CNN’s Lemon Mocks Trump Voters As ‘Dumb, Illiterate Rubes’ – Made To Regret It

CNN’s Don Lemon invited two huge haters of President Donald Trump to appear on his show to degrade Americans who voted for the president. Lemon appeared to double over laughing uncontrollably when Rick Wilson started to speak with a Southern drawl as he impersonated “dumb, illiterate rubes,” who vote for Trump. Well, poor Don and his guests aren’t laughing anymore as they were made to regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Schiff: Trump Must Be Removed For Refusing To Follow Vindman’s Plan, Regrets It

Adam Schiff told the senators sitting as jurors in the impeachment trial that they must vote to remove President Donald Trump from office for one reason: he did not follow the “talking points” Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman gave him for the July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president. Well, poor Adam didn’t know what hit him when Americans made him regret his ridiculous remarks. You’ll love this. […]


Queen Hits Back: Meghan & Harry Can Be Totally Free – Free Of Public Funding

Queen Elizabeth, who is 93-years-old, held a “summit” to discuss Meghan Markle’s latest debacle to ditch the responsibilities of the Royal Family. After the day-long meeting, the British Monarch issued a statement that must have Meghan and her brow-beaten husband, Prince Harry, totally reeling. But that’s not all. A new disgraceful video has come to light showing Harry “pimping out” Meghan to Disney executives for Hollywood gigs. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Nancy & Female Democrats Wear Black For ‘Somber’ Impeachment Vote, Get Blasted

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the mainstream media that she and her female cohorts are “so sad” today over the president’s impeachment, so they all agreed to wear black. In fact, they looked like they were attending a funeral except they were anything but sad or “somber.” Well, that’s why poor Nancy and her cohorts got blasted by fed-up Americans for wearing black and lying that they’re sad. Don’t miss this. […]


Democrats Debate ‘Articles of Impeachment,’ Gaetz Utterly Destroys Them

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is holding a lengthy debate on the Democrats’ “articles of impeachment” this morning. This is all part of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s rush job to get impeachment done before Christmas. Well, Rep. Matt Gaetz utterly destroyed Nadler and his cohorts by making a mockery out of their so-called “articles of impeachment.” You’ll love this. […]


Cruz Crushes Democrats: ‘This Wasn’t Jason Borne, This Was Beavis & Butthead!’

Senator Ted Cruz crushed the Democrats and their deep state allies at today’s IG report hearing when he leveled a shocking accusation. “This wasn’t Jason Borne, this was Beavis and Butthead,” Cruz declared about Barack Obama’s deep state thugs. But that’s not all. Don’t miss how the Texas Senator caused the Democrats and the mainstream media to really freak out. You’ll love this. […]


IG Report: ’17 Significant FISA Abuse Errors,’ Barr Says Doesn’t Go Far Enough

The Inspector General’s highly anticipated report came out today identifying at least 17 “significant” errors in the Carter Page FISA applications. However, the IG doesn’t go far enough, says Attorney General Bill Barr as the report claims “no political bias” by the FBI. But that’s not all. Bill Barr and his investigator John Durham stated today they also disagree with major points in Horowitz’s report, and the mainstream media is totally covering it up. Don’t miss this. […]


Lisa Page: I’m Trump’s Victim & His Supporters Ruined My Life, Gets Reality Check

Lisa Page and her handlers who also engaged in the coup attempts on President Donald Trump have decided now is the time for the disgraced FBI lawyer to speak out, just ahead of the Inspector General’s report. Page wants you to know she is a victim. She wants you to know the president and his supporters have ruined her life. She wants you to know she did nothing wrong. Well, that’s when she got a huge reality check she won’t forget. You’ll love this. […]


Reiner Claims Trump Supporters Are ‘White’ Christian Racists, Gets Destroyed

If you are a supporter of President Donald Trump, you do not want to miss this. Crazed Trump-hater Rob Reiner took his disdain for the president and his supporters to a new level, this time equating all Trump supporters to “white Christians and white supremacists” who’ve “made a pact with Putin” to protect the president from impeachment. Reiner is out of control, and he caused Americans to destroy him in ways he won’t soon forget. Don’t miss this. […]


Reiner: Melania Booed for Being ‘Married to a Criminal’ – Americans Destroy Him

Rob Reiner attacked First Lady Melania Trump last night. The Hollywood leftist claimed the first lady was “booed” at an opioid event over other people’s hatred for her husband. “Don’t think I’ve ever heard of a first lady being booed. But when you’re married to a criminal who’s destroying democracy, it comes with the territory,” he said. Well, that’s when poor Rob was set straight about Melania by Americans who utterly destroyed him. He didn’t know what hit him. You’ll love this. […]