California Removes AG Kamala’s Arrest Reports Overnight, Don Jr. Destroys Her

After Kamala Harris got smoked by Tulsi Gabbard at Wednesday night’s debate, her buddies in California removed all of her arrest reports during her time as Attorney General, and like magic, they were gone from the public database. This caused Donald Trump Jr. along with other Americans to destroy Kamala as a corrupt swamp dweller. You’ll love this. […]


Kamala Vows Giving Welfare Users Down Payments On Homes, Americans Sound Alarm

Kamala Harris is right on Joe Biden’s heels as the possible Democratic nominee, and now she is vowing to give people on welfare taxpayer monies for down payments on homes. Harris told “The View” today those on federally subsidized housing and are owed reparations deserve to own homes. Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts loved it, but middle-class Americans immediately sounded the alarm on the senator’s ridiculous scheme. […]


Cher’s Unhinged: Trump’s A ‘Disease’ That Must Be ‘Crushed’ — Instantly Regrets It

Cher is making headlines after having a meltdown over President Donald Trump’s probable re-election in 2020. The iconic pop star claimed in an unhinged rant Trump’s “the enemy, a disease, and must be crushed.” But that’s not all. It was so bizarre that she instantly was made to regret it by her own fans. Don’t miss this. […]

Social Issues

‘AfroFuture’ Music Festival Charges White People Double Ticket Price, Regrets It

The AfroFuture music festival in Detroit is charging white people double the price for a ticket compared with people of color. They claim that it will ensure marginalized groups are given “equitable chance at enjoying events in their own community.” This is clearly versed racism against whites, and immediately one rapper backed by patriotic Americans made them regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Kamala’s Dad Calls Campaign ‘Travesty’ & Says ‘Grandparents Turning Over In Graves’

Forget Joe Biden, Kamala Harris is the new pick by the mainstream media and the Democrats to be their nominee to run against President Donald Trump. However, her father, Donald Harris, isn’t impressed. The Stanford professor dropped a megaton bomb about her true heritage and called his daughter’s campaign a “travesty” and added that her “grandparents are turning over in their graves.” Don’t miss this. […]


Kamala Vows Free Healthcare For All Illegal Aliens — Taxpayers Already Pay Billions For It

Kamala Harris made a huge splash at last night’s debate, and now the Democrats are singing her praises especially for her decision to give all illegal immigrants free healthcare while abolishing our choice for healthcare with “Medicare for all.” Well, we are already paying billions a year for healthcare for illegal aliens, but they don’t want you to know that. Here’s everything you need to know. […]


Reparation Hearing Goes All Wrong, NFL Legend Burgess Owens Tells Dems: You Pay It

NFL legend Burgess Owens, who is also a loyal supporter of President Donald Trump, showed up at the Democrats’ big reparation hearings today on Capitol Hill. He scoffed at Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and the Democrats, flatly telling them they should alone pay for the reparations. But that’s not all. The 67-year-old Hall of Famer was just getting started blasting the Democratic Party and their supporters. You’ll love this. […]


Juan Williams Says ‘Time To Impeach This Idiot’ Trump On Live TV, Gets Torched

Juan Williams, the Fox News host who co-anchors the popular show The Five, is facing major backlash after he was caught making a disparaging remark about President Donald Trump on live TV. Williams, who is a noted Democrat, claimed he agreed with a rogue GOP congressman’s assessment that it was “time to impeach this idiot.” Well, immediately Williams got torched. You’ll love this. […]


Whoopi Says Freed Terrorists Should Have Voting Rights, Audience Destroys Her

Whoopi Goldberg didn’t try to hide her belief that terrorists, including Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, should have votings rights if they are freed. Goldberg said that terrorist, rapist, or pedophile should have the same rights as all Americans, especially the right to vote. Well, the shocked audience immediately destroyed her. You’ll love this. […]