94-Year-Old WWII Vet Wipes Away Tears After Trump Makes His Dream Come True

Allen Jones is one of the last surviving World War II veterans in America. Jones attended President Donald Trump’s speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention. The World War II Sergeant landed up on the stage, asking President Trump one question, which turned out to be his lifelong dream. Immediately, the president made that dream come true, as the 94-year-old veteran wiped away tears of joy. […]


Michelle Jets To UK Following Trumps, Brits Give Her Nasty Surprise When She Lands

Michelle Obama slipped out of the United States and jetted to the United Kingdom, arriving in Scotland just as President Donald Trump and Melania Trump were leaving. This seems to be a pattern with the Obamas, who shadowed the Trumps all over Europe last summer. As the former first lady proceeded to trash Trump supporters when she landed, the British citizens gave her a nasty surprise. […]


Joy & Whoopi Scream ‘Let The Murders Begin,’ Rush Limbaugh Gives Them Brutal Surprise

Joy Behar and Whoopi Golberg are out of control with hatred toward conservative Americans. Behar and Goldberg were calling for violence as they lied about President Donald Trump and the so-called border crisis. Making matters worse, they are signaling nutjobs to attack Trump supporters. Behar screamed, “Let the murders begin,” a reference to Nazi Germany. Well, Rush Limbaugh had heard enough and shocked them with a brutal surprise. […]