Charlie Daniels Blasts Democrats: ‘They Have No Idea, Our Wrath Is Coming’

Country legend Charlie Daniels has weighed in on the impeachment of President Donald Trump, and he has a dire warning for the Democrats: “They have no idea…our wrath is coming.” But he was just getting warmed up as the country singer excoriated Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. In fact, Daniels spoke for the silent majority, and you don’t want to miss it. […]


Joy: Trump’s Lying About Democrats Wanting Open Borders, Americans Educate Her

Joy Behar is worried about the 2020 presidential election. She sees immigration as a key issue but is concerned that Americans will believe “lies” from President Donald Trump. “They must counteract Trump’s lie that Democrats want open borders. Democrats want legal immigration,” Behar declared. Well, that’s when Americans educated her with the truth. You’ll love this. […]


Kamala Vows Free Healthcare For All Illegal Aliens — Taxpayers Already Pay Billions For It

Kamala Harris made a huge splash at last night’s debate, and now the Democrats are singing her praises especially for her decision to give all illegal immigrants free healthcare while abolishing our choice for healthcare with “Medicare for all.” Well, we are already paying billions a year for healthcare for illegal aliens, but they don’t want you to know that. Here’s everything you need to know. […]


Clint Just Scorched The ‘Fake News’ Trump-Haters With New Movie, Patriots Love It

Clint Eastwood knows timing is everything, and that’s why he waited until after the “fake news” purveyors at CNN and MSNBC got slammed by Robert Mueller’s findings to announce he is directing a new movie about the Trump-haters. The iconic moviemaker’s new film is about a real-life story on how fake news can destroy people’s lives, and American patriots are loving it.  You will too. […]


Omar Caught Laughing At Americans’ Fear Of Al-Qaeda After 9/11, Made To Regret It

Rep. Ilhan Omar is watching as her political career goes up in flames. In a little-known video from 2013 that the Congresswoman thought no one would ever see, she is caught laughing at the fear al-Qaeda inspired in Americans after the 9/11 attacks. Now, the Minnesota Representative is running scared as she was really made to regret it. Don’t miss this. […]


Trump Outsmarts Planned Parenthood & Cuts $60M In Taxpayer Funds, Nancy Freaks Out

President Donald Trump just partially defunded Planned Parenthood, immediately cutting $60 million it was receiving from taxpayers. In fact, the president has devastated the abortion mills and their supporters by outsmarting them at their own game. Pro-life Americans are rejoicing over this awesome plan Trump implemented that the pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts never saw coming. Now, they are freaking out. You’ll love this. […]


‘Is It Immoral She Has A Wall Around Her House?’: Angel Dad Destroys Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is getting a lot of heat from Angel Dad Chris Odette. The military veteran lost his 13-year-old daughter, Chrishia, to a drunk illegal alien driver. Making matter worse, Odette lost his wife to breast cancer. Now, Odette just confronted Nancy Pelosi, asking, “Is it immoral she has a wall around her house?” And then he went on to destroy her. Don’t miss this. […]


Rush Blasts Kamala’s ‘Medicare For All,’ Reminds Americans Of Obama’s Death Panels

Rush Limbaugh was on fire as he reminded Americans about Barack Obama’s original plan of a single-payer health care system, also known as “Medicare for all.” Now, Kamala Harris is promising such a plan along with every other Democrat who will run for the presidency. “Obama admitted on live TV this free healthcare comes with death panels,” said Limbaugh. He went on to prove how these death panels operate. Don’t miss this. […]