Ex-Lover Willie Brown Throws Shade at Kamala: You Can’t Beat Trump, She Freaks Out

Kamala Harris got really bad news from her former lover and boss, Willie Brown. The former Mayor of San Francisco threw shade at the presidential hopeful, telling her that she can’t beat President Donald Trump in 2020. Brown, a lifelong Democrat, shook up many in the Democratic Party, saying, “So far I’ve yet to see a Democrat who can beat [Trump].” But that’s not all. Kamala freaked out after hearing everything Brown said about 2020. Don’t miss this. […]


Trump Calls For End To Sex Trafficking & Cartels At Border, Kamala Pulls Sick Stunt

President Donald Trump had all eyes on him during his State of the Union address. So when he called for an end to illegal immigration, putting the ruthless coyotes, cartels, and sex traffickers out of business, Kamla Harris pulled a sick stunt. Most people missed the Democratic darling’s sad display, and she sure is hoping no one saw. It speaks volumes about her evil intentions for America. Don’t miss this. […]


Kamala’s Ex-Lover Drops Bomb On Campaign: ‘I’ll Have To Leave Country If She Wins’

Kamala Harris, the Democratic presidential hopeful, isn’t getting any help from her ex-lover, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. The 84-year-old just dropped a new bombshell on the Harris campaign, divulging intimate details about what transpired between them. “I’ll have to leave the country if she wins,” says Brown after disclosing new insights into Harris’ past. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Rush Blasts Kamala’s ‘Medicare For All,’ Reminds Americans Of Obama’s Death Panels

Rush Limbaugh was on fire as he reminded Americans about Barack Obama’s original plan of a single-payer health care system, also known as “Medicare for all.” Now, Kamala Harris is promising such a plan along with every other Democrat who will run for the presidency. “Obama admitted on live TV this free healthcare comes with death panels,” said Limbaugh. He went on to prove how these death panels operate. Don’t miss this. […]


Rush Asks: ‘What’s the Difference Between Kamala & Stormy?’ Harris Freaks Out

Rush Limbaugh was on fire yesterday, setting his sights on presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. The former District Attorney is making headlines with her “Medicare for all” plan and has a lot of explaining to do about her extra-marital affair with the slimy Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco. Rush asked, “What’s the difference between Kamala Harris and Stormy?” And what the radio host said after that made Kamala freak out. You’ll love this. […]


Kamala Says 2nd Amendment Has No Place ‘In Civil Society,’ Made To Regret It

Kamala Harris is running for president in 2020, and CNN was so excited they organized a big townhall last night. The former District Attorney was asked about our Second Amendment rights, and she made sure the leftist audience knew she was just fine with banning portions of our gun rights claiming they have no place “in civil society.” Well, Americans were livid, and she was quickly made to regret it. You’ll love this. […]


Kamala’s WH Bid Gets Messy, Threatened Ex-Lover Who Revealed Her ‘Dirty Deeds’

Kamala Harris announced that she is running against President Donald Trump in 2020, and it’s messy. The 54-year-old former San Franciso District Attorney has quite a shady past including extra-marital affairs with those in power who helped her career along. Now, an ex-lover just went on the record spilling the beans on her “dirty deeds” after she threatened him. Don’t miss this. […]


Rose O’Donnell: File “Articles Of Impeachment” Against Trump — Made To Regret It

Rosie O’Donnell believes it’s time to file “articles of impeachment” against President Donald Trump in order to get him out of office, never mind the fact that he hasn’t committed any impeachable offenses. No sooner had O’Donnell embarked on this absurd tangent, however, then she was made to regret it by those with much more common sense. […]


Kamala Harris Suggests Some Groups Of People Have Special Rights

Democrat Kamala Harris is a lawyer, a former state attorney general, and a current US Senator (AKA lawmaker). You’d think she would know a little something about the law and more specifically the people’s rights protected by the law, but apparently not. The California Senator has suggested that not everyone in this country has the same rights and that certain groups of people have special rights the rest of us don’t. She is, of course, wrong but it’s absolutely stunning that someone who took an oath to uphold the Constitution knows so little about it. […]


Kamala Caught Up In Disgusting Sex Scandal, Aide Made To ‘Get Down On Hands & Knees’

Senator Kamala Harris is trying to cover-up the disgusting sex scandal that is rocking her possible bid as the Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2020. The lurid details include a female aide made to “get down on her hands and knees.” But, that’s not all. The 54-year-old former California Attorney General is getting her just deserts after she attempted to end the career of Brett Kavanaugh, who was wrongly accused of rape. Don’t miss this. […]