Kamala Caught Up In Disgusting Sex Scandal, Aide Made To ‘Get Down On Hands & Knees’

Senator Kamala Harris is trying to cover-up the disgusting sex scandal that is rocking her possible bid as the Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2020. The lurid details include a female aide made to “get down on her hands and knees.” But, that’s not all. The 54-year-old former California Attorney General is getting her just deserts after she attempted to end the career of Brett Kavanaugh, who was wrongly accused of rape. Don’t miss this. […]


Obama Planning To Battle Trump In 2020, Shocks Democrats In ‘Secret Meeting’

Barack Obama is planning to battle President Donald Trump in 2020. The former president can’t stand being sidelined. He just shocked a number of potential Democratic presidential candidates like Senators Kamala Harris and Corey Booker after he was caught in a secret meeting in his Foggy Bottom offices about the 2020 race. Much of what happened in that meeting has been leaked to the press, and it will blow your mind. […]


Cher: ‘I Would Love To See Biden & Kamala Beat Trump In 2020’ — Gets Smacked Hard

Cher just spilled the beans on her dream ticket for the 2020 presidential election. The 72-year-old pop icon said that she knows “Joe Biden is a really good man” and added that she would love to see him run with someone younger, like Kamala Harris, as his running mate. She thinks they can beat President Donald Trump by a landslide. Well, that’s when the Oscar winner got smacked hard for her choice. You’ll love this. […]


Hillary Considers Running Again In 2020, Sarah Trolls Clinton With Epic Smackdown

Hillary Clinton is serious about challenging President Donald Trump in 2020. It seems the failed presidential candidate is putting out feelers via her former Senior Adviser Phillipe Reines. In fact, Reines gave an interview to Politico Magazine who report Hillary’s been making phone calls to reporters who cover the Trump administration and she’s dying to run again. Well, Sarah Sanders just expertly trolled Hillary with an epic smackdown. You’ll love this. […]


Meghan & Joy Claim Biden Will Beat Trump In 2020, Get Nasty Surprise

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar were so excited to see Joe Biden is presumably going to run for president in 2020, and Meghan just can’t get enough of her “Uncle Joe.” Neither can Behar, who launched a discussion on The View in which all the co-hosts showered Biden with the highest praise, saying, “He has great character.” They are all convinced he can beat President Donald Trump, but that’s when they got a nasty surprise. Don’t miss this. […]


Kamala Mouths Off On Senate Floor, Gets Wrecked By FBI Director Christopher Wray

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has been touted as a possible 2020 candidate for president, so she’s always looking for some way to grandstand. Harris’ latest stunt to get her name in the nightly news involved mouthing off about the FBI’s investigation into newly-minted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. However, Harris was promptly wrecked by FBI Director Christopher Wray, who humiliated the California Democrat in front of all of her colleagues. […]


Booker Claims ‘Kavanaugh’s Evil,’ As Cory’s Caught Sexually Assaulting Girl At 15

Who can forget Senator Cory Booker’s “I am Spartacus” moment during the Senate hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh? Booker’s immediate response to the SCOTUS nomination was to say those who don’t oppose Kavanaugh are “complicit in evil.” Now, Booker is praising Christine Blasey Ford as “brave and credible.” Well, the New Jersey Senator just got blindsided by his utter hypocrisy as he’s exposed for sexually assaulting a girl in high school when he was just 15-years-old. […]