Anti-2nd Amendment ‘Borat’ Star Tries To Dupe Gun Store Owner, Gets His ‘Butt Kicked’

Sacha Baron Cohen, the actor best known as “Borat,” has been making headlines as he tries to resurrect his dwindling career with a new Showtime special. Cohen is targeting conservatives, focusing on his anti-gun views. Well, the Borat star chose the wrong gun store, as he dressed up in disguise hoping to buy arms illegally. Cohen ended up getting his butt kicked on video, and you can bet this scene won’t be on Showtime any time soon. […]


After Swamp Rat Places ‘Spy’ In Oval Office, Trump’s Brutal Surprise Destroys Her

Right now, the Democrats and the Deep State rats are mobilizing to undermine and overthrow President Donald Trump. Never before have the brazen anti-Trump forces worked so feverishly to obliterate the president. So when one of the swamp rats place a “spy” in the Oval Office, Trump destroys her with a brutal surprise that every American has a right to know about. […]


Cooper & McCain Unhinged: Call For Trump’s Arrest After What Happened In Russia

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper destroyed any journalistic credibility that he had — if he had any — when he made no attempt to be an unbiased newsman and decided to be an unabashed President Donald Trump hater. There was a disgraceful performance, and that performance was Cooper’s. Then, Senator John McCain joined him in becoming unhinged as the pair called for Trump’s arrest after what happened in Russia. […]