‘F*ck This’: Alyssa Milano Demands America Shut Down Now – Gets Brutal Smackdown

Alyssa Milano believes that the coronavirus is totally out of control and that sending kids back to school is a death sentence. “F*ck this,” she said. “We are losing this battle. And all these a**holes are talking about our kids going back to school?! NOPE. We need a NATIONAL shut down NOW.” The Trump-hating activist also is promoting “Universal Basic Income.” Well, that’s when poor Alyssa got a brutal smackdown. You’ll love this. […]

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Cop Shot In Head By Rioter, Hillary & Hollywood Get Torched For Blaming Trump

A Las Vegas police officer was shot in the head by a rioter as he was attempting to do his job on Monday night. He is in critical condition and on life support. Meanwhile, Hollywood celebrities are following the lead of Hillary Clinton who is blaming the president for “using the American military to shoot peaceful protestors with rubber bullets and tear gas them.” Well, Hillary and her gang got torched by fed-up Americans. […]

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Tara Reade Unleashes New Info, Torches Hillary For Endorsing ‘Sexual Predator’

Tara Reade isn’t backing down in the face of the Democrat elite who have come out to endorse Joe Biden. In fact, the former Biden staffer torched Hillary Clinton for doing a live stream with the former vice-president and failing to ask him about her allegations. “He raped me,” Reade said as she went on to give new information. Don’t miss this. […]

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Milano Utterly Destroyed By #MeToo For Saying: ‘Don’t Believe Biden’s Accuser’

Alyssa Milano is having a really bad day. While Milano blasted Justice Brett Kavanaugh claiming we must “believe all women,” she now says “not believing” Joe Biden’s accuser is “the only way” to be a #MeToo feminist. Well, that’s when she got utterly destroyed by her former allies in the “believe women” movement. You’ll love this. […]

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Milano: Bullsh*t! Biden Was Great, Didn’t Attack Auto Worker – Gets Reality Check

Actress Alyssa Milano is very upset anyone believes Joe Biden attacked a Michigan auto-worker on Tuesday. The mainstream media is echoing the celebrity’s feelings. “That’s bullsh*t!” Milano said to reports Biden was unhinged and threatening. “This exchange is why I endorse Joe Biden for President. You have to be able to have the tough conversations with those who disagree with you.” Well, that’s when she got a huge reality check. You’ll love this. […]

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Trump & Supporters Give Hollywood Crowd Celebrating ‘Impeachment’ Rude Awakening

The saying “elections have consequences” can also be said for impeaching President Donald Trump. Hollywood leftists Rob Reiner and Alyssa Milano are out “celebrating” impeachment day and making the wild claim that the president will be removed from office. Well, President Trump and his supporters gave them a rude awakening they won’t ever forget. You’ll love this. […]

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Milano: ‘F*cking Upsetting I Can’t Allow My Son to Listen to Trump’ — Gets Crushed

Alyssa Milano melted down late Monday night, lamenting how “f*cking upsetting” it is that her 8-year-old son can’t listen to President Donald Trump speak “because our President is inappropriate, misogynistic and unpresidential.” Milano said she “chased her son out of the room” when the president made remarks about disgraced former FBI lawyer Lisa Page in which Trump just told the truth. Well, poor Alyssa got totally crushed by Americans fed up with her shenanigans. You’ll love this. […]

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Bette Wants Trump Defeated By Beyoncé & F*cked Up By Swarm Of Bees

Bette Midler is terrified at the thought of President Donald Trump coasting to re-election. That’s why Midler fantasized about pop icon Beyoncé Knowles mobilizing her 133 million Instagram followers, known as the “BeyHive,” to defeat Trump. The leftist added: “I also wouldn’t mind if a regular beehive f*cked his sh*t up.” Well, Americans didn’t take too kindly to Midler’s fantasy, and they let her know it. You’ll love this. […]

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Milano: ‘I Have Two Guns in My Household for Self-Defense’ – Cruz Destroys Her

Leftwing activist Alyssa Milano claims “Donald Trump is a white supremacist, and red [MAGA] hats are the new white hood.” So, when she sat down with Senator Ted Cruz hoping to win a gun debate and convince Americans we should surrender our Second Amendment rights, Milano exposed her own hypocrisy by admitting she has two guns for “self-defense.” Well, Cruz just humiliated her. You’ll love this. […]