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Liberal Loser Sheriff Israel BUSTED! ‘Dirty Secret’ Tying Him To School Shooter Just FOUND

Hillary Clinton-supporting Sheriff Scott Israel has been hoping no one would find out about his dirty secret that proves he and the 19-year-old shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were well acquainted. Most people have come to know Israel as a weasel, working with CNN and the anti-gun, anti-Trump crowd. Now, he has been busted big time. His dirty secret is out, and it places those deaths right at his feet. […]


SEE IT: CNN Harasses Trump Voter Screaming She’s A ‘RUSSIAN SPY,’ Reporter Gets Screwed

CNN is doing some stellar investigative reporting lately, like tracking down supporters of President Donald Trump and trying to tie them to Russians. This is no joke. CNN reporter Drew Griffin went out to the home of Trump supporter Florine Goldfarb and ambushed her right in front of her home. He accused her of colluding with the Russians on live TV, and well, Florine wasn’t going to play that game at all. […]


After Special Counsel Finds ZERO Evidence Against Trump, Mueller BUSTED By Federal Court

Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced the indictment of 13 Russians, and the leftists were going nuts. Then, reality hit them hard as Mueller’s report said, “No Americans involved.” In fact, this bullcrap indictment of 13 Russians, who aren’t even in the United States, means millions in tax dollars have been wasted. In response, the federal court is busting Mueller big time as he viciously set up a military hero to be the fall guy. […]