New York Bar Enacts New Rule — But It Only Applies To Trump Supporters

The rhetoric from the left is spinning out of control. Several days ago, a Democrat politician called for the immediate ban of all MAGA hats, although he later claimed he was joking. But Alyssa Milano added to the insanity when she blasted over Twitter that wearing a MAGA hat is the same as wearing a white Ku Klux Klan (KKK) hood. Now, one liberal-owned business is taking their vitriol of Trump supporters to an entirely new level of crazy with the new rule they’re implementing in their establishment that’s only intended for Trump supporters. […]


Ocasio-Cortez Says ‘White America’ Should Pay ‘Reparations,’ Made To Regret It

Just when we thought Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) couldn’t possibly say anything dumber, she has gone and outdone herself once more. This time, she was caught arguing that “white America” should pay “reparations” to minority communities. No sooner had those senseless words exited AOC’s mouth, however, then she was made to regret them by people with more common sense in their little finger than she has in her entire being. […]


Sarah Sanders’ Birthday Tweet Delivers Epic Backhanded Blow To NBC 

If there’s one person whom liberals loathe as much as President Donald Trump, it’s White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. Despite the left’s constant nasty criticism of her, Sarah always manages to come out on the top, routinely making the liberal media eat their own words. So it didn’t come as much surprise that during Dan Scavio’s birthday on Monday, she used the day to poke a little fun at the liberal media in the process. […]

Health & Science

Environmentalists Go Too Far — CNN Offers Nasty Replacement For Hamburgers

For years climate alarmists have demanded we give up eating beef in order to “save” the planet. Their erroneous claims state that raising cattle is more damaging to the environment than all the smog-producing factories in China. In order to win us over to their thinking, they have offered this beef alternative for your burgers. You’re gonna hate this. […]


Cher Says Trump Would Do ‘Photo-Op With Hitler’ To Rally His Base — Made To Regret It

Cher went completely unhinged and bashed President Donald Trump and his supporters. The pop icon is going nuts over the upcoming midterms, saying President Trump would pose for a “photo op with Hitler” if it would help rally his base. The rabid leftist also called the president “a liar, a traitor, and white nationalist” in her disgusting rant. Well, poor Cher was totally made to regret it. You’ll love this. […]