was videoed schooling white liberals at the Seattle “occupied zone.” This time she is dropping a massive truth bomb on all “black liberals supporting Democrats,” who she says “ain’t nothing but house negroes, and Al Sharpton is one of the overseers reporting to the masters.” But that’s not all. Beatty was just getting warmed up, and she is Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ worst nightmare. […]

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Hillary: Trump ‘Hijacked’ Christianity & BLM Aren’t ‘Rioters’ — She Gets Torched

Hillary Clinton accused President Donald Trump of trying to “hijack Christianity” in a soft-ball interview with British news. The failed presidential candidate also claimed that Trump “mischaracterized” the Black Lives Matter movement and their behavior and wrongly links them to a “tiny” number of rioters and looters. Well, that’s when poor Hillary got torched. You’ll love this. […]

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Rob Reiner: Trump OK If His Cult Followers Die At Tulsa Rally — Gets Epic Smackdown

Rob Reiner is claiming he is really worried about the supporters of President Donald Trump. The actor who spent thousands on a website devoted to proving “Trump-Russia collusion” is now issuing a warning to rallygoers. “Trump’s OK if his cult followers in Tulsa die,” he said, adding that the president is a “sociopath.” Well, that’s when poor Rob got an epic smackdown. You’ll love this. […]


Kevin Bacon: Old White Guys Shut Up & Listen To The Left — Gets Brutal Smackdown

Actor Kevin Bacon made headlines recently when he said it’s time for “old white guys to shut up and listen to the Left.” The 61-year-old was referring to the “social justice warriors” like those occupying the six square blocks in Seattle. Well, poor Kevin got a brutal smackdown from a fellow actor, who made it crystal clear “this old white guy will not just shut up and listen to the radical left.” You’ll love this. […]

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SEE IT: Black Female Preacher Schools Protesters: ‘Democrats Are Enemy Of Black People!’

The protesters in Seattle, who have barricaded themselves within six square blocks, got a visit from a black female preacher named Bevelyn Beatty. “Democrats are the party of the KKK and hate blacks!” Beatty said. “If you want to see more black men get killed, elect Joe Biden.” But she was just getting started with giving Antifa and Black Lives Matter a real wake up call. You’ll love this. […]

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Dems Out To Kill MAGA Rally While Promoting BLM Protests, Rush Destroys Them

Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts are attempting to kill the first MAGA rally since the COVID lockdown in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Nancy Pelosi is claiming “COVID spikes” is making it too dangerous for Trump supporters to gather on June 20 while at the same time she encourages Black Lives Matter protests. Well, Rush Limbaugh destroyed the Democrats and their lies, making Pelosi and her buddies really angry. You’ll love this. […]